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Ravenswood Review: Family Ties

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If you were a ghost and could peek in on Caleb Rivers post-shower, would you do it?

Okay, pervy thoughts aside, Ravenswood Season 1 Episode 4 showed us just how very frustrated Caleb is getting with all of this.

When he flipped out on Raymond Collins at the end, I was simultaneously thinking "it's about time" and "you better watch your back now, dude!"

Caleb Needs Clarification

Caleb is pissed and he totally has a right to be. While I'm glad he didn't write to Hanna about everything that's happening, that letter was pretty entertaining. You've got to admit it!

Dear Hanna, so much has happened since we last spoke. I nearly drowned in a bathtub and a sunken car. I went to Miranda’s funeral. I was attacked by Kujo’s cousin in a junkyard. The light above my couch tried to decapitate me tonight, and oh did I mention? I was scheduled to die in that car too.


Uncle Ray is Creepy with a capital C. What is with the locks of hair from all the accident victims? This is starting to remind me of American Horror Story. However, the hair mysteriously disappeared when Caleb went to confront him... so what gives?

I know Olivia and Luke's dad was stabbed, but I really didn't think much of Collins and his tools. He's a mortician and undertaker who is pretty weird and I'm not surprised he is fascinated by some vintage tools from his industry. What I am surprised by is his connection with Olivia and Luke's mom.

Do you think there might have been a little romance there in the past? He seemed to care about her and that man shows care for no one.

This week seemed a little more coherent in its storytelling. Less rattling walls and ghost body transport. First of all, I'm glad that they can all see supernatural stuff now instead of just Caleb. It bonds them. Also, now whenever we see the presence of a raven, it means there's some sort of scary or supernatural element at work. First with Remy and the glass, then with Luke and his bike.

It's too bad I'm going to have to start associating ravens with dread instead of hot basketball players, a la One Tree Hill.

So the visit with Caleb's relative was interesting. It reminded me a lot of Pretty Little Liars the way he first shut down when they were in public and then found Caleb later to reveal a deadly secret. He said something like "he never signed it, but he lost the battle." I'm guessing this means that even though the original Caleb Rivers never signed "the pact" that he ended up a victim of the curse anyway.

What did you think about the Luke/Tessa/Remy development? Do you blame Luke for wanting to avoid all the spooky stuff that's going on around them? After all, he just deal with one tragedy losing his father. I can see how he wants to be with someone who isn't reminding him that scary stuff is about to happen every second. At the same time, it's not Remy's fall that any of this is happening.

So what is the pact and why was it formed? That's what we need to know right now. Only one more week of Ravenswood until January! What are your theories?


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    So Miranda didn't cross over? It really seemed like she had and I am a little disappointed that she didn't. Her crush on Caleb is ridiculous and if they actually explore that story line I will not be able to watch the show. He cannot cheat on Hanna Marin with a freaking ghost!!!!!!


    did you all notice how Miranda was able to leave after her jar broke? maybe the jars is something that is keeping the ghost teens stuck.


    I feel like Ray is the Toby of this show. Someone who starts out creepy but in the end is reliable and lovable. I actually think I prefer Luke with Tessa...idk why though. I guess the actors just have really good chemistry.


    Yes I would peek at Caleb in the shower. :)
    This was another great episode.
    Ray just keeps getting creepier and creepier. I like that Caleb is not afraid to confront him
    I do not like that Luke went from disliking Tessa to breaking up with Remy because now after the kiss he thinks he likes her. They were fighting to stay together even though Remy's dad disapproved and when he is okay with them, Luke breaks up with her!
    I think there was something romantic between Ray and Olivia and Luke's mom.
    I too am glad that the group sees Miranda and the spooky stuff too.
    We all know that Ray keeps locks of hair, he had time to move it before Caleb came as he knew someone was in that room. I really liked the scene with Miranda and Olivia when they were at Caleb's place.
    So we have the midseason finale next week and then just under 2 months before it comes back.

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