How I Met Your Mother Review: Surprise!

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Robin standing over a handcuffed Barney may not have been a shock if it was their honeymoon, but with 22 hours to go until the wedding, Barney certainly had some explaining to do. Robin had every right to be upset as How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Episode 12 got underway, as she was missing her rehearsal dinner.


While I feel like most brides look forward to eating at their wedding receptions, Robin has never been one to deny herself anything has she? That said, she is not above compromise, as we saw when her idea of a Canadian wedding was repeatedly mocked with a slew of jokes about her native land.

Robin: Take a good look at this face Barney OK? Cause it will be useful for the future. This is my pretty mad face.
Barney: Well then we've got a problem, cause it looks a lot like your pretty hungry face.
Robin: I'm missing the bacon wrapped figs!

One thing Barney and Robin did agree on was allowing Ted to play piano at the dinner, so long as he tickled the keys dressed as Liberace. We got to see him playing briefly in the last scene, but his attempt at figure skating was a far better gift.

Speaking of gifts, cute as the suitcase of puppies was, Barney's attempt to get back at Robin was a bad idea, even by Stinson standards. He more than made up for it though, when he unveiled his laser tag ruse. As awesome as an Off Road arcade game with unlimited turbos would have been, bringing Canada to Robin complete with Alan Thicke and Labatt Blue was far more legendary.

For those who may have scoffed at the entire deception, remember this is Barney Stinson we are talking about. If anyone could pull that surprise off, it was him.

Marshall was absent from the episode, but we were reminded about the impact of his decision to take the new job, when Lily opened up to Ted and Robin. Ted showed his support as always, but even more telling of the bond these friends share, was Robin putting aside her issue to be there for Lily.

Robin: I'm sorry I don't have time for your drama right now, my fiancé is missing.
Lily: Marshall got picked to be a judge. He took the job without even asking me. Italy's off.
Robin: I have time for your drama.

The reviews of How I Met Your Mother Season 9 have been widely mixed, but we can't lose sight of how far we have come with these characters and how much they mean to each other and us as fans. I am just as anxious to see the wedding and Ted meet the mother as anyone, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy the ride leading up to such pinnacle moments. What do you the rest of you mother minions think?


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It was an ok episode. It has some of Barney classics along with Ted's funny moments. I actually enjoyed Robin's anger towards Barney for his part. All in all a good filler. Now let's get in to the business end of the season please.


i thought it was sweet to see bareny bring canda to robin. now can we please see the mother

Drea xoxo

@Rkeys @KevinG
I agree with you both!!! i just want the mother! they are dragging it out and ruining the premise of the show tbh. not the robin and barney show! i thought the mum was the guitarist, how is this going to be played in with the series


I thought this one was probably the best episode of the season so far, so I don't have too many complaints. I enjoy anytime we can see Barney being really over the top like that. And the infromation for the next new episode says Marhsall joins everyone at the Farhampton Inn, so we no longer need to wait. I'm sure we will get plenty of scenes with the mother later. But back to this episode, I really was thinking that Robin was actually planning to surprise Barney with the laser tag rehearsal dinner and just fooling him, so it was nice to see the tables turned and that it was actually him doing something really sweet for her again. Ted was really on point in this episode. And the song about Barney was hilarious as well. Can't wait to see Marshall join the gang in the next episode!


Did anyone else notice the couple that got engaged, pregnant, had the kid graduate, and the wife turn into an old widow in the background while the gang was telling the canada-jokes? LOL

@ Karol89

Yeah!! Totally... nice touch


I loved this episode. This weekend is about Robin and Barney, so showing their rehearsal dinner and the legendary surprise was a great idea. And such a great way to underline Barney's love for Robin. But while this episode worked perfectly fine for me, there were too many that didn't (for example last week's - it was boring and didn't bring us anywhere).


This season has been so incredibly disappointing & difficult to watch. The only reason I continue to watch this is because I've seen every other episode & feel obligated to finish the series. We're half way through the final season & Marshall still hasn't reunited with the rest of the crew? I realize the episodes are being told in an hour or two at a time, but come on! And really, this far into the final season & we've heard the mention of the mom far less than any other season -or so it seems. I used to love this show & have been really trying to enjoy this crap season, but it's just flat out terrible.

@ RKeys

Amen! My thoughts exactly!!!

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How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Episode 12 Quotes

Robin: Take a good look at this face Barney OK? Cause it will be useful for the future. This is my pretty mad face.
Barney: Well then we've got a problem, cause it looks a lot like your pretty hungry face.
Robin: I'm missing the bacon wrapped figs!

The no more surprises thing is the best part of being married.