The Tomorrow People Review: Many Secrets Are Revealed

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A lot of secrets were revealed in The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 5.

Some of those were revealed on purpose, while others were given up a little more reluctantly. All of them came with consequences, though.

Stephen's In Trouble

Once again, we saw how John was struggling to keep his people safe, while Cara wanted to let them live. I have a feeling this is going to be a continuing theme between these two and something tells me that it's not ever going to end well.

John thought all along that it was a bad idea for them to go out and party and boy was he ever right. Conversely, Cara did have a point too. After all, what is the use of them surviving down in that hole if they can't live a little?

When the party went to crap, it led to the first important secret when John was forced to kill someone in order to save Cara and his other friends' lives. That was a huge thing for her to discover and I have to wonder how this is going to affect their relationship from here on out.

Cara claimed that it wasn't really about him being a part of the Annex project and more about him keeping a secret, but doubt she'll be able to look at him the same way again. Does this mean that the sparks between Cara and Stephen may end up leading to something? Time will tell.

The second secret was Kurt's, which did not end well for him at all. I couldn't blame the guy for wanting to go home, but it sure did lead to heaps of trouble for everyone. That being said, I wasn't expecting Cara to lash out at him the way that she did.

Was Cara still stinging from the recent revelation about her boyfriend and wanting to prove that she could be tough, too? Or was this a side of her that's always been there and we just haven't seen yet? Either way, she might have more in common with John than she realizes.

The final secret was Stephen letting Astrid in on his crazy world. I new that this was going to happen eventually and frankly I'm happy that he's going to have someone in the human world that he can talk to about this stuff. Also, it will probably be very helpful to have Astrid there to help back up his lies and cover for him when he disappears.

I'm sure it will also inevitably lead to her getting herself into danger and needing to be rescued, but what else is a human friend there for in a show like this? Frankly I'd be more surprised if she didn't end up in some bad guy's lair at some point.

Overall, I'm still enjoying this show and really liked the character developments that we saw in this episode.

My favorite bits:

  • Finding out that John and Cara used to teleport into places just for fun.
  • Stephen nearly getting caught teleporting the serum into his hand.
  • Russell grumbling when Cara promised John that he would behave himself.
  • Everyone's reaction when Cara offered to jaunt John for the opportunity to go to the party.
  • Stephen telling John that he needed to figure out how to be a leader without blaming him for his problems.
  • Russell acting as announcer for the fight. Of course it was Russell.
  • The fight going from boring to awesome in about two seconds flat. And no, that's not because of the shirtlessness of John. Okay, so it wasn't only because of that.
  • Cara kicking John's butt.
  • Russell and Cara going over the rules for attending human parties. 
  • Jedikiah telling Stephen to just be honest and he would be fine. Yeah, right.
  • Oh, Stephen and Cara with the flirting. Sigh.
  • The many colorful comments Russell made when Irene was dancing.
  • John in the suit. That is all/
  • Poor John and Cara having to interrupt their partying to go watch over the "kids."
  • John discovering the D chips. Uh oh.
  • Stephen realizing that Jedikiah had taken him to the party to trap all of his friends.
  • Stephen getting his powers to work, despite the D chips. Nice!
  • The John/Jedikah stare down.
  • Cara realizing that John could kill.
  • Cara telling John it wasn't what the secret was, it was that she kept it from him.
  • Kurt admitting that he was the one who went to Ultra.
  • Cara stabbing Kurt with the serum. Whoa, I definitely wasn't expecting that.
  • Stephen jumping with Astrid. I know he's going to get in trouble, but I was happy he let his best friend in on his secret.


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Honestly, this show is kinda corny. First, why does the girl always win the fight. OMG, give me a break. They walked into a trap, and there were humans there with silenced guns shooting at them, with murder in their hearts. WTH, why aren't they following these human killers and taking them out, one at a time. They know where they are, what's the problem. Like I said, corny.


This was a really good episode. I'm glad Cara knows John's secret and I can't wait to see how that play's out with the rest of the show and with their relationship because of course it's going to be strained. I'm glad Stephen told Astrid the truth. I've been waiting for that since the first episode because he needs someone to talk to besides the Tomorrow People. By the look on her face at the end of the episode she seems cool with it and that it's really cool what he can do not like he's some freak because she was smiling. I want to know what the voice saw in Stephens memories and I want to know who that was. Can't wait till the next episode it looks really good.


This was a solid episode, making me try to guess what was going to happen next. I was wrong quite a few times. That's what I like about the show. It's surprising. I think Cara injecting Kurt with the serum was the most surprising though. It's hard to see if Stephen is going to end up with Cara or Astrid. I guess we'll have to wait and see.


I was shocked with the shooting in the club. They really should have checked the place out before they went. I am glad stephen's friend know. Hopefully she has more to do on the the show. John's secret he should tell her it was the reason he left ultra


Who was the actress that played Irene, have seen her in other stuff but can't place her name

@ steve

Laura Slade Wiggins. She plays Karen Jackson, on the U.S. Remake of Shameless.

@ Dex

Cheers Dex that's were I have seen her from lol

Spindae 2o

It was a solid episode. Will be interesting to see how Astrid will handle this revelation and how Ultra will manipulate her?
The Cara-John interaction is working really well. But seems like they are pretty damaged and can´t let their guard down. It´s really odd how Intimidated John is by Stephen.
The omnious voice is probably Stephen´s Dad watching over everything. Hopefully the writing will keep up the level.


i have a feeling the disembodied voice was his dad

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The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

John, what's the point of surviving if we don't get to really live?


Astrid: What happened to your face?
Stephen: A girl punched me.
Astrid: Wow, she beat me to it.