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have to add get rid of root keep elias. loved him on flashpoint and just shoot me. what a good actor he is!!!!!!!

@ barbara

Dec 17th

@ barbara



This was a great episode!
The opening was so great!
I like having more of Fusco.
Reese was great as always and he was bleeding like crazy but still managed to take out guys and get the answers he needed too!
I would not have been mad if he killed Quinn but did not and Quinn was arrested instead.
I loved Fusco beating up Simmons. I also loved Elias at the end, that was so perfect and the look on Simmons face when he said he was not going to kill him BUT was going to watch his friend do it was great. Sorry I know killing someone is bad and I not condone such action BUT it this case it was 100% justified as he killed Carter and tried to kill Reese.
I liked Root for the first time too!

@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

it's as if I left this comment!!!!with much better English of course...
I just don't like that bear gets close to everyone! I just wanted him to be John's and Harold's!!!


I still hate they killed off Carter but I am hoping this means there will be more Fusco now and less of Root. I am not a fan of Root. Shaw is growing on me. Root and Shaw are very poor replacements for Carter. I knew Elias and his friend where going to kill Simmons. They need to do flashback on how Elias and his friend became friends. Elias little speech was chilling. I watched this final arch but I don't know if I will watch POI anymore.


The casting folks trying to have it both ways...find someone who will fit the profile of both minority and white...and Sara Shahi perfectly fits that mold....


@ George

I like Shahi but she doesn't count as minority, as she doesn't "show"! I don't think the purpose is to keep the balance... I don't know why... I didn't see Carter as a "black" woman... I just loved the fact that a woman was that strong in her job and... I don't know... just thinking loud!

@ rihanna

I am sorry but being of iranian or spanish descent DOES count as being a minority.


from beginning to end best episode ever!!! luved how shaw kicked butt at the start. fusco knocking the crap out of simmons. i had been annoyed with root in the past and i had mentioned last week unless root helped and elias (luv him) i wish she wud go. well root pulled thru but i still think she has an agenda. as for elias wow!!!! i new he wud he liked carter what a great ending


"The Devil's Share" was the best episode of "Person of Interest" this year, maybe the best since the show began. I am heartbroken that Carter is truly dead, and I agree that Detective Carter was the heart of the show, just as Finch represents the brain and Reese the hands and Lionel Fusco, in some cases, the feet and in some cases, the show's Court Jester). The new women in the series are cold-blooded and lack heart. I think Carter is irreplaceable in the series.

That said, the acting last night, by everyone, but especially by Jim Caviezel and Kevin Chapman, was at a whole other level. Michael Emerson is always good. I particularly loved Chapman's acting during his confrontation with Simmons. It was Lionel's finest hour to date, and I love his redemption story, which has been one of the best things about the show.

I also loved the flashback scene with Caviezel in which the shadows on his face made it look like a death's head. What an episode. The writers of "The Mentalist" should take note. (I'm a fan but was very disappointed in "Red John.") That's how you do a climactic show right.

@ FilmAlicia

I completely agree with you on all counts - Person of Interest has impressed me from the very first episode, but "The Devil's Share" takes it to a whole new level. We all knew that Simmons would be dead by the end of the episode, I think, but the drama lay in how we got to that point. And was it ever intense!

Fantastic job all around, but like you I give special praise to Jim Caviezel and Kevin Chapman. They've really gone all in with their performances these past few episodes. And I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed the Death's Head lighting effect on Reese during his flashback sequence; it was quite eerie, wasn't it? Also, kudos to the costume and makeup departments, as well. Wow!

@ Dreamrose

yes I noticed the lighting for him too. he looked like a skull. and appropriate!

@ Dreamrose

I agree. The episode wowed me. They gave Detective Carter a fitting send-off.


Best opening sequence....ever! Producer/Creater Jonathan Nolan penned this 3 episode arc finale which explains the film like quality.
I love the evolution of Fusco from season 1 to now, he has become our moral compass, our everyman. I also enjoyed seeing how Reese unraveled to the point where we meet him in Season 1.
Love this show-so smart, intense- always a great ride. I agree the episode went way too fast.


Great episode. Just one question, did Fusco and Simmons stop somewhere and clean up on the way to the cop shop? After the fight Fusco's face was covered in blood but when he walked Simmons into the precinct his face was clean.


Wow. I don't say that very often, but just... wow.

I mean, although I've loved this show from the beginning, I don't think I've been blown away like this since the end of "Blue Code". I thought the show had settled into a comfortable groove, and I was okay with that. I've been enjoying the hell out of it for the last couple of seasons, but I honestly believed the show was pretty much done *impressing* me.

Boy, was I wrong.

"The Devil's Share" has proven that, when firing on all cylinders, PoI is still hands-down the greatest show on network TV.


Gonna love Elias every single day for rest of my life, ha !

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