The Mentalist Round Table: "The Great Red Dragon"

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Tyger Tyger never burned brighter than it did in "The Great Red Dragon," as its members scrambled to cover their tracks.

In this edition of the Round Table, TV Fanatic Christine Orlando is joined by The Mentalist fans Feint, @JisbonProductions from Twitter and Foresti Purge to debate who's dead, who's alive and who is Red John after watching The Mentalist Season 6, Episode 7.


Is Gale Bertram Red John?

Feint: I don't think Gale Bertram is Red John. He has what it takes but he's not Red John. Even the Cordero guy seems more suspicious at this point. There's gonna be a twist for sure. At this point, Bertram is the safe bet but I'd put my money on Stiles after all.

@JisbonProductions:  We don’t think so. First of all, it would be way too obvious. They tried to make him look suspicious for a while now and this was the cherry on top. He is a very dangerous man and we have no doubt that he is a big boss in the organization, but Red John? No. Secondly, his voice doesn’t really fit to Red John’s voice (although that could be a trick) and he doesn’t really look like the man Rosalind described. We believe we’ll learn who Red John is in the next Episode – with a Big Bang.

Foresti Purge: Red John is McAllister. I've said it before and I'll say it again. They want us to think it's Bertram, but it's McAllister. More to the point, pay a very close attention to the flashback of Rebecca's murder. See that man who killed her? Yeah.

Christine: I'd actually love it if it were Bertram. He's certainly arrogant and cold blooded enough. He took out that bartender without a second thought. But I'm afraid that's just too obvious. I like Foresti's theory about it being McAllister but we'll have to wait until Sunday for the big reveal.

The Mentalist Round Table 1-27-15

Do you believe that Bret Stiles, Ray Haffner and Sheriff McAllister are really dead?

Feint: It's hard to say. Cho said they're all dead and their DNA was all over the place. I just can't believe Stiles would end up dead like that. Also, why were they burnt to crisp and the others were practically unhurt? And what about the gunshot?

@JisbonProductions: Not really. Stiles and Haffner COULD be dead, but McAllister? He was standing behind Bertram, Smith and Jane and the three of them survived without severe injuries. Why would McAllister die? This does not make sense... if the other two are dead, the bomb must have been located closer to them, so it would not make sense if he – the one who was the furthest away – had died. Also, we didn’t get to see any dead bodies (very clever of the crew ;) ), so it’s possible no suspect died at all.

Foresti Purge:  McAllister is alive. Come on, these folks can cover up anything. As to Haffner and Stiles, I have no answer. These two are Visualize, of which Red John was once a member. Maybe they're alive; maybe not; I won't mind either way. But McAllister is alive.

Christine: As mentioned above, McAllister was standing with Smith, Bertram and Jane, so why would he be dead? And the fact that the bodies were charred beyond recognition is highly suspicious. A Tyger, Tyger lab tech could have easily doctored the DNA results. I can't wait until one of the "dead men" shows up alive…and missing a foot.

Why does Jane go to the church?

Feint: That is a very good question. It's the only thing I didn't understand at all. For once, we had an episode full of answers, but this one just doesn't fit. Is he letting go of his lack of faith? This looks like a place for the final showdown, is he planting something there?

@JisbonProductions:  This is a very good question and difficult to answer. We believe that Jane hit the rock bottom. He lost his home for the second time after his family died – now forever – and he does not really know where the suspect(s) are now. Also, we think it would make sense that he knew that the FBI would shut down the CBI (we know Jane doesn’t do anything without thinking about it and the press statement was his idea – he must have known it would have consequences and this situation reminds us of the one in 4x24), so it’s possible he’s feeling guilty because the team lost their jobs because of him. Maybe he thought of Teresa – she sought protection and answers in the church that time. But it’s hard to find an answer...

Foresti Purge:  He's working out his next step. He always has been. Whoever thinks he's letting go must never have seen Season 4 finale.

Christine:  I'm sure he has some sort of plan, I just have no idea what it is. And a question for the fans out there, Is that the same church where he met Teresa in "The Crimson Hat" The Mentalist Season 4, Episode 24?

Were the powers that be right to close down the CBI? What do you think it will mean for our team?

Feint:  The FBI closing down the CBI was quite unexpected at this point. It might be the work of The Blake Association and Bertram and it's probably setting up the new storylines for the post-Red John The Mentalist.

@JisbonProductions: You can understand why they are suspicious about the CBI now –they all believe that their boss is Red John, so you can assume he has lots of accomplices in “his” organization and the easiest way to get control over them and check them out is to close the whole CBI down. But it had a very bitter taste because you know how powerful the Blake Association is – it was like they were trying to get to all the evidence before “the worst” (catching Red John) could happen. Also, there are accomplices in the FBI and other law enforcement-organizations as well. They should check this out, too.
We believe that the team will continue their fight to find Red John, but in the end, they will have to get new jobs... :/
Foresti Purge: They were right. The place is just too corrupt to function already. And our team will break up for real this time.

Christine: They were completely right to shut down the CBI. At this point it can't be trusted. Hopefully bringing in agents from another state will be good enough to weed out The Blake Associates but there's no way to tell. Unfortunately this may be the beginning of the end for our team.

What was your favorite scene?

Feint:  I loved Jane making faces when Cho was asking questions from the arrested police officer. I also loved Smith breaking down and revealing so many things. And I was very happy they at least covered one important plot hole there, although many more remain.

@JisbonProductions:  The last scene with Jane in the church – because you have to think about it, you don’t know why this is happening, what made Jane go to the church even though he says he doesn’t believe. And without a single word spoken, it was very intense. This is what a good scene should be like. But we also liked the scene in which Jane woke up and was greeted by Lisbon.

Foresti Purge: I've got two: when Bertram stabs that bartender, and when he escapes the SWAT cordon. I was amazed. This guy everybody in fandom makes light of, he turns out to be a hard, stone-cold killer, as crafty as Jane himself. But Red John is still McAllister.

Christine: The entire episode was great but I think I liked Jane playing the human lie detector with the cop and then his interrogation of Reede Smith the best. Especially when Smith wanted immunity and Jane told him to get up off his ass and walk out the door. See how far he'd get. Jane wasn't playing around and it was such fun to watch.

C. Orlando is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow her on Twitter.


My money's on Wayne Rigsby. After all, who'd suspect HIM? And Grace quits to get away and heal.


The show and the writing are sloppy. Additionally, the Red John story arc is just so slow with potentiality anticlimax resolution? Honestly will shooting Red John in the face a couple of million times allow the viewer the emotional closure that the fans need? Fans want facts and not just that the DNA test were performed but where was the oversight team? Jane is vigilante that has never grown past his pain in 10 years and the CBI team were simply enablers. Ends the Arc and the show,

@ Just Nebtal

and you can choose anytime to change the channel.It's called freedom.


Red John is Mcallister how did he die when he was standing next to bertram 'smith and was standing infront of jane . I believe he planted the bomb on the couch where he was sitting right next to Stiles & Haffner. Red John's voice is not a clue the actor Xander Berkeley knows how to change his voice


I checked out the church. It's not the same as Season 4, episode 24's church!


1. Bertram is not RJ. Acts more like a 1st lieutenant bent on protecting his boss. Destroyed his cell phone so calls to RJ could not be traced. 2. Whose dead? Best bet is Haffner, maybe McCallister. Stiles definitely not. Knows too much about RJ and is needed to answer many questions as well as to get himself and Jane to Ecuador. Jane knows what happened in that house and is not telling because it involves his plan to kill RJ. 3. Church scene the best! Jane is luring RJ to him with the ultimate signal of defeat and submission - an atheist kneeling in church, the picture of dejection. Catnip for RJ. 4. Couch and cup scene symbolized the developing break in the entire story line. Everything will be different now.


I think almost identically to Foresti Purge.
1) Bertram is so NOT Red John. I couldn't buy it when I was watching, can't buy it now. McAllister is Red John, and I think he's a good choice, I've said for a while he's shown plenty to qualify.
2) McAllister is certainly alive, it may have been he who arranged the bomb. Stiles and Haffner are probably dead. Unless McAllister rigged something for Stiles or both--remember, Red John is also connected to Visualize and in no small way to Stiles, me thinks. But all 3 faked dead would be laying it on a bit thick really.
3) Jane goes to the church to meet Red John. No conversion involved.
4) Favorite scenes all involved Reede Smith, interestingly. I just loved the claustrophobia and paranoia and constant double-crossing, I really felt for all the CBI team in the middle of it. And Cho staring down the head of the FBI ; )


I liked what I read above!
I am not going got repeat what I thought about dead/alive/RJ thing. but I have so many questions about the explosion and its outcome...


1. No. Foreshadowed to be Blake Association in Season 3 Episode 16 though.
2. They're not all dead.
4. Yes even though it's tv quick .

Angie lavoie

Hey guys - great round table again. Looove Christine's: 'missing foot' remark! :-)
1) I also don't think that GB is RJ. Would RJ sneek into a hospital room and kill his arch nemesis willy-nilly and in secret, without making a big show out of it? Naahaa!
2) Not McAllister - as for all the already mentioned reasons. Haffner and Stiles? Don't know.
3) The church: I had the impression that Jane went to a traditionally 'safe' place, expecting he was followed by either RJ himself or a minion. His kneeling in the pew I saw as a demonstration to the watcher that he was really letting go, being submissive and even giving up on his atheistic views - all to lull his nemesis into false security.
4) I think it was about time, that the FBI sent in agents from out of state and took control of the clearly getting out of control CBI.
5) I have to go with Entwife here, even though the tea cup hurt - a lot! LOL And the scene in the church. No words needed! Ohh, and have I mentioned the 'lie detector'? And Jane's: 'Then get off your ass and leave'? And VP, Cho and Rigsby in the storage room? And, and, and...


"I can't wait until one of the "dead men" shows up alive…and missing a foot." Hahahaha, Christine, good one. Summoning the poor half-footless dead!

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The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes

Do not trust anyone in law enforcement. Anyone at all.


Cho: They found the remains of three people. Positive remains of Bret Stiles, Ray Haffner, and Thomas McAllister.
Lisbon: Are you sure? I would have think Bret Stiles would survive a nuclear attack.