The Originals Picture Preview: "Bloodletting"

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SPOILER ALERT: Tyler Lockwood will make his presence strongly felt this Tuesday on The Originals.

But while Michael Trevino dropped a few revealing teases regarding what we can expect from his character's crossover during a recent on-set Q&A, the following photos from the upcoming installment do NOT feature this werewolf in New Orleans.

Instead, this sneak peek at The Originals Season 1 Episode 7 focuses on Marvel, who will make an enticing offer to Rebekah and also on Klaus, who will be encountering his former foe on "Bloodletting."

Click through the photos now and prepare for a Tyler vs. Klaus showdown:

Making an Offer
Addressing the Crowd
Klaus & Elijah Work Together
An Unexpected Encounter

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What sort of logic is this?!?! Is Tyler coming to New Orleans with a white oak stake?! How is he planning on killing Klaus!? And did he forget that if he kills Klaus ALL OF THE VAMPIRES IN MYSTIC FALLS WILL DIE INCLUDING HIMSELF AND CAROLINE?!?! Personally I think the writers just forgot that little piece of information


Really Marvel??? It's Marcel!!! Do you not edit your work before uploading it?


If the originals could die like any other vampire then I would be excited for Tyler's arrival but they can't be killed meaning no real threat.


Tyler's brother, dad and love interest?
Klau's mom?

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The Originals Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Klaus: You seem quite determined to find the little wolf.
Elijah: If I'm moving too fast for you, Niklaus, you're welcome to wait in the car.

Klaus: You do realize they can hear you.
Elijah: You do realize I don't care.