Michael Muhney: Fired from The Young and the Restless!

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The Young and the Restless just placed casting coal in the stockings of many fans this holiday season.

Michael Muhney, who has starred on the CBS soap opera for almost six years as Adam Newman, Tweeted yesterday that he's been fired from the daytime drama.

"It breaks my heart to say this, but I was just let go from Y&R," the actor wrote. "My last day on the set is this Thursday.”

Michael Muhney on The Young and the Restless

Muhney, whose final installment will air January 30, added:

“I’m going to take some private time with my wife & kids, as I am most concerned for their well-being… I have 3 final episodes to film, and because they are my last, I will be giving it everything I have.”

CBS is yet to comment on the dismissal.

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That's it! The only reason I continue to watch The Young and The Restless is because Michael Muhney (Adam) is such an amazingly talented actor!!! His skill far exceeds that of anyone else on the set. What a huge mistake to let him go!!!


I've watched Y&R for 39 years and I'm thinking this will be the end of it for me. Phyllis, Billy and now Michael...what are the execs thinking? Very, very bad decision making. This is sad.


I have watched Y & R all my life but I will stop as soon as Adam has his last day on this show.

@ Tonya Thomas

My sentiments exactly!!!! Adam was the only one worth watching and I have been watching Y&R for over 20 years... NO MORE!!


As a decades-old fan of Y&R I've stuck with it through some pretty bleak times. But the firing of Michel Muhney is the last straw!!! First Michelle Stafford, then Billy Miller and now Michael M. The last two actors are talented, well trained, good-looking and well-loved by the fans. Why are the suits at Y&R allowing this to happen? Let's hope we can find out who they are and boycott the show. Like many other fans I am fed-up!


Sad,sad,sad about Adam. What are the writers doing? Guess they will have Billy shoot Adam and the cops shoot Billy so they can lose both of the best actors on this show. Adam is a wonderful actor and so is Billy but you writers will be losing many viewers if we lose them. I have watched since the very first you aired. I will be one that you lose. Your focusing on all the young ones now and none if this makes sense. I hope you reconsider letting Adam go. If not, Adam, I wish you and your family the best of life.


Well, I guess this is the beginning of the end of Y&R. Your management skills are just lousy, removing all the great actors that make's this show what is was, I must say was because once you remove Billy Miller and Michael Muhney from the show, we have nothing else to look forward to watch on Y&R. Therefore I have no choice but to find some other show to watch. Sorry management has made such a lousy decision. I thought that your purpose for the show, was to gain viewer not to lose them. Take another look before the show fall into that black hole.

Faye nielsen

It is truly a sad day, Michael is the most brilliant actor on your show. Don't think bringing someone in is place will make it better. Wrong! Bring back Michael, if he will even come back. You don't treat your best actors like this. It will be the lost of the Young and Restless because he will have bigger and better opportunities and offers.


It is a sad day when they release the most brilliant actor they have. No one can fill the shoes of Michael. A big mistake!


I was just telling my husband about how great Adam is with Chelsey in his life, they make such a good couple !!!!!! Now we just heard he was fired !!!! It's just not fair, I guess nobody ever forgives Adam but us !!!!!


I was just telling my husband about how great Adam is with Chelsey in his life, they make such a good couple !!!!!! Now we just heard he was fired !!!! It's just not fair, I guess nobody ever forgives Adam but us !!!!!

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