Grey's Anatomy Review: Speak Now

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Winter finales often make it feel like Christmas came early. Sometimes a jam-packed hour of television makes for the perfect gift.

Unfortunately, once the wrapping is undone and the gift is revealed, you're not always left entirely satisfied. 

A Beautiful Wedding

A lot happened on Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 12, and I almost feel like it was just too much all at once. Without focus on a number of pivotal storylines, I missed the emotional connection that I'm so used to grasping on to with previous Grey's finales.

I know that I won't be alone in saying that this has hardly been one of my favorite seasons, but you can bet I'm in for the long haul.

I'd like to think that the first half of Grey's Anatomy Season 10 ended on a relatively good note, as it certainly left me wanting more. However, I can't say that I'm dying to find anything out. This feeling is so different from seasons past. 

Let's break down what happened...

Like most Grey's weddings that don't always go as planned, April's big day was no exception. When I spoke to Sarah Drew, she promised the final five minutes of the installment would be shocking and definitely worth our while. I know I'm in the minority here, but I was really hoping the Mapril wedding would go down without a hitch.

All I could hear while Jackson was professing his love for April was Taylor Swift's "Speak Now". Sure, every word was sweet, but it was also predictable and felt like a scene straight from a rom-com. I couldn't help but think:

Poor Stephanie! Poor Matthew! So, the big question is: What will April do? Do you think she'll still go through with the wedding or will she run off with Jackson?

Another cliffhanger included Derek and his call from the President of the United States. I love McDreamy and am intrigued by this storyline. I'm just throwing this out there, but what if there was a crossover episode with President Fitzgerald Grant from Scandal? Wouldn't that be awesome?! 

Lastly, we're left to wonder if Alex's dad is going to be okay. Shane was experiencing flashbacks from the night Heather died and feeling too invincible and thought he was able to save anyone. It's a good thing that Richard showed up to help Shane back away and to hopefully help Alex's dad. 

Side note: Props to a few people who left comments suggesting that something was seriously wrong with Shane. All this time, I thought he was just being a jerk. Clearly, he was losing his mind and himself without sleep, being hyped up on energy drinks and being haunted still by Heather's death.

Aside from the surprising moments, Cristina and Meredith reached new levels of annoying. On one hand, I was glad that they were finally fighting verbally and throwing everything that they had to say out there.

Then again, I felt like it was a long time coming... maybe too long. I'm not even sure if they made up or not. Either way, can we please not see them arguing ever again?

Meredith's Turn Down the Aisle
Cristina's Turn

Other thoughts:

  • I get that the staff at SGMW is tight-knit, but why didn't we see April with any of her family members? There wasn't a single scene with her talking to her parents or even her sisters again. 
  • It was hilarious that both Cristina and Meredith asked April if she was bailing on her own wedding. We know why they asked. April, go watch Grey's Anatomy Season 3
  • How incredible was Justin Chambers as Alex in that intense scene with his father?! He totally brought his A game. Be sure to check out the Grey's Anatomy quotes to rehash Justin's unforgettable performance.
  • I've said it before and I'll say it again. I absolutely love Jolex! How cute were they outside the barn? She makes Alex happy and he really deserves her. 
  • April gave away butterflies in boxes as wedding favors. That's brilliant! Forgive me but I'm in total wedding planning mode currently.
  • Don't forget to return next week to pull up a chair and chime in on our Grey's Anatomy Round Table

Overall, I thought that "Get Up, Stand Up" was good but not great. It gave us a slew of storylines to look forward to for the second half of this season. For that, I am thankful.

There's much to discuss between now and the show's return in February. Yes, you read that right... FEBRUARY! So, comment away and share what you thought of the winter finale.

What did you like or dislike about this installment? What are your predictions for the remainder of the season? Will April run off with Jackson? What do you think is in store for Derek? Have Cristina and Meredith made up? 


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I am so happy Kepner? And Avery are married! Yes :-)

@ Guest

what a dumbass d-bag you are

@ Guest

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? HEY LOSER you just SPOILED the story. Seriously bad form.


I use to love this show...hate it now...the writers have gone crazy...the characters that have been written out were the best...the show is just plain stupid...Meridith bringing her child to work and in her pi's...give me a break...McDreamy isn't so McDreamy any longer...just two boring characters...and Hunt...send him back to the war disappointed in the last two seasons of this show...turned tv off half way through tonite....just hate this show now.


so you turned off halfway through the episode yet still came to the review page AND wrote a mini essay about it well done, jackass ; )


Grey's Anatomy stopped being good when Izzie left. Now that we are over Meredith's pursuit of Dr. Boring there is nothing left. End it now before it goes from terrible to terribly dissatisfying!

@ j

then why are you still watching and commenting, moron? XD pathetic


Love this show! Can't stand the long gaps mid-season. The flow is ruined when this happens therefore the show is ruined because of these outrageously lengthy gaps. A December 13th - Feb 27th mid-season gap is outrageous! I don't care why it is that long, this should never happen mid-season to any series. I am officially done with the show now. Can't be bothered to track it after this long a gap. Good bye Grey's Anatomy!


Here's another thing I noticed. Arizona was telling April, much to her dismay, that she cheated because Callie seemed to always want to "fix" her while the other woman accepted her as she is...she didn't think Arizona *needed* to be fixed. I understand what she's saying in a way but I thought that *Arizona* was the one who kept insisting that her life was over without the leg, *her* who wish she'd died on the table and *her* that gave Callie and everyone else hell for months on end. I'm sure I'd do the same in her position but Callie was only doing what she thought Arizona *wanted* her to do-be supportive and helpful. Did anyone else notice that and, if so, what did you think about it?

@ Shannon

Dammit, need an edit button...Arizona was the one who kept insisting that Callie "ruined" her...what did she expect Callie to do? She wasn't the one who thought Arizona was "broken", Arizona was.


I agree, this episode was not up to par with the rest of the Grey's episodes, especially midseason finales. Jackson's declaration of love was too soap opera-ish, although I do feel like these two are endgame. I miss Cristina and Owen, and can the writers PLEASE do us all a favor and let Cris and Mer be friends again?!?! Their bickering is getting tiring. And Callie and Arizona need to either make up or break up. Tired of their stretched out storyline. Jolex was the best thing in this episode, Karev will always be one of my favorite characters.


oh and another please let it go. Arizona and Kali. Seriously we've tried to kill them twice and break them up more than once. Can we just get 'er done...


Can we have one of those it was all a dream sequences go back to the plane crash have Meredith and Christina die and bring back Lexi and Mark. I've really really been hoping for that all along. I hate to say this, but the whole plane crash season I was hoping Merchr would croak. - they are done and done. Of course Shane was coming unraveled he has blamed himself for Heather's death since the moment he knew she was hurt. A little worried about Bailey and hubby #2. She is out and out MEAN to him.

Rivonia k naidu hoffmeester

As a Japril fan, I would like April to marry Matthew... It seems more authentic to her character, she does love him after all... What I would like to see happen is maybe Matthew and April happily married, while Jackson and April rebuild their friendship, and then in true Grey's style, Matthew can die in a landslide or fire while rescuing people and then Jackson is the one who consoles her and they end up together after all that time... hmmm, well let's see what the writers do...

@ Rivonia K Naidu-Hoffmeester

I want April to go back with Jackson please.


Everybody is forgetting that Jackson April & Matt are to blame for this. I think Steph is the only one that even though she questioned if Japril were over each other she didn't get a grasp of the all scenario. I truly think think Jackson was trying to move on focusing on the hospital & Steph, & was genuinely exasperated by April when she said wanted him when she just got a guy who she pictured to be with & fit in her planned world. Apart from not having expecting to do what he did, i bet we'll see he was just as nervous & embarrassed. April instead of take a time to think what she wanted, after she declared to Jackson & after Mattasked if she wanted to call things off bc of Jackson & she hesitated, she decided to go on with the wedding after Jackson was hard on her & bc it was the best thing for her, to move on too. And Matt go on with the wedding after seeing April's reaction to Jackson & after she hesitated practically saying to call things of bc of Jackson was wrong. He's a nice guy & even looked like he expected that situation but really I think April will get tongue tied but go on with the wedding after this would be a HUGE mistake. She deff. love who Matt is & what he represents but she's not in love with him. Even with if she was, no priest on his right mind would allow the wedding to go on without the couple sleep on it. - See more at:

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I love you. I always have. I love everything about you - even the things I don't like, I love. And I want you with me. I love you and I think that you love me, too. Do you?


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