The Good Wife Review: High School Pranks

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Will has taken the stance of a maverick as the leader of LG.

Sick of the constant debates that never seem to end, he's decided take matters into his own hands and make decisions without the consent of other partners. It turns out that everyone at LG are followers, and they'll go where Will leads.

We also discovered in The Good Wife Season 5 Episode 9 that the days of LG winning every case appear to be over.

Whether or not that's because there is a moral to this story - good guys win - or because Alicia was vital to the success rate of cases at LG remains to be seen, but it was nice to see some of the good news fall to the side of Florrick/Agos.

Domestic Terrorism

The case Alicia and Cary were working on was fascinating. The racism was bad enough, but to be compounded by crowd sourcing conspiracy theorists on the Internet and then a site that aggregates and inflames discussions by creating social robot trolls that will drive traffic to their site to keep threads going is both ingenious and frightening. How often have we fallen for a ChubbySocks52?

Will's decision to hire Damian Boyle was reckless, and the lack of vetting was even worse. At some point, it should come back to bite them in the ass, but I don't expect it to be for a while. He's too entertaining to go anywhere any time soon, and the only people who take issue with him are Kalinda and Diane, seemingly the sole voices of reason left at LG.

As hasty as Will was to hire Boyle, I don't think he would approve of the approach Boyle took of infiltrating the Florrick/Agos offices. I would hope he'd draw the line at criminal activity to get ahead. Howard Lyman thought it was just peachy, and later David Lee was on board, which lead me to believe that he knew what they did over there. Another reason those guys have to go.

Alicia noticed Boyle wearing her #1 Mom pin in court, but she didn't put together that LG was fighting the case because they discovered the casework while they were taking their office furniture. Cary was probably right in his assessment that LG wanted to rile up Chum Hum with Internet privacy issues and rethink their arrangement with Florrick/Agos because of how they were representing Zayeed Shaheed. But, every case is different, and I think Neil Gross would get that.

The always enjoyable Judge Kluger presided over their case, and while Will and Diane were at Florrick/Agos negoiating, he called to invite Alicia to coffee. What was up with that? He called her Mrs. Florrick and said not to take it the wrong way - so why was he asking her out to coffee? And how can she gracefully decline if she does take it the wrong way? Awkward.

Diane's reaction when she entered the offices was enjoyable. She was taken back to when she and Will first started out, although Will didn't appear to see the similarity. Diane was torn, and it was obvious that all of the political machinations they've been going through lately have taken their toll on her. She isn't as passionate about her firm anymore, because it's not her firm. It's changed to something she no longer recognizes. I hope she can have some influence and get that firm back.

The other big story of the night was with Peter's next choice for Supreme Court Justice. It was someone who slept with Jackie's husband 20 years earlier. Jackie remains an annoyance on the show, and a thorn in Eli's side. That she would consider telling a dying man that his wife cheated on him to make herself feel better doesn't say a lot about her. She's been painted in a negative light for a long time, and it's no surprise why her husband turned to another woman (probably a lot more than the one).

It was a solid episode and one where we learned that the winning won't come so easily anymore. It raises the stakes for both sides to have competent and worthy adversaries. Once the game playing stops, there is also an opportunity to have more cases per episode, which should speed up the intensity of the legal proceedings.

They'll be shooting from all cylinders! 


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@steve The "flirting" you are referring to was more of both of them trying to find a kink in each others armor by using their past intimate relations and feelings to get the other to blink first. Alicia kicked ass instead and showed Will that she was a more formidable foe. If Alicia, after finally seeing what Will is really like -- a bully and a user -- still ends up in bed with him, then this series title should be changed to "The Stupid Wife." Although I tend to agree with you that Diane will eventually join up with Alicia and Agos.


Perhaps Judge Kluger wants to join Florrick Argos. That would be fun.


This was one of the silliest and most juvenile episodes I've ever seen. I can't stand the new silly & offensive attorney. Will has become a jerk and now the Judge is asking Alicia out, really? This has been my favorite show from the beginning but tonight was rediculous. Taking furniture, wearing Alicia's pin? I fast forwarded through much of it. Get rid of the jerk attorney, Diane needs to pull Will in and take control of their firm. Let's have some interesting cases again.

@ Infoplease

While I agree the prank was so "high school" the actor playing Damian was definitely effective and can become more sinister -- being a friend and supporter of mobsters. I'm sure down the road Peter will have the mob to contend with, both in the streets and in the courts, in carrying out his duties as governor. Will has always been a jerk, but most viewers were so taken by his charm that most overlooked the tell tale signs of his crookedness. He even has Diane fooled.


Let's get back to the real drama. How to beat the other guy in the courtroom. That was so very stupid last night with LG stealing office furniture. Was that a way of showing how incompetent Alicia and Cary are hiring a air head who wouldn't demand a work order from people in business attire, including shoes moving out furniture. She didn't call the police or send out urgent mass IM to the attorneys. Stealing work product is also a very serious offense that can include disbarrment. Don't question our intelligence.

@ watch and remember

The name of the game is intimidation. Mob tactics include anything and everything in courtrooms and out of the courts to get the opponents to surrender or develop some kind of fear. While it looked like Alicia's staff was incompetent, you couldn't blame her completely because fear was somehow brought about by authority figures -- men in expensive business suits -- suddenly appearing and ordering her around.

@ watch and remember

yes very disturbing how stupid she was!!!


Will is becoming totally obnoxious...that coupled with the mob lawyer's annoying arrogance, LG is becoming too dark to be an enjoyable adversary. Alicia needs to have another man inspire her to let go of the emotional residue from her romance with the now vengeful Will. I always thought she and Will were a mismatched couple anyhow. The show will become too trite if the the current trend of hate, jealousy and malicious intent continues. The writers need to get more creative about redemption.


Finally, we now have insight as to why Jackie thought her daughter-in-law should be the TOTALLY GOOD WIFE season one. She seemingly never blamed her husband for the affair he had, but rather the "other woman." She expected Alicia to do the same and refused to see her son anything but blameless for the scandal. REALLY can't stand her!!!

@ Lindalou

Such a great point!! It really bugs me when women never want to see the guilt of the men involvd in these things, and Jackie is a perfect example. I wish I had been able to see that. I was too busy being annoyed by her. Thanks for pointing it out. Brill!


Yes...Will and Alicia flirted. More please! Huge difference in tone this week...a lot lighter thankfully. What happened to Jackie...she went from not being able to write a check to snarky busy body...she healed?


Didn't anyone catch the flirting between Alicia and Will in the courtroom? They will be in bed together again before you know it. I think an interesting twist would be for Diane to join Florrick/Agos!!! I think she sees the fire and the hunger in them that she misses in herself and her firm. That would be incredible

@ Steve

That would be an interesting twist. You never could happen..........


Here is a good show ready to go bad. Now tasked with following two teams, a really good writer will be needed to avoid the trap of pitting them against each other ad nauseam, with the audience left keeping the score. After the reasonable animosity of the break up, we witnessed a first encounter in court: it appears (since it was left open with an invitation to coffee) that it ends with 1 to 0 for F/A vs L/G. How many of these are we going to watch? Also unfortunately, a new character was introduced, a sad caricature of the Irish, in a role that the actor overplays badly, the only thing missing being a tattoo of the shamrock on this forehead. In addition to being a drunk associated with the mob, he seems to be an overgrown teenager. But the astute Will has smelled in him a genius litigator. I smell bad shows ahead: it is not that this series did not offer enough squalid human beings already! [including the vindictive spiteful mother...].

@ L1vb

I'm really hoping they'll go more in the way of Boston Legal - remember when they used to focus on two cases by showcasing different teams on them? Instead of different teams, it wil be the different firms. That's the only way it will work. They aren't going to cut out the Mamie Gummers and Martha Plimptons who bring so much when they fight against them in court. At least I hope not. Will choosing Boyle is totally in character - I loved Diane telling him to look at what an individual decision brings as Boyle was candoodling with an admin in the hallway. It's the same type of behavior Will has been exhibiting with his GF lately, so why would he think it was out of line?


great episode alicia continues to be on her toes. will getting annoying and hope her and cary whip will and dianes butt in everything. luv jasonomara but can see he's gonna be a thorn in everyones side

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