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Scandal Sneak Peek: In Need of Answers

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Typically, Olivia Pope is the woman with all the answers. She's the one who knows how to handle nearly every situation.

But she's thrown for a loss at the moment, following the bombshell that was dropped to conclude Scandal Season 3 Episode 5: Fitz ordered the shooting of the plane on which Olivia's mother was killed.

Jaws? Dropped. Shockwaves? Felt. Confusion? Reigning down over Olivia.

To whom will she turn for answers on Thursday's Scandal Season 5 Episode 6? Watch the following sneak peek now:

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Huck's mom, dad and love interest?
Harrison's brother?
Fitz's dad, brother and love interest?
Cyru's mom and dad?
Mellie's sister, uncle and love interest?


Fitz didn't order the plane to be shot. He was a pilot back then, who was ordered to shoot the plane.

@ Shobz

Thank you Shobz..Who writes these things without getting it right? Rowan (Liv's Dad) ordered the shoot down (black ops) mission and it appears (because you never know with this show) that Fitz was the navy pilot who did it.