Nashville Review: Shock and Awe

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When Nashville wants to, it will hit the audience with a multitude of shockers to keep viewers wanting to come back - and keep them talking about the show during any hiatus.  

With no new installments until 2014, Nashville Season 2 Episode 10 came with shock after shock in the final few moments. And it was certainly satisfying.

That's not to say that Nashville's slower burns of character and plot development aren't just as entertaining, but rather that those episodes make this mid-season finale stand out as thrilling - if a bit off-the-wall - because it's not the norm.

Rayna Has a Plan

There were five moments that either took me by surprise or were monumental for the characters involved that I'd like to revisit. The first three below certainly came from the "awe playbook," so let's discuss them in order of least to most surprising.

3. The Lexington Railroad
Ever since the audience found out that Will Lexington was gay the character, he's genuinely struggled with how to deal with his sexuality. Whether it's that he doesn't know how to handle the fact that he feels this way, or that he hates what it will mean to his career if the news comes out, Will has been on a path to doing something seriously destructive to himself for a while.

The fact that his move was to step in front of a high speed train was certainly not something I would have predicted, but his heinous act has been played up for a while.

It raises the question, is he gone? Was there anyone around to shove him out of the way at the last second? Did he have time to jump off the tracks in the final moments? Would Nashville choose this direction to get rid of one of its newest series regulars? It would be a bold move.

2. Pistol-ed Peggy
It was surprising that someone came out of nowhere in an attempt to assassinate Teddy Conrad, and it was a bit of a shock that the struggle ended with a gunshot being fired and hitting the innocent Peggy... but if this leads to the end of Peggy I can't say I don't see exactly what the writers were thinking.

Does anyone out there like Peggy? Or like what her character has brought to Teddy, the girls or Nashville in general? I didn't think so. Having said that, yes, it was a moment that I may have taken a quicker breath than normal, and that's likely exactly what they were looking for.  

Without Peggy, would that leave room for the writers to come up with an interesting story for Teddy? Through a season and a half, they have yet to do so.

1. Juliette's Regret
Anyone who has watched Nashville each and every week for the last season and a half knows that Juliette Barnes hasn't been had many deep, emotional feelings. And she certainly never talks about them.

When she showed up at Avery's door, ready to express her love for him, I was blown away.

They kept returning to this relationship as something that worked so well, both for viewers and for the two characters involved, but I always thought that they'd leave it as a really good friendship. Avery has been there for her so many times, and she has always reacted well towards him - something we can't say for many other men in her life - but Juliette throwing her heart on the line like that was absolutely surprising.

I'm torn because, on the one hand, I would hate to see anything this bad happen to Scarlett after what she just went through with her best friend and her ex shacking up behind her back... but, on the other hand, Avery and Juliette are SO good together.  

Sure, you're right, Avery is good with anyone at this point, because they've turned him into an absolute stud, but that's not the point. The Avery/Juliette chemistry is off the charts, so I wouldn't complain about that happening for anything.

Juliet: I realized that all I want is to be a person that gets to say I love you and really mean it, so...

How do you compete with that?


The other two developments during Nashville Season 2 Episode 10 that were monumental were Rayna investing everything she has into her new venture; and Deacon finally getting a shot at a solo career.

I love that Rayna is taking this huge risk and I'm not surprised that she and Luke may part ways because of it. 

Who couldn't love seeing the smile on Deacon's face as that exec told him that he was interested in the former band leader's shot at success?

What more could you have asked for in the 2013 finale of Nashville? Now is your turn to weigh in! What was your favorite moment? What didn't you like about the hour? Which was the biggest surprise? And who will die: Will, Peggy, both or neither?


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There are not even 10 shows worth watching. That means; storyline, character development and the like. TV Land is soooo popular because people are sick of blood and crazy, gore-inducing minds . This needs to be renewed. As does Revenge.
Another BIG problem: winter season finales, summer season all know what I'm talking about. To develop a following, continuity is a MUST!!!
idiots running the store, and common sense an unknown word!


I LOVE this show, if it doesn't get renewed for a season 3, I will lose faith in the few good programs we have left on TV. It's a nice,clean,romance,music,drama,action packed series. What is not to love? It's made me become an even bigger fan of country music. The many emotions that are portrayed through a lot of situations that average people face by the on screen "stars" just makes the acting so realistic. I would personally give it a 5/5 but I guess 4.6 is a fair score as some more creative people could imagine there is room for improvements.


If you notice when Deacon is playing guitar - he's using a slide bottle on his left hand fingers which would make him playing guitar a lot easier than fingering all the chords specifically - LOVE this show!


I have to say as a regular follower I am not a fan of the character Scarlett, she brings nothing to the show. I am really tired of the sad pup. She needs some back bone or something. She reminds me of little house on the prairie with the hair, the big skirts, the innocent face and demeanor. I mean really? If they were going to get rid of a character it should be her. The rest is super dramatic, funny, and interesting.


I hope that Will changed his mind at the last second & returns to the show. The thought of a gay or bi character killing themselves over their sexuality is so so dated & retro in the worst possible way. What message would this send to the kids who watch the 'It get's better" ads on the major networks. I know this is the world of country music, & like pro sports one of the last ent. areas to accept the gay-lifestyle, but come-on folks...this is a Hollywood production, isn't it ?..If Will is really gone, count me out as a viewer !

@ Tim Bennett

I can see your point about sending a bad message, and don't disagree with the principle of showing negative stereotypes. However, at the same time lets keep things in perspective. If a young man or woman is watching Nashville and it is their ONLY source of influence on how they feel about their sexuality, then all of the straight ones will think it's ok to sleep with married rich people, or it's ok to fake a miscarriage. The bottom line is that the show is a story being told for entertainment and younger viewers should be educated that it is fiction and not how real life is. Sadly, in real life there aren't always happy endings and there have been many young adults who have made the horrible choice to step in front of a train, both straight and gay. Allow me to leave you with this: I would never tell the Grimm brothers that Hansel and Gretel shouldn't cook the witch in the oven because of what kind of message is it sending to kids who are staying with an aunt who looks like a witch. It's not about what message Nashville is sending about being Gay, it's about what message their family and friends are sending.

Michaelene stacherski gon

jan 15 th....oh such a long time to find out the results of yesterdays episode!!! Juliette and Avery bring out the best in each other.....I am wanting to smack Scarlett upside the head every time I see her....she of the deer in the headlights constant look!!!! NO!!!! Avery and Juliette...not Avery and Goldilocks! AND....if Scarlett's friend of 20 ( ! ) years is now with the one Scarlett told to GO AWAY....what sense is THAT???? But our scared fawn has no sense!!! If Peggy does die...I do hope it was after an operation to save her, and the docs say she was never recently or ever pregnant when Teddy mentions "what might have been". Luke Wheeler....just another snake. I love this show and also Revenge. Praying the network keeps it on next season. And yes...these "mini" seasons are hateful!!!!!

@ Michaelene Stacherski Gon

Totally agree Juliette and Avery are good for one another and I'm so over Scarlett. She was fresh at first but now she's too much of pollyanna and her schtick is tired. I too can't stand these mini-seasons. It's way too hard to keep up with when it's on or when it's not!!

Sarah silva

This was a pretty good episode!
I do not want Will to die. I read that there is a bait and switch with the one that dies. So what I think is that it will be Will, we saw him stand in front of the train BUT did not see him get it. Then we see Peggy get shot but I am sure she will not die. They will do surgery on her and will find out she was never pregnant. then Teddy will get some of what he deserves.
I have a bad feeling that Avery slept with Juliette in the dressing room. The look of guilt on his face when he went to Juliette. He was going to tell her something but then when she said he was the one she could trust he took her home to bed. Then the look of guilt again on his face when Juliette came to tell him she loved him. I really hope I am wrong because Avery made a mess of things before with Scarlett and to have him do it again would be stupid.
I liked Luke Wheeler but he turned out to be a jerk, just like Rayna when she was on the same label!
I predicted Rayna will sign Gunnar and Deacon and that Juliette will come over to her label too.
Leaving Jeff Fordham with a dead Will and a runner up singer and Luke as his only big star.
I was a little confused when Deacon played guitar, I thought he started piano because guitar was just way to hard.
I also find it hard to believe that once Rayna liquidates her assests , puts up her home and uses the $2 million from her tour with Juliette she just has $18 million, if she was the huge star that we are told she is, she really has no money in savings?

@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

Good insight! I hadn't thought about Avery having slept with Juliette in the dressing room, mostly because they've never hidden those from us, the audience. but---- maybe... I also had the same question about Deacon and playing, I knew he had kinda of started trying again with Maddie, but I didn't realize he was fully recovered... hmmm ooopsie in the writing maybe? I almost agree 100% with your thought on Rayna. I think that she will sign Gunnar for sure and might make Deacon an offer, but I suspect that Juliette is locked into a contract with Edgehill she can't break. However, I don't think Will is dead, I suspect he jumped out of the way at the last minute and it's a "red herring" that "nobody can find him". Think about this: there almost no way that they wouldn't know who the person was that was hit by the train. Even if he wasn't carrying any ID, they have mobile fingerprint scanners that they would use. And, before you say it, unless the mob is "rubbing someone out" the odds are astronomical that all 10 fingers would be damaged beyond being scanned (and with his arrest, he would be in the system). So, I suspect he jumped out of the way and went on a drunken bender and will turn back up finally ready to come out of the closet.

@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

In the first episodes of the first season of Nashville they made it pretty clear that Rayna had to perform and tour because she had used most of her money to bail Teddy out of his business failures.


SEROIUSLY? Will finally steps up and now a train to take him out? One of the BEST plot lines running through the series and they are ending it? Come on. There are so many ways this plot line could run and allow ground breaking tolerance and acceptance in the country music world for homosexuality.


That was such an intense episode emotionally. I reminded me why Nashville needs all the humor and sometimes stupid plots, because when it's all "hand on board" like it was last night it can be really really heavy. don't get me wrong, I love it, and think that in this format of a primetime TV network drama they delivered one hell of an episode that was not only well constructed and fun, but also dealt with real life hard issues. It's just that it left me really sad. Life are like that sometimes, and this episode was one of those days.


The preview for Jan. first show has Teddy and his girls are dressed in black sitting in a pew. My guess she's dead.

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Nashville Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Gunnar: I'm just looking for a break man.
Deacon: Tell me about it.

My ex is sleeping with my best friend and I can't take this personally?


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