The Vampire Diaries Review: Anchor... Away!

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I'm not sure if that was the best installment of The Vampire Diaries. (It wasn't.)

I'm not sure if it was the most coherent. (It definitely wasn't.)

But one thing is certain about The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 6: It was the funniest!

The Bad (?) Doctor

From references to a supernatural Madonna… to Snooki's backyard… to knock-knock jokes about dead mayors… to Paul Wesley's awesome hair... to Jeremy acting like Pocahontas, the writers clearly turned up the humor this week.

Which made for a nice distraction from an hour that was crazier than the doppleganger who showed up toward the tail end of it.

Hey, Katherine is growing old! Look, new travelers are going after Damon's daylight ring! Look over there, Stefan can cook! Wait, there's a secret society?!? And it has its own vampire?!? And he killed Megan?

And Amara is back! Because she was never really dead! But now she wants to be dead and our heroes have to protect her because she holds the key to destroying The Other Side and resurrecting Bonnie!

And people actually put pineapples on pizza?!?

I've gotta imagine Julie Plec and company were aware that this was an especially whirlwind episode with a number of new, head-scratching developments. Hence why they ironically kicked it off with Elena saying how much she enjoys the quiet, peaceful stillness.

That never lasts for more than an hour in Mystic Falls. But it disappeared faster here than any buffet item placed in front of Katherine.

It's all too much at the moment. The Vampire Diaries Season 5 is too all over the place. There are three Elena dopplegangers... we're now going on our second version of Stefan, not counting Silas... travelers are just popping up at random times (and one remains inside Matt, remember)... the biggest shocker in an episode is that Amara - a character in which we have zero emotional attachment or investment - is actually alive.

Yes, we all love The Vampire Diaries because it's totally insane and crazy. But it's possible to be too insane and overly crazy.

The series isn't really about relationships at the moment - except for that of Jeremy and Bonnie and, I'm sorry, but does anyone care about those two? Anyone at all? - which is what truly made it great all along.

Above and beyond the nuttiness, there was that brotherly bond. There was Elena battling her feelings for Stefan and Damon. There was Alaric growing to become a father figure. And Caroline finding her confidence as a vampire, while her friendships with Elena and Bonnie ebbed and flowed.

And Matt even got pretty close to a few patrons at the Grill, didn't he?

But now? It's just one out there twist after another, with many of them having little to do with our core characters. I stole the following point from Daniel Gillies, but think about it:

The Vampire Diaries is reactive, with characters actually wanting to live a life of peace (right, Elena?) but being drawn into situations by outside forces.

The Originals is proactive, with Klaus and company devising their own schemes each week and playing this constant game of very violent chess. And that goes a long way toward explaining why the latter is far more fascinating at the moment. It's a fun game in which all the players are trying to win.

TVD feels like a game in which the rules are being made up as we go and the players are being dragged to various sides against their will.

All that said... I am very much into The Augustine and its affiliated vampire. There seem to be rich possibilities to that storyline. I'd like to be done with Silas and Amara and that confounding mess, however, and I'd really like the fate of Bonnie to be decided prior to 2014.

What did everyone else think? Was this episode too all over the place or are you enjoying the ever-changing dynamics? And let's do a Season 5 check-in: How does it rank at the moment compare to The Vampire Diaries Season 4?


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More doppelgangers? Why can't those people hire more New actors instead of recycling the old ones? That Aaron dude seems ok... for now.

Sarah silva

I love Damon more and more each week! Never thought I would but I do! Ian Somerhalder sure is a hot and I think he too gets better looking each week. When the series started it was the opposite for me I thought Paul Wesley was better looking and while I still do like him I am finding my self liking Ian more.
Anyways on to this episode. I actually really liked it.
I do not think we have a second version of Stefan, I think the old Stefan is back as he now has his memories, unless Tessa only gave him back certain ones.
My favorite scene though was when Stefan told Elena not to worry that he would not let Tessa kill her! I knew the whole time that Stefan as playing along with Tessa and would save Elena.
I have never been disappointed with this show and I think it is just as good as season 4.
This is one time I really liked Katherine.
At this time is seems like Caroline and Katherine/Elena have a leg up on Wes.
So Nina will have to play 3 characters for awhile. I am sure it will not be for too long as I am confident that Bonnie will be brought back to life before November sweeps is over.


WTF is Matt talking about. This episode was good.


Ohh my more dopplegangers? I cant take them anymore!! the more they throw the more confusing the stories will get. THis season is getting lame and pathetic. But Is odd as many of the CW shows lately (not all) this season are getting lame as well. Beauty and the Beast are getting lame, now TVD as well I guess the only one I like so far is Arrow


When they introduced yet another Elena I just rolled my eyes. How many of these are they going to subject us to? That was such a yawn. By the way Anna, Amara did NOT kill Silas. Were you watching? I'm guessing you're about 12 years old because why else would you think this is compelling television? This was just such a silling episode....once again they are dragging out getting rid of the 'big bad'. They drag these things out WAY to long on this show.


I loved that episode so imagine my suprise when i saw the rating.2.3?Totally unfair! Amara is back.She killed Silas.Stefan remembers.Katherine is aging quickly.The Augustine vampires.This is more story and development that other shows have in entire seasons.


The storyline (if it can even be called a storyline) is all over the place, the one line jokes are so lame and all these doppelgangers.......
There are some aspects that are interesting like this Augustine society at the college and I was genuinely suprised when Amara ended up being the anchor. But other than that, all the characters seem so weak and they lack any real emotion or logic behind their behavior/actions, mostly because the dialog is awful. Damon has become so boring & predictable now that he is whipped on Elena. The dialog between Bonnie & Jeremy.. do I need to say more? And I shake my head everytime Tessa opens her mouth. Silas is mildly amusing and Stephan is bearable. Katherine is the only relatable & interesting character on the show atm. The flashbacks from season 1 & 2 this episode were just a reminder of how far the show has fallen.. How did they manage to **** it up so badly? I pray it gets better..


best episode


Triple the Nina Dobrev!! I Love this show more and more!

@ Mike

Oh brother


First off, how did Katherine survive exactly? Didnt Silas need every last drop. And still she lived last episode, and we're not givin any explantion as to how? Even if Silas didnt drain her completly, she, as a human, would still have died from loss of blood right?
Second, is Silas dead now or not? I'm confused. And it struck me a bit as a lame plot to have Amara kill (?) Silas that quickly. She said "I can't live another day", but wasn't she sorta unconcious for the last 2000y? And you see your one true love again and first instinct is to kill him?
Also not realtistic was seeing Caroline and Katherine team up, but atleast that turned out quite fun so I'll let it slide.
all in all, there was a whole bunch of nothing for me. Lots of running around and plans falling apart.

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The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Elena: You're kind of evil. No offense.
Silas: None taken.

Quiet, still, peaceful. I like our life like this.