The Mentalist Round Table: "Fire and Brimstone"

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The search for three little red dots ended in a huge explosion and left fans wondering who survived The Mentalist Season 6, Episode 6.

Below, our TV Fanatic Christine Orlando joins up with The Mentalist fans Entwife and Neha to decide why Jane left Lisbon on the beach and if a red tattoo will actually lead Jane to Red John.


What's your favorite "Fire and Brimstone" scene?  

Entwife:  Jane in Malibu overcoming his fear and anxiety, summoning the courage to follow through with his very dangerous plan.  He knows that he might not survive it. He knows it's complex. He nervously adjusts and re-adjusts both his pistol and his shotgun. He adjusts his breathing several times and relaxes his body language. He does not want to do this but he wills to do it.

Neha:  The beach scene at sunset is a no-brainer, but I also really enjoyed Jane's interaction with stiles at the consulate.

Christine: Jane telling Lisbon what he means to her on the beach. The look on her face broke my heart because I knew exactly what he was up to...but I still believe he meant what he said. Someday soon I hope we get a real hug where he doesn't have an ulterior motive behind it. 

The Mentalist Round Table 1-27-15

Is Bret Stiles really dying? 

Entwife:  Yes, I think he is. Jane believes he is, so I see no reason to doubt it.

Neha: I think he is going underground. I have a feeling he just wants to be a hidden partner at visualize. That creepy scene with the stage and women drenched in blood made me come up with that.

Christine: I'm really torn. I love the character so I hope he sticks around and with the FBI now after him it wouldn't surprise me if he faked his death and tried to leave the country. I'm sure he could run his crazy Visualize empire from anywhere.

Did Jane ditch Lisbon because he was trying to protect her or because he thought she'd stop him from killing Red John?

Entwife:  I think he was trying to protect her life, and her reputation from compromise. If anyone could have stopped him from following through on a kill, it would have been Lisbon. But also, he would not have wanted her to see him go that far, truly the worst of him.

Neha:  It's a combination of both I think. He has always kept her out of things when it came to red john, he is a control freak, is it really that surprising to her? Plus, everyone could tell she was lying in the attic when she said she would let him kill RJ.

Christine: All of the above. I think he wants to protect her from Red John. And as much as he doesn't want her to stop him from killing him, he also cares enough about her that he doesn't want her to compromise herself by letting him do it. That led him to a heartfelt confession and then ditching her on a beach at sunset thus ruining a wonderful shipper moment. Damn you Jane!

The shotgun blast? The explosion? Any theories on what happened in Malibu?  

Entwife:  Totally at sea about the incidents at the end. There was also a shout of Stop! I couldn't tell whose voice it was. It did sound like a shotgun blast to me, but I'm no gun expert. The explosion, seemed like two bombs, not one, detonated separately at each side of the building. Totally confusing.

Neha:   I think it would be interesting to see who they kill, it's probably not going to be the 3 men with the tattoos, or maybe no one.  Stiles I feel is too important to the story.

Christine:  I really don't want any of them dead but I can't imagine they all walked out alive. It sounded like someone made a move on Jane for the gun and it went off. I have no idea what caused the explosion.  Could Red John have outmaneuvered Jane and set it all up ahead of time? I don't see how but he always seems to be two steps ahead so almost anything is possible.

Three of the final five suspects had the tattoo. Do you think one of them is Red John and if so, which one?  

Entwife: I do think one of the three tattooed suspects is Red John. I think the marks are probably something to do with Tyger, Tyger. But I also don't believe Haffner or Stiles is Red John. So, for me, that means he's one of the three with tattoos.

Neha:   I have always loved the idea of Haffner being RJ. His creepy obsession with Lisbon and the fact that she gets murdered by him in her dream. I am sure RJ, whoever he is, has always had an eye on Lisbon.

Christine: The show has me going round in circles on this. Is Red John involved in Tyger, Tyger? Did Kira's death have anything to do with Red John or was it just members of Tyger, Tyger trying to cover their tracks which could make the red dots nothing but a red herring? I change my mind on Red John's identity almost daily. I think all five suspects are still completely in play.

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I forgot to mention Partridge as also no fit for what we know or have been shown about RJ. All 7 of Jane's suspects are certainly involved with RJ in some way but only one is RJ and only one fits everything we know and have been shown about RJ. Everyone one except Kirkland would need a suddenly created back story to explain why he is RJ. Only Kirkland has the back story already put in place for us through various episodes. I can't imagine the writers ignoring all that and coming up with an RJ right out of the blue. But maybe that is what the My Blue Heaven ep is all about. If so, it's very poor story telling.


If the TM writers have any integrity, RJ will conform to what Lorelei said: the handshake, possibility of becoming good friends, both so much alike. There also has to be indications of RJ's plaintive personality and motive for serial killing. These would have to have been shown in the series so we can say: "Oh, of course!" To create a sudden back story for RJ that is totally new to viewers won't fly. It is impossible to look at Bertram, Haffner, Smith or McCallister and find anything in previous episodes that suggests he has the Lorelei/serial killer characteristics. Stiles fits only as an enabler of RJ. Only one character fits ALL characteristics and that is Kirkland. Since we now know there have been 2 of them, at least one is not dead. Look at the strange handshake when they met. It was combined with bumping into each other, not how handshakes are usually done, so I take that as a clue. Then the writers put Kirkland in Red Dawn. To show that the story was about to wind down and here is the guy we should start looking at? We have had Jane/Kirkland eps that show how alike they are: childhood abuse (leading one to serial killing), severe emotional trauma, willing to torture and kill (tho for different reasons), driven to seek revenge at all costs, etc., etc. If Kirkland (either one) is RJ, we have seen all the back story we need to say, "Of course!" It's the only believable scenario as far as I can tell.


I think the three with the dots are members of tiger, tiger. I can't figure out if they also have ties with Red John. So I think one of the guys without the dots is Red John. Jane left Lisbon on the beach to protect her. I can't wait to see the next episode.


Question for those of you who have followed 'The Mentalist' from the beginning: will you feel cheated if Red John turns out to be Smith or McAllister? Smith, of course, didn't make an appearance on the show until the fifth season; while McAllister, until this season, had been absent since the second episode of the first season. In other words: two individuals who essentially have been non-entities for the vast majority of the series might turn out to be the show's central villain. My thought is that if the clues provided provided in earlier seasons, especially seasons 1-4, fit either suspect, it works for one of them to be Red John, but if they don't (and some of them certainly do not), then Heller et al. have plenty of 'splainin to do. When productions ceases on 'The Mentalist' -- and, alas, the time may well be nigh -- it would be fascinating to hear a candid interview from Heller on just when Red John's (final) identity was penciled in and what factors went into determining it. (What did the series creator know and when did he know it?)


3. Both.
5. The tattoo might be Tyger Tyger and therefore RJ doesn't have the tattoo but we don't have enough info to determine anything.


I hate to do this to the shippers (and I am one, tho very patient about letting it play out), but Jane's remark that Lisbon has been in law enforcement for 20 years puts her out of any baby making scenarios some shippers love. She as to be over 40 by now. And we still have those 2 years of Jane in S. America to add to this. Other than that, I loved the sunset scene and Jane's psyching himself up for the confrontation to come. The scene where he took one last look at the room where he had found the bodies of his wife and child was heartbreaking. Simon Baker is such a wonderful actor!

North coast
@ rationalgal

Maybe I can give you all some words of comfort. I had two children after the age of 40; indeed, I was 44 when my youngest was born. And yes, most of her friends think I am her grandmother, but I deal. I have less energy than younger moms, but perhaps a bit more wisdom. Well, at least a bit of perspective! I'm sure Lisbon and Jane would be great parents.

@ rationalgal

Hahaha! You need to try a very short one-shot written by clairebare called Late Notice. It's a hoot and takes on this age and Jisbaby thing.

Angie lavoie
@ Entwife

Jisbaby thing! *cracking up* :-D

Angie lavoie
@ rationalgal

Yes, rationalgal, it's getting a bit tight with that baby thing, eh? Oh well, they can always adopt if they really want to - and IF they ever get together! :-)
My favorite scene was also the one at the house. Jane going up to the room with the smiley to re-motivate himself. My favorite moment was when McAllister pulled down his shirt and Jane whipped around, shotgun ready, with that predatory look on his face. Pure blood lust! Awesome acting, Mr. Baker.
Stiles: Not sure. He's a great con man himself, so could be faking his dying... Sunset: You guys said it all already. RJ: Still no clue. :-)

@ bonaduz

That was a fabulous scene, @bonaduz. All without a word. The guy is phenomenal! And he's managed the same thing with one word in the sneak peek for 607 The Great Red Dragon. Wow, what a gift, that sneak peek, I loved it. And Tunny did the same thing with two words. I'm really thinking Jane is in big trouble with Lisbon, even if only briefly! I hope she gets him back on her own usually physical Lisbony way!

Angie lavoie
@ Entwife

I just watched that sneak peak! Oh my, was I thinking of you (watery Lisbon eyes...) LOL! Wonderful scene - can't wait.


Excellent round table. Enjoyable as always. Still no idea on RJ's identity. Loved Jane at his house preparing to confront RJ. Adored the sunset scene too. Would like Stiles to be around to haunt the TM world after Jane returns from SA but fear he really is dying -- in a timeframe convenient to the end of the RJ plot. As for the blasts, beyond thinking they are RJ's doing, I have no idea. The gunshot might have been one of the guys on the couch grabbing a gun from the floor. Lastly, I think Jane was motivated by both things when he ditched Lisbon. He did it to protect her life, limb and reputation, to prevent her from compromising her principles and also to ensure he could go through with what he felt, still feels, he must do. But he meant what he said to her. 100%. And, WOW, that 6.07 sneak peek pretty much gives us confirmation on that, don't you think?

@ katempw

oh yes, the sneak peek is definite confirmation of Jane's feelings. That little smile, such relief conveyed with so little effort. wow. And it looked totally reciprocated to me :)

Angie lavoie

Hey guys! Ahhhh, what an episode, eh? So much to talk about.
One thing I noticed about the explosion: Jane texted the 5 suspects the meeting point at his house in Malibu, when he was still in Sacramento! It gave RJ enough time to rush ahead (if he's that powerful - or rich - he could fly with a helicopter or plane) and plant the bomb. It would have taken Jane and Lisbon approximately 6 1/2 to 7 hours to get there. Plenty of time for RJ!

@ bonaduz

I thought about that, too. I thought it was only a three hour drive. But 7. He should have been at the house when he made those texts. Then he might have actually caught RJ!

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The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 6 Quotes

I'm not sure who I can trust. I'm not even sure I can trust you.


Lisbon: Jane, you do this and you're throwing your life away.
Jane: Bye Lisbon.