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Awkward Review: Jennadict Arnold

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On Awkward Season 3 Episode 19, the series nearly brought The Jenna Apology Tour to a close, with the exception of one key person:


Save Vag

Jenna’s been working very hard to get back into the good graces of those she’s wronged and she was able to accomplish that pretty successfully. We all assume Matty is into Jenna again - he gives her the tried and true glances and smiles - but Matty’s decision to ask Bailey to the prom made complete sense.

The looks and glances are the only relationship dynamic Matty and Jenna have ever had. Jenna’s getting the same signals she’s always gotten and she’s doing her best not to push Matty since she’s only now just gotten him back (somewhat). Jenna’s signals may have sent Matty in the wrong direction just like he does with her.

Bailey, she’s like Jenna 2.0. A nice, quiet girl was the subject of a vicious rumor and Matty looked at her with clear eyes and ignored the rumors. If Bailey had a cast on, she would’ve been a near mirror image of Jenna from Awkward Season 1.

It was shocking in the moment that Matty might choose not to go with Jenna because we spent almost the entire installment in Jenna’s head, but with some hindsight this isn’t surprising at all.

While Matty is still looking for love, Val is very much hitching a ride back to the Hamilton love train. I give Val credit; she lasted longer than I thought she would and even told Jenna to f**k off twice.

However, Val’s lover’s scorn is a great way to bring back the dynamic duo that is Lacey and Valerie. They are so fun to watch together and with Lacey’s job as the school nurse now over, it’s hilarious seeing them both feed off each other’s misery: the two characters who are usually the happiest and peppiest.

Valerie doesn’t take much convincing, but the school board does: Sadie’s dramatic retelling of Valerie’s advice to get Ally to take her in sparks a lot of emotion in 98% DVR woman.

The hour-long is really used to build out the smaller plot with Ming. Ming’s power on the mafia is waning, so much so that Becca comes out of hiding to take back what is rightfully hers. The scenes between Becca and Ming are always fantastic, and this time around Ming stood up to Becca more. She saves Fred Wu and helps the accountant continue his party hard lifestyle.

Ming’s sudden loss of power is going to be a little disappointing since her time with the Mafia has been fun, but I’m hoping this gives her character a chance to really become a core part of the group because Ming so far has been somewhat removed from Jenna and Tamara since she become the Mafia Queen.


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