Hawaii Five-0 Review: Keepsake

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It’s December 23 and Honolulu is in the Christmas spirit…but, this being Hawaii Five 0 Season 4 Episode 11, it’s also in the breaking and entering spirit as we see someone sneaking into a dark home and break into a safe.

The man opens the safe and BANG the robber is shot in the head.

Next morning and we’re at a beach cleanup scene with our Danny and Grace. Danny flirts with another Mom and Grover is here, too, with his daughter. Grace finds a box and can hear something in it but cannot open it. And then, as happens often, Danny gets a call – time to go to work!

Dead body of our robber from the opener in a car trunk and we’ve got ourselves a case since they don’t know who the man is and why he has been dumped in this car. There’s also fun teasing of Danny, who is still wearing his t-shirt/shorts from the beach clean-up. (Nice legs, Scott Caan!)

Chin In Danger

We make a quick stop to Seattle Washington and it’s Kono still searching for Adam but don’t worry, as Exec Prod Peter Lenkov told me recently, Grace Park is back full time in the new year.

Back in Hawaii, Max is checking on the dead body and finds a latex glove piece under his fingernails. He also pulls the bullet from the dude’s head, which is some special kind that cannot be traced. So, in short, this is a pro who has killed before. (Would there be any other kind on H50?)  We find out the burgler was a good one and often robbed people and the people didn’t know for awhile that they’d been violated. And, by the way, Danny is cranky pants for his holiday with his daughter being interrupted.

The guys go to Kamekona to see if he recognizes the burglar and he may have some info but it’s gonna cost our guys! Later, while driving, Danny can’t open Grace’s puzzle box but Steve and can they see it’s a pendant with a Japanese child’s picture. They suspect this could be remnants of the tsunami from a few years ago. Cue heartfelt, tender music.

The guys get to HQ and Kamekona both sings Tiny Bubbles and gets $300 for his ukulele in exchange for the information he’s given them. Victor Dobbs is the dead thief, working mostly in diamonds and jewelry. The guy goes to Dobbs’ house and finds an accomplice who would case the houses for Dobbs but he insists he’s not a murderer. The laptop in Dobbs’ home provides 5-0 with addresses of homes he’d either hit or was planning to hit. Time to go door to door.

Charlie tells Steve and Danny that the tarp that Dobbs’ body was wrapped in was last made 6 years ago and that could be a clue. Danny gives Charlie the puzzle box to investigate whether it was from the tsunami in Japan.

Cat and Chin are separately looking over the houses from the list and, well, if you see the picture posted here, you can guess what happens next. Yep. Chin finds Gary (creepy bad guy actor James Urbaniak) and just as Chin is figuring out he is at the right house where Dobbs was killed, he takes a blow to the face.

Let’s hope someone has ibuprofen on the island because after getting dragged down the basement stairs by Gary, Chin is going to need it!  Turns out the FBI has been looking for Gary, who is a serial killer who usually targets women. Why, then, did he kill Dobbs? Probably because Dobbs was robbing him.

And…Lindsay Price alert! Chin’s GF, Leilani, enters all concerned and stuff because she hasn’t heard from Chin. You know what that means (especially since we all know Chin would never blow off a lady friend)? Our buddy is in trouble!

Chin gets roughed up some more and realizes Gary is a serial killer mostly because Gary waves photos of his past female victims in Chin’s face. Before he can kill Chin, the doorbell to his house rings and…it’s a woman who had been crazy enough to date crazy Gary (and, ironically, she’s played by Real Housewives’ Heather Dubrow). Soon, the woman – Emily - is dragged down the stairs and joins Chin in the basement.  Where is Santa when you need him?

5-0 teams up with Grover’s PD squad and they’re on their way to finding Chin, who as Gary ties up the awakening Emily (I did laugh out loud when Gary uses the ‘It’s not you, it’s me’ line as to why this happening to the poor lady) As Gary tapes Emily’s screaming mouth shut, Chin is busy using his feet to cut the rope and soon a fight ensues with Gary, who honestly doesn’t seem like he’d be much of a fighter but with Chin still partially tied, he’s able to get some good knocks in.  

However, just as 5-0 finds the house, Emily (maybe using some of Dubrow’s skills from being a Real Housewife) manages to grab the discarded gun, slides it to Chin who takes out Gary. Merry Christmas, Scumbag.

Post-crime, fans of DDK rejoice because we get a Chin shirtless scene as his wounds get fixed up. Some banter with Grover, who they pretend not to like but, come on, how can you not like Chi McBride? Steve and Danny bicker and, well, everything is good. Let’s dive into Christmas!

We get a lovely montage with Chin and Leilani laying on the beach together and then, on Christmas morning, Max and Kaneknoa serving food to people in an outdoor center, Grover as Santa (proving that Chi McBride does a good “Ho Ho Ho”), Cat and Steve putting flowers on the grave of Steve’s Dad.  We see Kona, now driving into Vancouver to find Adam. Grace and Danny opening presents.

Next we’re playing hockey with Grace on skates when Charlie shows up and said he couldn’t sleep. He recovered a hair from the locket, ran DNA and found the little girl was a 6 year old girl and was from one of the towns hit hardest hit by tsunami. Charlie found her father, who wasn’t there during tsunami and was the sole survivor of his family.

Danny and Grace are then seen in Japan where they take the puzzle box to the father of the little girl, who opens the box, sees the necklace and the picture of his daughter. The man weeps and thanks them. Nice button on a solid Hawaii 5-0 installment. Merry Christmas!


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The whole hype was 'what's in the safe, better watch and find out' now . . . Weird that there's no mention more than was in the commercials


I think it fingers in the safe. Grace and Danny end scene was sad and beautiful


From the grim look on their faces, yeah, I'm sure it was fingers. Another solid episode of HF-0 !! There was just the right balance of drama and humour. I like the scenes of Vancouver, which is my neck-of-the-woods.
Congrats, HF-0 !!!


What was in the safe? I assume fingers, but they did not address it!

@ Maria

Fingers were most definitely implied by the disgusted look on McG's face before he slammed the door. This epi kept surprising me. I expected a light Christmas tale and all the funny and silly, with Fritz and his cute face, and Danno's little legs, and McG so easily opening the box after Danno struggled with it, seemed to bear that out until it suddenly got freaky, scary, and dark! Very thriller like! Then it was so sweet and bittersweet at the end. I really enjoyed the very different thrill rides this one took us on. I have to credit the writing this season, as well as the actors honing their characters to perfection. Merry Christmas and looking forward to more 5-0 in the new year!

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