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I don't think the episode was quite as bad as the reviewer, but I agree on wanting the Silas/Amara shit to be over with. The Augustine storyline seems more interesting to me. I was okay with Elena/Katherine, but there are SO MANY FUCKING DOPPLEGANGERS NOW.


It was pretty good to me Matt... Keep up!!!! :)


i am sure that augustine vampire is elena's father. just watch and see

@ fa

Oh I'm sure there's a twist there, being her father is too obvious. What if it's her mother?
All in all it was a good episode, even if not the best this season, but the funniest without question.
Actually I don't find this season too confusing, But I'm patient by nature, I don't get bored or offended if they don't explain everything at once. So far they haven't let me down, I trust the writers will blow my mind again.
I also enjoy the doppelgänger storyline, I could watch Nina Dobrev playing with herself all day (oops, this came out wrong...)

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