The Tomorrow People Review: Around and Around We Go

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Oh, show, why do you mess with my feelings so?

I tried not to get angry over the fact that Stephen and Cara slept together at the end of The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 6 - despite everything inside me screaming otherwise. I thought that maybe their connection made them a couple that was meant to be and perhaps John was just a stop for Cara on her way to true love.

I tried to be nice, but then The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 7 took all that and threw it away. 

The odd thing is that I really want John and Cara to be a couple. So, why am I miffed after this week's installment? Because I know that this means we are in for a lot of back-and-forth between Cara and Stephen and I wish they would've just gotten it all over with last Wednesday.

That I could deal with. This? Not so much. 

Not Such Fun

Other than being snippy about the Cara/Stephen/John situation, this was an okay episode. But Astrid had it right when she said that Stephen's behavior felt like something out of an 80's movie.

Up until now, I had let myself forget that Stephen is a high school student. But I remembered that fact when we went off into this other story that was about a kid with super powers using them to play basketball and get in with the cool kids. Wait, what show am I watching again?

Looks like somebody's been a very bad boy.


Blessedly, Stephen got all of that crap out of his system and at least some of the episode was spent on more important tasks, such as capturing a paranormal who also happened to be a rapist. That whole storyline actually had me quite intrigued. I had it in my mind that paranormals couldn't do something like that because of the whole can't-kill thing, but I guess not. Mr. Creepy had no trouble at all hurting women and it makes me wonder how many more there are out there like him. 

Our powers don't make us good, they just make us more powerful. How we use them is up to us.


Another part of the story that was at least a little interesting after all the love triangle drama was Stephen's father coming to him when he was dying.

At first I thought that meant that Stephen's dad was dead. I mean don't you usually see your dead loved ones when you are dying?, but I digress.

So Stephen's father is alive and now he's given his son a cryptic message. I have no clue what that message means, but I really hope that it means that a Daddy/Uncle showdown is coming because that is something that I am dying to see. Because right now, Jedekiah is my second favorite character on this show, after John of course. 

You can't choose your destiny. You can only fulfill it or fail it.


I know I just spent most of this review griping about this episode, but I did actually have a few favorite bits so here they are.

My favorite bits:

  • Stephen getting caught in the hotel room by the old couple. Oops. 
  • Stephen listening in on a schoolmate and learning the guy though he had crabs. Awkward but also kind of hilarious. 
  • John in the stands at the game, eating popcorn and enjoying the heck out of himself. 
  • Cara jumping in and breaking up the fight, like a boss. 
  • Cara realizing that Stephen was communicating, even with the suppression cuff on. 
  • John not hesitating to save Stephen's life. So glad he didn't let their conflict interfere with his instinct. 


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Cara's cheating with Stephen was the worst plot introduced into this series. I was enjoying the storylines until that episode and have not been able to watch the show after that. It was a real put-off for me..... anything than that PLEASE!


After watching five episodes of this show I stopped. Their powers make no sense. They can teleport to places they have never before seen. Stephen can stop time?!? The girls always beat down the boys (ho-hum!) and no matter how badly cara behaves it's somehow Jonn who is at fault?!? How sexist is that? Seen this stuff before waaay too many times and it's just not entertaining. Please cancel the show.


I love this show but this episode made me hate Cara. I can't stand that woman. She goes from sleeping with Stephen, to telling John she can t stomach the thought of loosing him(John), to treating Stephen like crap to telling John she has a connection/feelings to/for Stephen.


We need some gay action to spice things up.


I thought this was a pretty good episode. I don't see the problem with him using his powers to have a little fun. He's still a kid in high school, and he was taking time off from Ultra, so he might as well have some fun. I was also confused about the bit with his dad, How is he so sure he's alive? I mean, for the interest of the show, I'm sure he is. But how could he know that? I don't get the appeal of Astrid. For one, she's the one who told him to use his powers for fun. I don't think he was doing anything that insane. And two, she's just not a great actress. And I don't think they'd be good together. There's zero chemistry there. I wish they'd bring someone else on for him, because yeah I prefer Cara with John as well. They're great together. So here's to hoping they bring on a new girl for Stephen.


Good episode. I'm glad they didn't drag out telling John that Stephen and Cara slept together. I'm glad that Cara told John and she didn't keep it from him to long and it took her 2 days but it was because she didn't want to hurt him not because she wanted to keep it from him. I believe that Cara does love John but she may not be in love with him anymore because she also loves Stephen. The bad guy of this episode was cool and it actually sucked that they can't kill because I would have loved Cara to stick that pipe through him. When we saw Stephens dad I thought he must be dead because Stephen is there to and he's dying and his dad told him to go back to not come to him which something you would here from someone that's dead and is telling the other person to go back to their body because its not their time yet. It was nice seeing Stephen have some fun with his powers because he is just a teenager. Can't wait till the next episode. It looks really good.


I was (and still am) completely put off on Caras behavior. I beg them not to make "we had sex" explanation for why they were able to connect even though Stephen had the suppressor attached. Cara appears to use her beauty to control the men. This show will go down hill quickly if they make Cara's sexual manipulations the main story.

Spindae 2o

I love Robbie he really has great TV presence but the cheating was to soon to happen. I get him following his feelings cause he is 18 and honestly just a kid. But Cara played completely out of character and yes she probably has great feelings about him but she wouldn't act on it this soon and this easy. John was a squirty little bitch today, but him messing with the game was nice.
Still I love this people aren't Heroes per say they are honestly just struggling with having these powers like ordinary people.
The Villian story overall was nice and had some nice twists. Maybe a look out were the story will held when all the drama ends.
do we have to wait to season finale for Astrid and Luka's breakout?
NEXT episode looks promising. . .


Cara is ruining this show.she has to go.viewers will only take so im done.this is a disappointment considering this show started off so well. At least I have the originals, reign, and almost human.not to mention awesome creepy ravenswood!

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The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Our powers don't make us good, they just make us more powerful. How we use them is up to us.


John: What now?
Cara: I'm not sure.