Scandal Review: Too Close To The Sun

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When Olivia polishes off an entire bottle of red solo, sans popcorn, you know it's going down.

On Scandal Season 3 Episode 6, our favorite Gladiator got closer to the truth about Operation Remington, but the truth also threatened to unravel her.

To keep herself busy, she made her final decision as to whose campaign she will run.

Olivia & Abby Help Josie

We opened on an episode with Olivia as a 12-year-old girl, kissing her mother goodbye. It was the last time Olivia would see her alive and you could tell it's a memory she has replayed many times.

Because there are only two people who can tell her the truth, and one of them she's afraid of despite the fact that they are related, she makes her way over to the White House.

Poor Mellie thinks this is a surefire sign that Olivia is on board with the new Fitz campaign and is even eager to leave her husband alone with Olivia. Looks like this new Mellie really is all business. Cyrus, on the other hand, knows that Olivia surprising the White House is too good to be true.

This is a Greek tragedy in the making. Winged mistresses flying too close to the sun.


For those who need a brief refresher on their Greek Mythology (I think it was middle school Social Studies, after all) Icarus was the son of master craftsman Daedalus. Daedalus made Icarus wings of feathers and wax so that he could escape Crete.

Despite repeated warnings from his father, Icarus flew too close to the sun, the wings melted and he drowned in the ocean. In other words, it was a genius idea but it could only be taken so far without consequence.

Fitz having the woman he loved back running his campaign and helping him get re-elected was, in a way, also too good to be true. Cyrus is a realist, not an idealist. He's cynical, he's a monster according to James, (even though that monster loves him!) but he's often dealing with the devil. You know, Hollis Doyle, Rowan Pope, whomever.

Well... when Fitz didn't answer Olivia about Operation Remington, Cyrus was right and Liv's team went with Josie Marcus. It's not even necessarily whether she thinks he's lying as a President. It's a question of: is this man, a man she loves, possibly responsible for her mother's death? Did he carry out those orders and lie about it?

The confrontation between Olivia and Fitz at the end had me tearing up, similar to Fitz. Did you guys catch his peepers looking a little misty? Was that because he did carry out the mission? Was it just because he was watching the woman he loved in pain? What is the truth here?

The scene that did have me out and out crying was when Olivia drunkenly re-watched the wreckage footage of the flight and called her father. Her words had my heart breaking for her. She was honest with him and with herself.

I have so many questions I want to ask you but I'm afraid you'll kill my friends if I do. So you know, let’s just talk about the weather or uh how I can’t form attachments to people because my mother is dead and my father is that thing that goes bump in the night or…you pick a topic.


Let's be honest ourselves:

Would Rowan scare you if he were your father? He said he didn't order the plane to get shot down. Do you believe him? His tears looked pretty convincing in that flashback. There's also the possibility that he did do it and also did love his wife and was genuinely sad when the news became real. But truly?

This is Command of B613 we're talking about. There's no way I could properly analyze the emotions of that man.

As for the other big part of the episode, it was obvious the Reston ad was totally concocted by OPA. Granted, we also know OPA and how they work at this point so we could see that coming a mile away. If Candy could figure it out that quickly, I worry what will happen with Josie's temper when she realizes she was played.

If they manipulate something like that again in the future, how will Josie react?

Tonight left us, and Olivia, with lots of questions. So let's turn it over to you guys.

What are your updated theories on Operation Remington? Do you think OPA's decision to go with Marcus was a good idea? How excited are you to find out more about Harrison's past? What do Rowan and Charlie want with Quinn? And last (and least) do you care as little about Sally Langston's campaign as I do?


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I agree with Nisan. I definitely believe that Fitz and Cyrus (at least Cyrus for sure) have absolutely no idea that Rowan is Liv's dad and I think that Fitz was completely caught off guard when Liv told him that her mother was on that plane. Fitz not being willing to reveal anything about the operation, even after her telling him about her mother, cannot be held against him. He may love Liv but believes telling her anything about Remington will put her life, and his, in danger. He knows what B613 is capable of and he was smart to refuse to give her any information. The less she knows the better.
As much as I love Phoebe Buffay I hate the whole story line involving her. I personally felt like Liv only agreed to be her campaign manager to spite Fitz and Cyrus. When Harrison told Cyrus that this was the first time in a long time he saw Liv feel this passionate about something I almost laughed. Liv feels passionate about Fitz being president, not this woman with anger management issues that refuses to play the game Liv's way (even if she allows herself to be manipulated into it). Liv helped cheat the American people out of an election to have Fitz elected the first time, she was willing to give up the possibility of a happy ending with him for him to be president, Fitz is her president. The only reason she has turned is because of Remington and she doesn't even have all the information so she shouldn't be so quick to judge. She knows better than anyone how manipulative and evil her father is and if she would look past her anger and grief for one second she would know that there is more to the situation. (BTW does this situation remind anyone else of the end of THG: Mockingjay?) I definitely see Liv back on Fitz's campaign after the primary's, especially after it comes to light that the VP is running as an independent.

@ kandi1212

I didn't read the Hunger Games, but now, maybe I will :-). For one quick moment I thought that maybe Liv's mother was a spy of some sort or a traitor to her country and they had to shoot the plane down before she reached her destination. Yeah pretty far fetched but this is Scandal. What exactly was her job? Has it been mentioned?


This show never ceases to amaze me. First off, Liv went to the white house to confront the President - Bold Move. Mellie as usual was going to allow more Liv and Fitz togetherness for the sake of the Presidency (see how nice I worded that). Cyrus just thinks they are all crazy, cause that alliance wouldn’t be good for real. And that was just the first five minutes. Quinn is teaching herself how to shoot. So, what now she really wants to be Huck, even though it’s obvious, Huck, Charlie and Jake are pretty messed up, but yeah, so is Quinn, so I guess she’ll fit right in. Don’t like the Josie character or her daughter for that matter. Don’t like how either one of them speaks to Liv. You so smart, win on your own. Cyrus is smarter than the average bear and there is no way Fitz knew Liv’s mother was on that plane, does he even know Rowan is Liv’s father? It’s on now, and btw, nice of the Prez saving Jake’s butt like that.


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Scandal Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

There’s probably only two people in this world who can tell me if this really happened. One of those people is my father and I can’t ask him because he’ll probably kill both of you or maybe even all three of us to teach me some kind of sick lesson. And the other is the President.


Stupid, super spies.