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Shonda Rhimes was on the radio recently talking about Grey's and Scandal. Scandal, of course has been taking off and this episode today was a clear indication why. Bellamy Young. Standing O! I bring up Shonda's radio interview because she talked about how the show seems to be writing itself. In the beginning, she wanted the president to be divorced but still in office. He of course would be with Olivia and you can see the road ahead. However, once the actors were cast things changed, chemistry changed, the cast breathed a different life into the characters and they took on a life of their own. Mellie was only supposed to be around for a few episodes but of course this has changed and never have I been more glad. Shonda also said that she only had so many scandals to tell but I have to disagree. There are far too many avenues to take with the scandals of Washington D.C., she could spend years telling their stories. The only concern I have is Bellamy Young's performance will be noticed by others and she will be picked up for other shows.
I have been talking about Olivia being off her game for awhile, thought she was back on it. However, yet again she is letting her emotions rule her head. SHE NEEDS TO THINK. If she wants to know what her father is up to she has to start thinking like him, even I knew he didn't kill her mother. Her mother taking all those trips was also extremely shady, wouldn't be surprised if her mother is involved in the intelligence community. Why does everyone assume men are the only ones involved in espionage, this is the most sexist outlook. Women have been involved in espionage since Delilah, some might say Eve. We must broaden our perspective.
Quinn, was it really that easy? One kiss or two and she literally places her life in the hands of a known murderer who uses women to get what he wants. The scorn on his face was utterly heartbreaking. I don't know what road they will take this story line but it better be Charlie dead by her hand at the end.

@ Aykme

Quinn killing Charlie - that would be a nice twist and definitely unexpected !

@ Excited+Fan

But.. but.. I like Charlie..


Not everybody who is pro-Olivia-and-Fitz is anti-Mellie. Lots of us figured there was a backstory that would explain why Mellie was the way she was.
So last night Mellie made me want to scream at her and cry for her all at the same time. I cried for her because no woman deserves to be or asks to be raped. But I wanted to scream at her for not telling Fitz what happened. Fitz already hated his father, and would have been more than happy to bring Big Gerry down.
Mellie and Fitz's marriage had a real chance; if Mellie had just trusted Fitz enough to tell him what happened. They would have had a real partnership. And that was another reason I wanted to cry for her. Because if Mellie had told Fitz, there is the real possibility that their marriage wouldn't have died.
I feel for Mellie even as I believe that Olivia and Fitz really do have a connection that only some people are lucky enough to find.


Last night episode was worth waiting for. We knew Olivia's mother wasn't dead because she never got on the plane. We knew Quinn was headed for B613. We even knew Cyrus and Mellie would try to set the V.P.'s husband up. Now let's get to what we didn't know. Mellie may have given birth to her husband's brother after being raped by her father in law. The V.P.'s husband is into men. Cyrus just may be sleeping with the answer to one of his problems.

Will Quinn become a double agent; working for OPA and reporting to B613? Will Cyrus pimp James on his quest to remain in the Whitehouse? How did Olivia's father become Command? Who is Jake really...friend or foe? What's the backstory on Columbus?



Awesome, awesome show! I have to admit that over the last few weeks my love for Scandal was waning a bit, but last nights show shot it right back up to deeply in love. I want to first say that I have ALWAYS stood by Mellie's character and defended her brand of crazy. I have never defended Liv , nor have I been a fan of her and Fitz' love affair. I have and always will be team wife! I like Kerry Washington ok, but I have never felt like she is that great of an actress, nor do I feel like she makes the show. I think she is cast well enough for the part, but to me Mellie and Cy have always made the show. For some reason Kerry has been getting on my nerves a lot this season. I can't figure out what it is. Though I suspect it has something to do with her over pronouncing her words (petty pet peeve of mine, I know) .

I have never been a fan of Quinn's and quite frankly feel that she doesn't grab our attention because she was poorly cast for the role.

I might be the only doofus who didn't see the mama Pope being alive thing coming. Nice twist and can't wait to see where it goes!


I am so over Fitz and Olivia. Epic love story? No. Quinn is so stupid and she deserves what she gets. I'm sick of her character. Mellie needs to just dump Fitz. Good episode. And I love Jake!


Poor Mellie. I'm mostly in it for Mellie and Cyrus. If Mellie is going to be stuck as First Lady with nothing to do for another 2 or 3 seasons, I'm going to give up Scandal.


I felt sorry for Kellie in this episode. She appeared to be a young woman that was groomed to stand by her man.
In contrast, Olivia was reckless. I understand it is painful to believe your dad killed your mom. However, she is placing her friends in danger. I don't have an appreciation for this side of her.
Quinn, Quinn - we all saw her getting in over her head.
Lastly, I wasn't surprised mother Pope is alive. The fans gave that away a week or so ago. A couple of questions are - is she a terrorist or is dad Pope protecting her?


I've always admired Mellie's resourcefulness and looked forward to her next move with great anticipation. But now, I actually feel for her. I'll admit it, I thought Mellie was about Mellie and Fitz was her ticket BUT now I see she has paid dearly for Fitz's success. She truly loved him but this is not the whole story people. Can't be.

While watching the loving couple, I wondered what happened. We saw what happened to Mellie BUT we don't know what changed for Fitz. There's more story to tell and I'm excited to tune in and see. Until then, Mellie's in my good graces.

It was fairly obvious that Quinn would become a part of B613 and Liv's mom was alive. We just didn't know how it would play out.

VP's husband was a surprise and I wonder if Cy will pimp out James. This should be interesting.

Finally, I don't think Papa Pope is as sinister as he's being made out to be. I think he's in crisis management mode.....just like Liv.


So we now know why Fitz shot down the plane.. or not. That was a rather anti-climactic reveal for me. And, Liv's mother is still alive. Who didn't see that coming from a hundred miles away?

And to all the Mellie haters - boo to you. This woman is hard as nails and she never has to prove it to anyone with some steely exterior or a white coat. I say, CHEERS to Mellie for probably being the most human and awesome character on Scandal.


I knew Rowan did not kill his wife and I knew she wasn't dead. But why is she in prison---a male prison if I am correct? Huck tired to warn Quinn but she would not listen and did she not remember Sugarman use to use women to get what he wanted. Did Quinn really think she was smarter than those other women? Fitz is a weak jerk and I love Mellie more. I am so team Mellie! Rowan is father of the year compared to Big Jerk! I don't understand why two strong women cheapen themselves for Fitz..he is not work it. As for him loving Mellie in the past and so in love with Livie now...please his love is toxic! This is such a good show! Team Mellie 100%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

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