The Mentalist Review: Not So Easy

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We knew it couldn't be that easy. Three red dots. It was Jane's leverage. It was his map to finding Red John.

After watching The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 6, I'm still not certain if those dots sent Jane in circles or straight into the middle of yet another conspiracy.

Jane's Master Plan

First, Jane had to gather the five remaining suspects in one place…and what a place he chose. But we'll get back to that in a moment. Let's go over the suspects first:

The most wily was Bret Stiles. The cult leader is even squirrelier than I thought. That ascension ceremony was impressive, in a completely crazy sort of way.

The giant eye on the wall, the masses of followers in flowing robes. The naked women getting marked with blood. I expected them to start handing out the Kool-Aid at any moment.

Of course Stiles claims he's dying. Is it true or is he playing us once again?

I liked that Lisbon sent Grace in first. He's always had a weakness for her... or should I say he's always thought there was a weakness in her. He thought he could manipulate her. The Grace Van Pelt that arrived at the Ecuadorian Consulate wasn't that girl. She's a lot stronger than she used to be and therefore Stiles was quick to show her the door.

Reede Smith was easy enough for Jane to bait as was Sheriff McAllister.

Haffner was another matter. It took Lisbon to convince him to show up. He always seems like such an arrogant ass but he did appear to be sincerely shocked and affronted that Teresa thought he could be Red John. Of course, if he's not RJ, then finding out the girl he likes thinks he might be an evil serial killer must be a blow to his bloated ego.

Bertram was an easy catch. Too easy perhaps. He's always so eager when it comes to information about the Red John case. There was really no question that he'd show up.

With all his fish headed towards the same barrel, Jane and Lisbon made their way down to Malibu.

Speaking of Jane's former home, I hate it when he goes there. It's such a dark and painful place for him. I'm sure he and his wife and daughter had happy memories there but none of them are strong enough to banish that bloody red face on the wall. I sort of hope the entire place burns down when all of this is done. Maybe it will help him move on.

Surprisingly, Lisbon told Jane she wouldn't stand in his way when it came to Red John when she said in this The Mentalist quote...

Some men, men like Red John, they don't deserve a trial. They don't deserve a jury. They deserve what they have coming to them.


Like Patrick, I'm skeptical. I'm not sure she can just turn off the ethics that have guided her her entire career, even when it comes to Red John.

I also had to wonder what Jane's intentions were when he told her…

You're the most honest person I know. You would never lie, not about something like this.


Did he believe her? Was he manipulating her by trying to make her feel guilty? I'm really not certain what was going through his mind in that moment.

But when he pulled over to watch the sunset I knew exactly what he was up to, and the way he accomplished it broke my heart just a little. Because when he hugged Teresa and told her…

You have no idea what you've meant to me. What you mean to me.


I believe he meant it. And then he had to go and ruin the moment by swiping her phone and ditching her on the beach.

Damn him.

Like Lisbon, I was worried for Jane. He wasn't only going to uncover a diabolically clever serial killer, he was also cornering several other possibly dangerous men and he was doing it alone. There was no way to know who would be on Jane's side and who would gladly kill him where he stood.

When they all removed their shirt sleeves I wondered if more than one man would have those dots. So let's go over the final five…

  1. Bret Stiles - He's a crazy, a true believer and a whistler but he has no dots. Plus I wonder if he still possesses the physical strength to have beaten Kira to death.
  2. Sheriff McCallister - He's got the dots and he's smarter than he looks but my gut tells me it's not him.
  3. Ray Haffner - He's certainly arrogant enough and creepy, especially when it comes to women but somehow I see him more as a manipulative, bullying jerk than Red John.
  4. Director Bertram - He's got the dots, the position, and the power. His politician's smile is borderline sociopathic. Is that enough to make him Red John?
  5. Reede Smith - He's got the dots and there's still something that haunts me about the way he told Kirkland that they even let lower level guys like him in. Did he just mean Tiger, Tiger or was he laughing because he's the man at the top?

In the end, we have more questions than answers once again. The shot gun went off. The house blew up and we have no idea who was left inside.

All we were left with was Teresa's desperate, pleading voice begging Jane not to go through with his plan, alone.

Now it's anyone's guess what comes next ...


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Impossible to imagine McAllister as Red John. One would assume that RJ had a considerable degree of charm to appeal to the various minions who were willing to die for him. Can't remember the name of the blind character (pianist) that had a relationship with RJ- no way McAllister could have totally fooled her. Stiles made the most sense from the perspective of seduction. Also, could Jane really just jump ship and leave the team in the lurch? They went to bat for him and are now in serious sh*t. Very disappointed.


Red John is either Bob Kirkland or his twin brother, Michael Kirkland - the names may be mixed up. I'm pretty sure now. Just watch episode 18 of season 5 - the Kirkland who killed Jason Lenon wasn't the same Kirkland who talked to Jane earlier that episode. Why? They had different ties (neck tie). What are the chances of a man changing his tie in a day? Also if it were the real Kirkland, he would have asked Jason who Red John was instead of asking whether he recognised him.


guys, watch episode 7 and come write comments there... I have mixed feelings ...


Here we go. Tweet from Jimmy Gadd just tonight: Jimmy Gadd ‏@jimmygadd
thank you! There are 22 episodes this season. We're only on episode 7 tonight and we start shooting episode 12 tomorrow

@ Entwife

Wooo what a relief! Thank you!!

Angie lavoie
@ Entwife

Thank you very much for the confirmation! Is a title for 12 out yet?


Does anybody remember S05E05, where PJ made to throw out of CBI det.Hannigan? GvP then entered in TL'team. Strange or no ( is she infiltrated )??? About Relationship PJ-TL: I think, that in some moment PJ wanted to find another woman for his life - KF ( why was he so strange in WC in S02E23 ), LM... Also, always PJ was always nervous, whe he met some psychic which wanted to go under his "mental skin"... For these reasons and some more, I doubr that RJ-person was changed by writers during the serie...

Angie lavoie
@ jarosedlak

VanPelt's first case with CBI was in the Pilot, in 2008. In 5x05 'Red Dawn' (that took place in 2004) Rigsby and Cho were only looking at files of possible agents for their team.
In 2x23 Jane invited Kristina Frye out for dinner, probably to see if it would be possible for him to date again. The scene in the bathroom shows us clearly, that he wasn't ready yet. He wanted to tell KF but got interrupted by VanPelt's call.
I strongly believe, that Bruno Heller had a clear plan right from the beginning who RJ was. I'm not sure what you mean by PJ being nervous around 'psychic' people. Kristina got under his skin with her remark about Charlotte, yes. She probably read Jane's file and knew what was tormenting him all these years or it was just a good guess. (well, not that great really! anybody could figure out that how his daughter died must be a gnawing question in Jane's mind)


Rihanna, thanks for the tip on seeing the TVG text. I loved it and it didn't seem like a spoiler, just made me eager to see how all plays out. Jane a wanted man in S.America? Fascinating! It's not a spoiler but the greatest teaser any TM lover could hope for. Thanks!!


I checked out that TV Guide spoiler link. The TVG text was blocked out but the comments were fairly informative. I fully agree with the view that Jane will be totally adrift with no purpose after he kills RJ. It will certainly take him some time (2 years seems about right) to recover from 11 years of single purpose dedication including a mental breakdown lasting much of one year and disconnecting emotionally from everything not RJ related to regain his mental stability and live a normal life. Lisbon will be his only anchor and he will know she is the only one who can help him and will act accordingly toward her.

@ rationalgal

just move your mouse cursor over the text and the highlight will go away paragraph by paragraph...


Oh by the way just a little silly question: do you guys get a notification everytime someone replies to one of your comment? Because I sometimes respond to some comments the next day or so, and I don't know if it's better to post as a "reply" or to post on the most recent page...I know it's not a very interesting question...not like "WhoOO's Reeed JOOOoohn?" lol ! ;-)

Angie lavoie
@ Abbsolute55

G'Night Abbs! I'm almost ready for 'The Great Red Dragon'. 25 min. to go!!! Yeehaa!
I personally don't get notification on my posts, but I always go back a couple of pages and check on new posts. So whatever you like to do is OK, I guess. Enjoy the show!
p.s. no idea where mimi is. Haven't 'seen' her in a long time...!
p.p.s. You're 'Sean Barlow' imitation is pretty good, LOL!

@ bonaduz

HAHAHA Thank you for my imitation of Sean Barlow, I've practiced it a lot! ;-) But I have to say that after watching that scene with Barlow so many times, I realized that his powerful voice was very clearly and deeply imprinted inside my head! I think I know all the dialogues of that scene by heart, intonation included! Haha "I was far away, communing with spirits where were you?" ;-)


It's time for the usual Sunday's happy little dance ;-) Where's Creamy? (And by the way where's mimi? We haven't "seen" her for a while here or is it me? come back mimi :)). I'm going to bed, can't wait for tomorrow morning...:) I wish you all a great fun tonight watching the new episode! Jis-bon jis-bon jis-bon! :D


I confess that I can't stop reading about RJ and TM! Look what I found:

@ rihanna

Love that TV Guide article, Rihanna. Just wanted to let you know that putting links in your messages here will cause the spam filter to start noticing you and put you in moderation. We've all been there and it is no fun. Didn't want you to have to learn the hard way. xo

@ Entwife

oh, thanks. I won't put any links anymore :)

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The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 6 Quotes

I'm not sure who I can trust. I'm not even sure I can trust you.


Lisbon: Jane, you do this and you're throwing your life away.
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