The Mindy Project Review: I Want Your Sext

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We caught up with Mindy this week, still hard at work on a Friday night.

Things at the practice have been so crazy, she didn't have time to worry about how she looked, which was unfortunate for her as she ran into Cliff and his date on the elevator.

An Uncomfortable Ride

At some point Mindy misplaced her purse. Like Batman without his utility belt, the physician was powerless without her phone and keys. Lucky for Danny, she invited herself to stay at his place.

I knew the relationship between Peter and Morgan was going to produce some great scenes and on The Mindy Project Season 2 Episode 8 we got just that.

You know that happened to me for real? Green Key Weekend, Junior year, I aspirated on my own vomit. Chris Farley appeared to me and said “It’s not your time yet.”


I like Mindy Kaling using Adam Pally's character to reference her alma mater Dartmouth. Even if most of his anecdotes are self-deprecating. Peter is smart enough to hold his own among the other doctors, but not above having a good time with Morgan, like we saw as they began texting Cliff.

At Danny's building, Mindy rescued her friend from his neighbor by pretending to be with him, but took it a few steps further in typical Mindy fashion.

Once upstairs, things got uncomfortable for Danny, while Mindy was feeling a little too relaxed and let out a couple farts. I couldn't help but feel for Danny, having misread Mindy's mention about her new crush, but I like the way the two aren't being thrust into a relationship too quickly.

Hopefully Mindy can get past Cliff and Heather hooking up because he did seem genuinely interested in her, even before the sexting began. It might take a couple episodes, but I'm confident they will be sending winky faces to each other for real at some point.


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I haven't laughed so hard watching a show in a long time. Morgan and Peter were awesome together. I love when Peter texted Cliff about wanting to be really clean for him and then said "Daddy likes." I loved the interaction between Mindy and Danny too, and her confessions. I do want to see them together eventually, but I want it to happen a long time down the road. I want it really dragged out, but even if they never get together I would be ok with it, because even as friends they have a great and funny dynamic. My fave episode thus far.


Great episode!
Horrible review... no details or mentions to the hilarious text convo between Morgan, Peter, and Cliff. The main focus of the episode was the texting and you didn't even mention it. Giving the episode five stars without providing a review that explains the hilariousness of the episode is pointless.
Horrible and Pointless.


I love this show, I laughed so hard when Mindy was sitting in bed with Danny and just confessing all sorts of things, especially about the farting! I love her relationship with Danny, but on a platonic level. She can be herself with him. I really wish Cliff would not have left with Heather. Even though the texts weren't from Mindy, he still felt how he felt! Oh well, I hope we get to see his relationship with Mindy developing soon. Morgan and Peter were point again. Love those two together!

Drea xoxo

I liked this episode!! so want danny and mindy!!! why won't they admit it!!! aghh writers!!


I just started watching The Mindy Project this season. I only tuned because I had to are James Franco lol. I have watched every episode since. I can't get enough I even bought the first season DVD so I can get caught up. I love the Mindy and Danny storyline. I agree they shouldn't rush them into a relationship. I hate to say it but I think that's what is going wrong with New Girl this season. I wanted Nick and Jess together so badly. Now they are togethe I'm left with the " now what?" feeling. This was a great episode and a good tease with Mindy and Danny.


Definitely the best episode of the show so far! Really enjoyed this.


This is the best episode so far... I was having dinner and I almost choked on my food as I laughed so much, when Mindy slapped Danny for the second time.. Ha Ha and he couldn't do anything and she knew it. Oh Lordi! This is getting better and better.

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As a friend I gotta tell you, you look terrible.


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