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The season was different that's for sure and as mentioned by the reviewer and others, Eric Balfour / Duke was without a doubt the breakout performer throughout with his return from the farm, his strained relationship with his brother, friendship with Nathan and lastly, but not least, his romance with Jennifer.

As for the episode itself, it had ups and downs (did enjoy last season's finale better) and am not sure how they are going to deal with the Audrey / Mara personalities. Wouldn't be surprised to see William back to fix Duke and hopefully Jennifer will be back (a great addition to the show).

I do feel that the show will be renewed and if, and when, the network decides to end the show, allow them the time to wrap up everything appropriately. Maybe we will also learn the outcome of James which seems to have been totally forgotten this season.

@ Barb

Ugh, meant barn not farm.

@ Barb

LOL - I knew exactly what you meant. And wasn't he on a farm or something while he was gone? I think you're right. :-)


I'm of the opinion that the biggest problem with S4 is William. The entire story about William, William & Audrey, William & Mara, Aliens ....was exceedingly tedious and frankly not in the least interesting.

I would have preferred the Troubles remained unexplained then the rather than the explanation we were given.

Are the characters at the end of S4 more interesting than at the start, imo - no. The story became more important than the characters this season, and it wasn't that great.

I wish I could be more positive about S4, but for me it limped out of the gate and never recovered. I've seen before with shows that are picked early, and I was hoping it wouldn't happen with Haven.

Season rating 3/10, and those 3 points are all for the Duke character.

@ CM

CM, you are 100% right. Although I might have given the season a 1.5 all around and an 8 for Duke.

This was the most drawn out, boring season of TV ever. I would not care if it did not come back and I have been a HUGE fan of this show.


@ CM

Remember the Trouble in Season 3 where they guy was in a coma and he as the only one walking around with Audrey unaffected because of it? The season suffered for the loss of those interesting Troubles and guest stars. That was one of my favorite episodes because the writing was so clever.


There were very few answers in this episode, in the whole season in fact. There were no real surprises either. It's like they are just meandering as a way to buy time, I don't think they have much story left to tell. The fact that they have prevented William from actually revealing who or what they are irks me. Just like last season went on and on about the Colorado Kid but we still don't know who killed him or why? Not to mention so many little questions from S1 and S2. If i does get renewed, I hope the 5th season is the last.
The twist of their 'salvation being their doom' being Audrey herself (Maura) is interesting. It seems she is more evil than William himself. I'm thinking the other world is another Haven, possibly different in some way.
In retrospect, shooting Howard really messed things up.

@ debz

There is plenty of story; they just tried something they THOUGHT would be provocative and it fell flat.

I completely agree about William not letting out the secret. He should have revealed who they were before she pushed him into the door so she would be left without her cover, alone. That would have been an actual cliffhanger.


Nah, it was as bad as the reviewer said. The most heart wrenching part was after the gun shot and Duke walked out carry the baby blanket.
I feel let down. They are throwing this "alien" storyline out of the blue. Earlier in the series it was inferred that natives of the area had something to do with the troubles. I liked that idea better.
Duke carried the season and they reward him by killing off Jennifer? Not good.
Nathan's skills as a cop seem to have evaporated. He couldn't tell Audrey was changing.
Thank the powers that be, that at least William is gone.
Nobody mentioned what happened to Nathan and Sarah's son, James. Kind of disappointed his storyline vanished.

@ MickeyG

Poor James disappeared as much as any significance to Audrey's past incarnations as Sarah and Lucy. For all the time they took to prove their importance they were swept under the rug. Audrey should never have been Audrey in this season. It was so anti-climatic they never recovered.


Oh stop, it wasn't that bad.

I thought this episode was great. The early part of the episode was the most powerful, but the Vince/Dave confrontation was good too.

True, there wasn't much revealed, BUT there wasn't much revealed in the seasons 1 and 2 finales either. There too we got a hint of things to come. Only season 3's finale gave us any type of exposition about what was going on.

In the end, the "darkness" everyone was afraid of was Mara herself. Very cool twist.

Finally, I'm not too sure Jennifer is actually dead. That can go either way (as it was for Jordan last year). My guess is that it's all contingent on whether they can get the actress back next year.


Unfortunately, it was that bad. If we knew what a Mara was it would make a fifth season more enticing. I'd be more interested in a Duke/Jennifer spinoff.

@ Carissa Pavlica

Yes, it was.

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