The Vampire Diaries Review: Love Prevails?

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As Tom Hanks told Private Ryan after saving him oh so many years: earn it, Bonnie Bennett. You better earn this second chance at life.

Following a number of wayward Vampire Diaries Season 5 episodes - full of crazy plots twist, dopplegangers pouring out of Damon's ears and, okay, some really hilarious Silas lines - the show finally put one storyline to rest this week.

By putting three bodies in the ground.

Silas is dead. Amara is dead. Tessa is dead. And Bonnie is (sort of) alive. It took a long, meandering time to arrive at this place, with the latest run of episodes bogged down by side characters and crazily complicated backstories. So allow me to reiterte:

You best make this worth our while, Bonnie.

Tessa on TVD

If it's possible for an hour to feature a trio of deaths and one long-awaited resurrection, and yet conclude without feeling like much was really accomplished, The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 7 pulled it off well.

Because that really is all that went down this week: two characters killed themselves, one because she was sick of living and the other because she's crazy in love, and Stefan finally got his revenge against Silas.

Granted, it was definitely nice to get some insight into all Stefan went through while trapped in that safe and it was definitely moving when he admitted he wanted to see both Elena and Damon's faces when the door was finally. I complained in my review of The Vampire Diaries Season Episode 6 that the series has gotten away from character development, so I do need to note the focus here on Stefan's inner turmoil.

That said... those three are goners and Bonnie is now the anchor for The Other Side.

Someone could easily have not watched this installment, be informed of those facts and be instantly caught up, ready to view The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 8.

Which is okay I guess. Especially when Damon is making references to crazy island dwellers and their volleyball pals and Silas is lamenting the price of gas. At least as the storylines have become more convoluted, The Vampire Diaries quotes have become funnier. A lot funnier.

But I didn't feel anything when Silas was saying goodbye to Amara... or when Amara stabbed herself... or when Tessa took her own life. And I simply felt relief when Bonnie was brought back, not any kind of joy. Did anyone doubt this would actually take place? And, sorry, but does anyone really care about Bonnie?

I'll wait to reserve judgment on what the consequences of her feeling all supernatural deaths will be, but I can't say it's the most exciting cliffhanger. Nor is Stefan collapsing due to his memories of being submerged in water for three months.

So let's not call this episode filler. Let's call it a house cleaning. The side characters that infused the series with some humor but who mostly overstayed their welcome are now gone. Bonnie is back. Stefan has regained his memories. Let's shift focus, shall we, Julie Plec?

Dr. Maxfield is involved in some intriguing stuff at Whitmore. And let's not forget that there's an entire person inside Matt. Those storylines have potential. Let's hone in on them and leave this Other Side mumbo jumbo alone for awhile.

What did everyone think of "Death and the Maiden?" Were you affected by any deaths? Did you shed any tears over Bonnie hugging Caroline and Elena? And a sitcom based around Damon's home life? Sold! What should it be titled?


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I liked Silas and his sense of humor. As for Stefan I'm sorry, but making him whining around is not the best way to make me like him.
Elena, why is she so annoying, maybe destiny is right, she and Stefan are so alike. Damon is more like Katherine.
As for Bonnie I like her, don't love but I like.

Spindae 2o

Making it to easy! I get the writers want to surprise us but seriously this was to easy.
Loved the Silas opening. Probably the best scene of the episode. Silas vs Tessa was a witch face off long needed. The show really dislikes the witches. Shame Paul won't dip into that Silas role again. But Stefan was neat as well long needed development. So honest, deep and not profoundly into Elena( what was a nice change). Really Paul was the highlight of the episode.
Katarina was great as always and Nadia was disturbingly awful. The treeway scene was neat.
Bonnie coming back was a good scene as well. But Tessa going through her to the other side was a good twist. Hopefully she gets some greater development. It isn't a wonder Amara was psycho. Tessa played out tremendously after all she just wanted Silas to love her.
Overall a good episode but pretty overdone and after a solid start of the Season this is not that great.


Oh, how I miss the days when Alaric was on the show and the writing was well... much much better. This season continues to disappoint. I'm sticking with it, but honestly, The Originals is by far and away the more interesting of the two shows, at this point,


I'll never like Bonnie as a character so seeing her return although she was never gone, is not exactly thrilling news. Thank GOD Amora is gone I could not take the Nina Dobrev monologue the show was becoming. Tessa is clearly delusional, I wonder if they'll show what happens on the other side with her and Silas (maybe desperation takes its toll on the other side and there could be a reunion). Overall, besides Bon Bon and the contrived destiny storyline, it was a decent episode. I still prefer The Originals.


Pretty much agree with everything. I literally have 0 emotional attachment to ANY of the characters atm. I feel like damon/elena/stefan could die in the next episode and I wouldn't even blink. This washing machine of story lines has made all the characters completely unrelatable to the audience. Now that the whole "other side" story is gone and bonnie is back, maybe we can finally have a storyline that is relative & exciting with character development and plot twists that are actually surprising to the audience?


I too felt relief that Bonnie is back even though I don't find her character and storyline all that interesting.
I have to say, I am going to miss Silas. I liked Silas. And of Amara, Katherine and Elena, I think I like Elena the least.

Ronald simkins

Let's just hope that Jeremy gets laid.


Relieved its all done with and ready to move on to new, more intriguing story lines like the Whitmore mystery and Matt- He's been absent a few eps now! Also with Bonnie being anchor to the Other Side it will hopefully give her character more meaty stories and not have her reduced to just a plot device whenever magic is needed.

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Damon: Of the Doppleganger variety.

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