The Walking Dead Review: On the Road Again

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The concept of the prison as safe haven of security was a great idea - and on plenty of levels it has worked in contrasting with the way Woodbury was run in The Walking Dead Season 3.

It even turned into the growing and thriving community complete with farmers, doctors, story time and a democratic council.

But much like how The Walking Dead Season 2’s farm adventures ended up, the location has become such a place of safety and complacency (Rick became a farmer, c’mon!) that the sickness which swept through was necessary in terms of adding some real problems for the characters.

If walkers can’t get through the fence and just stand around outside while inside buffets and singing can take place, how is that compelling or scary?

Handling the Obstacles

The flu that everyone seems to be getting does add a fresh dynamic, allowing viewers to see just how well characters could deal with it, such as scenes where Hershel helps with his tea or Carol kills two people to stop the spread.

And while I’m still looking forward to seeing the repercussions of the fast-moving sickness, “Indifference” proved just how much more exciting and interesting the show can be when the characters are back on the move... revolving around environments that are ripe with scares and possible tension... focusing on a smaller group of survivors to care about, rather than just adding a whole bunch of newbies, yet never giving them anytime to be anything other than background or zombie chow.

I really almost wish Rick, Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese and Bob didn’t have to go back.

The hour, while essentially just another time the characters went on a run for supplies, felt different and new. And sure, it divided time between two factions, but I cared about both and wasn’t bored by either.

Daryl and his crew were still on their mission to get medicine, but I enjoyed seeing them work together, having some time to bond and chopping a walker or two down to size.

And I was thrilled when after I rolled my eyes at Tyreese refusing to let go of the walker for a stupid move, Michonne called him out on it. She understood his anger, but was perfect in saying that those stupid decisions cause unnecessary problems. Moreover, her conversation helped her realize she no longer needed to hunt The Governor (and in some ways, much like the prison, I wish he too would be done to move onto something else.)

There was also time for Daryl and Bob to chat about surviving. And while Bob’s need for the drink felt like a shoehorned-in theme to add problems for his character, his confrontation with Daryl was great.

The way Daryl stood up to Bob putting his hand on his gun over the alcohol was fantastic and I’m sure it took plenty of restraint not to just throw him into the clamoring walkers below. Daryl may act like a nice guy, but he's no pushover.

Now, why the group didn’t go back the way they came in (or did they?) and instead incited the obligatory walker chase, I was glad they couldn’t just kill the walkers with bleeding eyes for fear of infection. There were even a few good scares. And we know walkers can’t climb.

But it was the Rick and Carol side of things that proved to be truly engrossing. I was surprised that they hadn’t really confronted the issue of her killing Karen and David, and I kept thinking they would drag it out over a bunch of episodes until a Tyreese blow up. And yet, Carol couldn’t understand why Rick hadn’t said anything either.

I liked her rationalization for her action. Did she go full dark side because of it? Did she make the wrong decision even if she thought it was for the good of everyone else?

And while the theme of change was heavily reinforced throughout the episode, it was great to listen to Carol talk about Sophia and Ed, learning to fix a dislocated shoulder based off her abusive past or the obvious fact that she wasn’t the same person anymore.

I half expected Rick to keep the secret.

But the introduction of new characters, ones that actually had me also interested and hoping they would survive, put the Carol dilemma on the back burner.

The explanations as to why they hadn’t used a gun (they weren’t very good with one) or a knife (too risky with only two people) felt spot on. We’re so used to all the characters we see as expert shots or weapon wielders that we forget it’s not as simple for everyone.

And while I was bummed the one girl was eaten, I’m hoping the guy survives and winds back up with the group. There was something about his personality that had me wanting to know more.

But with him not making it back in time, I just assumed that Rick and Carol would leave and that would be that. Sure, another cold Carol decision (Rick spent a lot of time just looking at Carol and the things she said, did over the episode), but it seemed like the obvious move to make.

So, I was pleasantly surprised (disappointed it happened to Carol) the show through me for another loop. Rick sent her packing.

He knew he couldn’t trust her, Tyreese would kill her and no one at the prison would want her, let alone leave the kids to her. It was a crazy moment that I couldn’t believe was happening and had nothing to do with walkers ripping her apart or a last second twist like Rick fumbling with the radio and flipping his car before the credits.

It was all about the change and the way the characters grow and continue to grow with their experiences, decisions and actions. And not every one is going to have a happy or positive outcome because of it.

So was it the right move for Rick? What will the other characters think?

Ultimately, it was a fantastic way to close out The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 4, even if I wish Carol didn’t have to go. I’m a bit indifferent over the use of an actual song rather than just the usual instrumental, but it’s clear that these characters still have a lot to experience and struggle to deal with.

While it was a rather somber way to conclude things, it was a good for the series. If anything, this season is in for a positive change (seriously, I'm ready to get out of the prison) and one that keeps looking better and better.


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Mrs cleaver

Daryl & Michonne would be hot together. She could teach him a thing or two. This was a good episode, great balance of action and drama.


think carol made a desperate act, killing people who were drowning in there own blood, to try to stop the virus. don't agree with it but it wasn't heartless or cold blooded to me. the fact that farmer rick strapped his gun on and insisted she go on a run when he knew he was going to dump or kill her. made himself feel better by telling her tyreese would kill her and the others would hate her. him saying she had a good chance of surviving alone was the biggest lie. season 3 emphasized no one could make it alone. he left her to die alone. carols stronger, tougher and harder with the new world. she is not a threat and in no way should have been treated so harshly. no ones hands are clean. I have a serious ship with carol and daryl but I fear season 4 daryl will blindly follow rick and give a damn. besides he and michelle look like they are gonna jump each other. don't mind em as a couple, but listening to this slow burn from virginal daryl is a load of bs. very disappointed in many of the characters changes. love and support carol. at least Melissa got to show what an incredible actress she is


The little girl creeps me out, and I'd bet it was she who killed those two, but Carol covered it up. There's no way the kid could've moved the bodies...ugh, but what if Carl was the one to help the little girl? Hmm....the two kids could've moved one body at a time.


What if that little girl killed the two sick people--Carol walked in and saw her do it, and is covering for the kid?


This is one of the most seriously depressing shows I have ever watched everyone dies sooner or later, so far I have no reason to keep watching it, I watch tv for escape not to sit and cry every week over people dying so at this point I am tuning out

@ 4hhorseleader

lmao then don't post negative shit about it in an article that fans are reading... and as a side note, you just come off as a little bitch when you post something like that... "cry every week", wow grow up.


Great review as I share much of the same response to an episode where the show was going back to character development.

@ Jeff

guess I'm a puss, the end of this show made me cry. the horrible treatment of my fave character with great acting gets me emotionally invested. carol on-find a group that treats you better


Carol didn't kill them. She is covering. She will be back


Spot on review. This show is so much better when they are all on the move. This episode was so much better than the ones before it IMHO. Looking forward to next week.


Rick is going to tell them point blank i can't see him keeping this quiet. Tyrese has a right to know and daryl said he ''will'' but a bullet on the person who did it. Rick seems like the ONLY one that sees carol losing her way.... gone cold besides she had no remorse and rick was right they don't even know how long virus will last for them to turn. I think hershal was right that some people react to the virus abit different than some i think the meds will help them and glenn and sasha would get better. As for Dr.S i think he's a goner after seeing that scene for next week's ep. from last night's talking dead.


Last nights episode was a bore. Yes, they did throw everyone for a loop with Rick sending Carol packing, but I feel Rick was justified in doing so. He knew what it would cause when they got back to the prison and he knew Tyrese wouldn't let it go. I do think sooner or later Carol will end up back at the prison. On the other side, Carol, too, did what she thought she had to do. Like she stated, you didn't have to like what she did you just had to accept it. Carol is now the stand out character of this show because she is definitely not the person she was when this all started. Carol made reference to food being a year and a half out of date......How is it that they still even have gas after this long? They must not make many runs.......... Where in the hell is the Governor? I think they are waiting to leave us hanging with that on the mid-season finale................ Will Sam (the guy that Rick and Carol came across) make another appearance?

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