The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "Monster's Ball"

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The Vampire Diaries threw a "Monster's Ball" last night, while also attempting to keep a number of storyline balls in the air.

There was a mysterious new student named Aaron... new light shed on Dr. Maxfield... the return of Tessa... a farewell to Tyler... and one mother of a bombshell dropped on Katherine.

That's a lot to breakdown. But Round Table panelists Matt Richenthal, Miranda Wicker, Dan Forcella and Leigh Raines are up to the task! Join them below for a discussion of The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 5...



What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: The concluding scene... or at least the few moments prior to it. I really thought Katherine was a goner! Finally! But I should have known better. No, Kat. You aren't in Hell. I am. Just die already!

Miranda: First Damon, now Katherine. What is happening to the bad guys on The Vampire Diaries season 5? Squishy-heart Katherine wins for me! She has a daughter! The callback to her return to Bulgaria to find her family after escaping from Klaus was great and Nadia as her direct descendent is such a nice touch since that was one of the only sympathetic moments the character had as a vampire.

Dan: This is probably the easiest that this question has ever been for me. Without a doubt it was when Tyler took that "step." I am so sick of him, specifically him and Caroline together, that I actually cheered when he walked away. I feel bad for Caroline, but she'll find somebody much better.

Leigh: I loved when Amnesia Stefan woke up, walked in and ratted Silas out to Tessa. He may have lost his memory, but not his balls! Good for you, Stefan, I'm sick of everyone taking advantage of you.

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Who wore the best costume?
Matt: N/A. They all sort of sucked. Take over planning in full next year, Caroline.

Miranda: Aaron. It's hard to beat a tuxedo shirt.

Dan: Had to be Stefan (and subsequently Silas). Having people think you're not wearing a costume only to actually be wearing James Dean is something to be proud of.

Leigh: I do love a good Cleopatra, but I'm gonna give props to Elena. It's about time she got a sort of morbid sense of humor and went as Anne Boleyn. She would've gotten double points if she did a bloody throat.

Did Tyler make the right call in walking away from Caroline?
Matt: In giving up a gorgeous, fun-loving, bubbly girlfriend who was all about romps in the sack and easy majors such as sociology? To go try and kill a hybrid who cannot be killed? Give me a few to ponder this question.... No, he did not make the right call.

Miranda: Yes, of course. Because he has to get back to New Orleans to protect Hayley and the magical miracle Mikaelson baby on The Originals.

Dan: Nope. Did you see her in the Bonnie outfit? What a sucker. Get out of her Tyler.

Leigh: I used to love Tyler but he's been a crappy boyfriend. He showed up for Bonnie's funeral but where has he been every other time? He made it clear: his hate for Klaus outweighs his love for Caroline right now. Besides, she's a freshman in college, she needs to sow those oats.

Dr. Maxfield: Good guy or bad guy?
Matt: I'm gonna say good. I think he's trying to figure out how to rid the world of vampires by experimenting on his self-made vampire. And, yes, this may portend something bad for some of our heroes and heroines - but that doesn't mean his intentions aren't noble.

Miranda: Undecided but leaning toward bad. He gets runner-up for most appropriate costume, though, considering he's playing mad scientist with a transitioning Jesse.

Dan: Oh, definitely bad. He may be charming, but he has bad guy written all over him.

Leigh: Maybe a watchful guardian, but he's keeping Jesse hostage as a science experiment. Like everyone else on this show, he probably balances good and bad.

Would you want Katherine as your mother?
Matt: Sure! I'd see so much of the world. I'd be so cultured. I'd learn how to kill in a variety of ways. I'd know different languages. I don't really see a downside.

Miranda: Only if we wore the same size shoe so we could share her $500 boots.

Dan: No, never as my mother, but I'd like to echo Miranda's thoughts on loving the squishy-heart side of Katherine. Any time you can take someone who has been that evil for so long and make the audience actually care about them - even for the quickest of moments - you're doing something right.

Leigh: Same. I'd wanna share shoes with her. Maybe if she taught me how to fight for my life and be a vampire. But most likely no.

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1. Nadia/Katherine Scene with the stake, that was great! KNEW IT!
2. Hated them all
3. No but Im glad he did, hate Tyler!
4. Shades of Grey anyone?
5. Yes! Think of all the places we could go! The clothes, the men lol


I loved Caroline w Tyler. But I hated the fact that he has been gone since last season only to leave again. He is gone for good?? I hate to say it but that might be better than him being gone all the time.


1. Stefan waking, pretending to still be dead and then snaping Damon's neck. I love self-respecting Stefan so much. I also liked everything that had to do with Katherine.
2. Boooring costumes.
3. Well, it was about time. this wasn't working anymore. The breakup scene was nicely acted though.
4. No way!


omg, you 4 deserve a medal. LOL, you didn't get the TC breakup at all. Klaus gives them PERMISSION to be together and you judge Tyler for not wanting to live like this? I've seen 18 year-olds on tumblr get this story better than you do. at least make an effort next time. Tyler broke everyone bone in his body for Caroline. He suggested to Klaus to be his slave again. in order to save Caroline. And you think she doesn't deserve him? what does she deserve then? the psychopath who stabs people if they don't do his bidding? *facepalm*
Tyler can't live a lie. Didn't you see the struggle on his face (damnit a little praise for the phenomenal acting between Candice and Trevino wouldn't hurt you either)?? He wanted to live Caroline's dream. He wanted to be there for her. But not on this terms. Not when everything still goes according to Klaus' plan ("I intend to be your last"!!!). He doesn't want Klaus to play god in his life. WOULD YOU WANT ANOTHER PERSON TO CONTROL YOUR LIFE LIKE THIS?


i don"t like tyler but i love caroline! she needs some one else. as far as dr maxfeild; we have been burned by professors before! the final scene was my favorite!


This episode it was full of surprises especially Nadia is katherine daughter waw I surprised very much and i remembered katherine crying when they took her daughter from her and they didn't let her seeing her face it was heartbreaking ,and seeing her after all this years it was intense.
I also surprised when damon kill kathreine ,(I can't believe she is dead right after knowing her daughter )I'd really sad and then oops she is not dead I was pleased.I think she back to becoming a vampire.
I am glad that caroline and tayler finally breaks up.
about Aron I think he is gonna have Elena attention because he had the same tragic life that she had.
And Dr.maxfield I think he is bad.


fav scene - the break up drama, Caroline looks so mature, no more high school girl, no more playing kids, I loved it. Candice did the great job in this episode


1. Katherine almost dying. I didn't want her to die, but a I wanted Damon's plan to succeed. How could Elena didn't stop Damon?
2. Damon, because HE IS A KING and that shirt...,
but if Elena's costume is any indication of how she will end this show, I am happy, she's a HORRIBLE GIRLFRIEND.
3. Yes, he's a horrible boyfriend.
4. Maybe, She can teach you one thing or two.

Spindae 2o

1. Fav scene- Katarina begging for Mercy. Who would've thought that. But it's the extreme Damon will go for to win Elena's heart by bringing back Bonnie. She couldn't be dead at a better moment.
2. Costume? - Bad boy Paul Wesley is Sexy and we all wanted to be/look like him.
3. Tyler? - He never makes the right call. I liked him in S2 and start of S3 but this last year and a half is just awful. I belive he can get great development on tuesdays but lets see.
4. dr. Killing me A Vamp? - Of cours bad. His motives doesn't count. He killed J and is playing with him. Bad very bad but the connection to Daddy Gilbert is more important.
5. Mom Katarina. - I'm more interested in the Baby daddy. Kat must really love him for her wanting the Baby. But I like the thought of Kat having her personal Vamp .bodygourd

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