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Did anyone else hear that they are not showing this ep tonight? I hope it is a bad rumor, cause I want to see this......anyone else hear this or know the truth?

@ Ace

It's not on! Why are they showing a rerun?! It's not fair!!


I just finished watching the episode on time shift and three of the suspects have the 3 dots - I believe they all belong to the police cabal. Chances are none of the 5 are actually Red John.

@ ellen

Thanx cbs . You should have never changed to Sunday nights to begin with. This is a great show and you are totally screwing everything up.


Love the show but quit watching starting this season after first episode, tired of Red John


I sure wish they'd resolve this and then see what the show does. Last season to me was the worst ... and this one is Red John every week. I've temporarily stopped watching until this is resolved (but come here to TV Fanatic to see what's going on toward resolution) -- and just watch the early seasons which are so much fun, even watching them again. I know I'm in the minority, but to me, Red John the super villain who rules the world and every single person except for :isbon's team works for him, is just too much. What a great show this has been ... and I just wonder if it could be again if they end the Red John storyline (of course, many have suspected that the show will end with that episode -- and hope they're wrong). And now people are commenting that Red John isn't even going to be among his suspects???

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@ Keith Vlasak

Keith, you're not in the minority; complaints about the (artificially) prolonged search for Red John have become increasingly pervasive in online comment threads over the last few seasons, and the producers have taken note. With enthusiasm for the Red John arc waning and The Mentalist's ratings in steep decline, they've expedited the resolution of the show's central conceit.

Personally, I'll miss the Red John through-line. It was a clever idea that distinguished The Mentalist from other procedurals and frankly helped sustain my interest in the show when other elements of the show did not. But I agree that as Red John has eluded capture again and again over the years, the writers' imagination has not kept up, and the diminishing returns became especially glaring last season.

I'd love to see how the show might evolve once Red John is apprehended -- a more character-driven and less plot-driven Mentalist would be welcome -- but I think time is short.

@ Keith Vlasak

Yes, Kieth, this Red John thing has been old for a long time and I will not watch another episode until it is over.


It is going to be explosive.


I have information from a reliable source inside the CBS that says " Red John is not among them. " I'm not swearing they're right though.

@ Dr. Doctor

A lot of fans are thinking the same. I haven't let go of Brett Partridge yet. Can't wait for tonight!

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