Once Upon a Time Round Table: "Think Lovely Thoughts"

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Not everyone was ready to "Think Lovely Thoughts" on Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 8, especially where Peter Pan was concerned.

Below, TV Fanatics, Michelle Carlbert, Jim Garner and Christine Orlando are joined by Gareth from Once Upon a Fan to debate the show's most shocking scene and who should finally destroy Peter Pan.

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What was your favorite scene from this Once Upon a Time Season 3 episode?

Gareth: Loved the reveal with Rumple’s dad. Was totally unexpected and really shocked me. I did not see it coming at all. I also loved the showdown between Peter Pan and Rumple. It was just a really great episode. One of the best so far this season.

Michelle: Rumpel's father choosing to give him up so that he could stay on the island and then transforming into Peter Pan. It started out as completely heartbreaking and then turned into a complete shock. I don't think any moment on the show has ever affected me quite like that one did.

Jim: I really enjoyed Neil standing up to Rumpel and stating he would save David because it was the right thing to do. If Rumpel really wants to be better, he needs the nudge that way and between Belle and Neil, he might just get it.

Christine: Definitely Rumpel's father turning into Peter Pan. It was a stunning revelation made all the more heartbreaking by the fact that he took the name from the doll he'd given his son.

Once Upon a Time RT - depreciated -

On a scale of 1 to 10, how shocked were you to find out that Peter Pan is actually Rumpelstiltskin's father?

Gareth: 10. I have tried really hard to avoid spoilers this season so the reveal was a huge surprise to me. I had seen people theorize about the possibility but dismissed it as unlikely. I should have learned by now, anything is possible on this show.

Michelle: 10. I hate to say it, because I'm sure it makes me sound dense, but I never once had a thought that Pan could be Rumpel's father. So that was a huge reveal for me, and a really fun moment. There's nothing quite like screaming at your TV set to get the blood going.

Jim: I was pretty shocked, something about a 8. But it kind of makes sense. As Pan said, he traded his son for youth, and Rumpel traded his son for power.  

Christine: 10. I never saw it coming and it was such an awesome twist. It makes me want to go back and look at every scene between Rumpel and Peter Pan to catch the breadcrumbs I'm sure were left that I never saw.

Henry giving Peter Pan his heart. Understandable or undeniably stupid?

Gareth: Really stupid. Like I have said before, they seem to have regressed Henry’s character this year to fit the plot. He was the smartest character on the show in season one and picked up on the things that most adults missed. His stupidity this season just seems like it has come out of left field.

Michelle: Undeniably stupid. I couldn't believe Henry stood there and faced his entire family telling him it was a bad idea, with only Pan (a person Henry barely knew and had, let's not forget, kidnapped him) telling him it was a good idea - and he did it anyway. I lost a lot of respect for Henry in that moment. I know he's a kid but up until now, I thought he was a pretty smart kid.

Jim: Seriously stupid! Henry should have picked up on the fact that ALL three parental figures were in agreement, and that never happens. He could have tested Pan once and Pan would have lost it on him.

Christine: Beyond stupid and I agree with you Jim. How often do ALL of Henry's parents agree on anything. NEVER! Why didn't he pick up on that? I think Henry wanted to play the hero so badly that he blocked all common sense out.

If Rumpel ever gets out of Pandora's Box, do you think he'll share that Peter Pan is his father with the rest of the gang?

Gareth: I don’t think it will come out directly through Rumple but I think the gang will find out somehow, maybe when they confront each other again. Rumple isn’t done with Pan yet!

Michelle: Good question. I don't think he would unless he felt there would be some benefit in doing so. Information like that could be very powerful and I doubt Rumpel would give that up. The only exception I could see is maybe in a quiet moment between he and Neal, he might just tell the truth to his son as a way to get closer to him.

Jim: I honestly think it will come to light that Pan is Rumpel's father before he gets out. It might be the only reason the gang lets him out.

Christine: I don't know how it's going to come out, I just hope that it does. It has the potential to affect Rumpel's relationships with everyone and that could be a lot of fun.

If you could chose one person to take Peter Pan down, who would it be?

Gareth: I wanted it to be Henry so bad. I really thought he would outsmart Pan. As it stands now, I think it has to be Rumple. They have unfinished business to settle.

Michelle: Rumpel. I feel like he would need to do that in order to get past the awful thing that his father did to him and perhaps get past what he himself did to his own son.

Jim: Rumpel really needs to take him down for closure. However, I suspect that Wendy will be the one to actually take him down as he's not on guard for her.

Christine: If I could choose? I'd want to see Regina rip the little brat's heart out but I'll agree that Rumpel or even Jim's theory about Wendy are the more likely options.

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I think it totally makes sense what Henry did, he always wanted to be a hero... he wasnt thinking clear because of that


The whole rumple reveal has me trying to think outside the box now. What if Henry somehow tricked Pan into thinking he'd given him his heart, maybe by using the whole "imagine it, and you can have it" thoughts method? Henry isn't a stupid kid, which is why I'm trying to think maybe he's smarter than we're led to believe...


1. My fave is the scene where they take Pandora's box from Rumple. My heart broke when they all turned against him. 2. I'll say 9. I didn't see it coming until the start of that episode - and then somehow I just knew. But the implications of it all were worse - not only did Peter Pan abandon his son, he kept his grandson captive for years, and now is stealing the heart of his great-grandson 3. Beyond stupid. BOTH your moms and your dad are telling you not to, and you do it anyway? Ugh. I was really annoyed. 4. I think it will come out. Peter will call Neal his grandson or something. 5. I think his legacy should take him down. Rumple and Baelfire. Not so much Henry.


1-My favorite scene it was Regina and Emma scene I like how Emma learn the magic from Regina .
2-of course 10 that was really big surprise.
3-actually that was stupid from Henry to do especially after we saw his clever in the season 1,2.
4-I think yes he will share that fact with the rest of the gang to they can saw him on his truth.
5-I would to be Regina who's take Peter Pan down.


i meant sold not stole.


Look I never been that much of a fan of Henry, because I saw him as a naive child, who always wanted to see the bigger picture, rather than the small crumbs that were scatter at his feet. I mean how is his actions any different, then what he has done throughout the three seasons. I mean he ate the poison apple to prove to Emma who she really was. Henry is just following in the pattern of who his family is. I mean think about it, how is his actions any different than his children stealing Great Grandfather Pan, his Grandfather the Dark one/ Rumple, His Father who left his mother in prison Bae/ Neal, His Great Grandparents who stole one of their sons to Rumple- Charming parents, his arrogant of an great Uncle- charming twin brother, his grandfather Charming, his great grandparents- snow parents, his grandmother Snow, his mother, then we have his adoptive grandparents Cora, and his adopt mother the evil queen/ Regina. So what makes Henry actions any different than those in his family tree, at least he did it because he believes that he was saving someone (Wendy). And I think someone say it best, if Wendy would have told them what she say to Henry, I think Henry would not have gave Pan his heart; if he knew he was being trick and that Wendy was being held captive.


I really did like this eps. too. I kind of guess at the start of this eps., that Peter and Rumple were relative. It wasn't till his father choose Never land, is when I put the pieces together. But I did think that Pan, did care for his son; the look in his eyes merit that. I think what made it easier for him to do it, is because he thought that he was given his son a better life, one that he wouldn't have with him; he just did it in a bad way.

Spindae 2o

This was clearly the BEST EP OF THE SEASON!!!
1. best scene? : All the flashbacks were amazing. But the events just before the transformation were amazing.
2. scaling it? 10000000000. It was indicated they have some history but I never thought this will happen.
3. Henry? Henry would always trust his MOM's. He would find a way to make a way to work through the issues of Neverland.
4.share? I think Pan will share it when Neal asks for RUMPLE next ep, I believe there will be some emotional moments in this last Neverland connected eps.
5, Taking down Pan? CHARMING and SNOW. they are pretty useless this season beside in the flashbacks. Maybe some true eternal love moment or so. But I doubt they kill Pan any time soon. He just arrived.

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