The Mentalist Preview: Is Jane Finally Catching Red John?

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On The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 5, we saw Patrick Jane get closer than ever to the identity of Red John.

As Kira Tinsley lay dying after being attacked by the elusive serial killer, she managed to tell Jane one vital piece of information: Red John has a three-dotted tattoo on his left shoulder.

So, as the preview for The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 6 tease, Jane gathers the five remaining Red John suspects to finally find out the killer's identity.

Jane & Bret Stiles

I had an early peek at tonight's installment, written by Ken Woodruff and directed by John Showalter, and here's a sneak peek at what you'll see in tonight's thrilling episode.

  • We begin with Jane setting the stage for confronting his suspects, then go back 2 days.
  • We see Stiles and his disciples during a ritual that tells us more about him and his power.
  • Jane gets help from Teresa regarding gathering the suspects together. 
  • Jane realizes the suspects cannot know he knows about the tattoo.
  • There's a heartfelt moment between Jane and Teresa.
  • Jane also has his own quiet moment before commencing the evenings activities.
  • The list of five suspects is shortened after this episode.
  • As we saw in the preview, there is a big explosion but who is involved? Hmmmm...

Do you think Jane will finally get all his answers and the identity of Red John will finally come to him? Of the five suspects, who do you think is truly Red John?

The Mentalist airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on CBS following The Good Wife.

UPDATE: Due to NFL overrun, this episode of The Mentalist will now air next Sunday, November 10. Tonight will be a return.

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If some idiot programming exec did not have one of the best shows on TV scheduled on late Sunday evening which is even later because of football running over ... we wouldn't be watching a rerun and the show would not be suffering in the ratings because of its time slot.


Tonights episode is a rerun. Where is the new one that is described?
We really want to see the red john problem resolved. There are plenty of bad guys out there to keep the CBI team busy.


I don't think you will find it on CBS, BUT you can find it on the internet. It was a good ep. ended in a cliffy.


I really can't stand football. Ugh! I was really really looking forward to this episode.


WTH!! A Rerun?? I was expecting to see the new episode but I got Rerun to watch... WTH!

@ JP

Does this mean we have to watch it tomorrow on wth?!

@ K

Ohhhh....nm.....we have to wait another week....


What the HELLer Good Wife!!! Why are you cutting into the Mentalist? Is it even coming on?

@ Dr. Doctor

And now they're showing an old episode!!


I think Red John is a composite of all the suspects - not just one person.


Bwahahahahahaha NOPE!!!


Well, I guess they updated this will be a rerun......thanks for letting me and others know. Bummer, I really wanted to see this.

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The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 6 Quotes

I'm not sure who I can trust. I'm not even sure I can trust you.


Lisbon: Jane, you do this and you're throwing your life away.
Jane: Bye Lisbon.