Nikita Review: Everyone Has a Price

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Everyone has a price.  Everyone.

Whether it's money, a new arm, the ability to walk, a loved one's life, or something else ... everyone has a price at which they can be manipulated or bought. Nikita ended up in the Oval Office with a gun to save Michael. And Ramon worked with the Shop for the ability to walk again.

What would it take for Nikita to give up the hunt? New identities? No. She wanted the Shop guy and Amanda to turn themselves in. She drives a hard bargain. Amanda thought it was ridiculous, but he saw it as her price.

Not Going As Planned

Nikita Season 4 Episode 4 brought an end to part of the story. With only six episodes to close out the series, the story has moved from plot point to plot point with very little if any depth. The writers wasted no time to get to the "Pay-Off" . They uncovered the new imposter with Ramon, stopped the missile theft, were contacted by the Shop, unmasked MDK and Phillip Jones, found them in Dubai, blew up the building, and regrouped to recover.

It made sense for the Shop to have the MDK arm given their technological advances. What didn't make sense is that Jones would be willing to give it all up so easily. He placed imposters, "killed" the President, the FBI Deputy director and more in order to start a war. He gave that all up in order to stop Nikita from chasing them?

That didn't make much sense. Unless, his plan to start a war was only one tiny part of his plan. With Jones supposedly arrested and Amanda dead, he believes Nikita will retire and he will be free to continue his work. Was she that big a threat? Now her name's been cleared and the existence of imposters is out there.

On the surface Nikita season 4 has been a blast to watch, but it loses some of its plausibility when examined. With two episodes left, just about anything could happen. Jones and Amanda will move on to a new phase of their plan. Will Nikita fall for Jones' manipulation? I doubt it. Jones was wrong about Nikita wanting to give up the life.

She doesn't know anything different. She'll know that the Shop is more than one man and Amanda. She won't give up until she figures out their secrets and that puts Jones and Amanda at continued risk. Nikita's not done. Not yet. It's possible that she will settle down at some point, but it's not yet.

One disappointment this season is the separation of Nikita and Alex. They were always a formidable team and have a special bond. I'm looking forward to their reunion and I hope it comes next week rather than in the finale. The whole team needs to come together to finish this out. It's too bad that it doesn't look like Owen will be part of that team.

Sam's on a dangerous path. When he tries to pay off his debt with glass, it's not going to end well. Perhaps, Team Nikita will bail him out. I don't expect Owen to return, but if Sam can't embrace his Owen side, I hope he dies for his betrayal. He's disloyal and not a good guy.

While Nikita will probably not have an entirely happy ending, I hope it's not a tragedy. They saved the President's life, so perhaps they can go work for her as a special team. Not  Division! A small, intimate, talented special ops team to protect the country. If not, retiring on a beach or in a cabin somewhere works.

How do you want the series to end? Happy? Tragic? In between? Could Nikita and her team give up the life entirely?


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This was NOT a good episode. The writing was uncharacteristically sloppy for Nikita, and its plot did not flow organically. It did, however, set-up the final two episodes pretty well. Still, they could have done a better job here. Especially after the first three episodes, which were near perfect.


I loved the episode. They only have 6 episodes this season and they're moving so fast so much has happened in the first 4 episodes. When te missile hit and we saw Amanda die I was like yay Amanda's dead then I was like wait she's probably not this is Amanda she wouldn't die so easily. I can't wait to see what happens with Sam and those fake diamonds. I really want Alex and Nikita back together because like it said in the preview this war started with them and it should end with both of them. I know they'll be together in the finale but I hope they ge together in the next episode I really want the team back together especially them. Can't wait till the next episode.


I'm so upset that we've seen 4 out of 6 episodes and Nikita and Alex haven't had a single scene together. I also hope their reunion is next week, but it's already not going to be enough.


yes yes i dont want amanda to die so amaazing epp god nikita giving me life


The fake Amanda ruined the whole episode for me its cheap copout writing


such a bad ass episode !! only two episodes left of the best television show on basic TV

@ ilk_vomit

wizarddrummer. Do you even know how much such a big missile weighs and most likely gets a truck to drive slower than it can because of the huge weight of the missile.

@ ilk_vomit

While I really like this show, it's hardly the best television show on basic TV. Sometimes the writing of this show has annoyed me to such extent that I considered dropping it. For me, the eye candy that has pulled me through the less than enchanting writing faux pas. The writing on the show, at times is very over the top and campy in order to increase the 'dramatic elements' to where it becomes ludicrous. In this episode, when Nikita and Michael first come on to the scene where the truck is (bear in mind that we have a world war at stake) they hesitated firing on the people (and remember they had automatic weapons) and the truck so that the truck could 'get away' and travel at 'super slow speed' so that Nikita could 'catch up' with it. Scenes like this annoy me as much as those scenes (in any show) where the pursuer actually gets to the elevator door as it is shutting; only to slam his hand against the door AFTER it closes - when in fact, IF the pursuer had actually put his hand IN the path of the closing elevator doors, the safety mechanism would have stopped the doors from closing! The more realistic and MUCH scarier / dramatic element would be that the pursuer would be running full tilt and just, not getting TO the door in time; about 3 feet away and can't stop doing a full body slam into it THAT'S WAY MORE REALISTIC!.
This show is full of campy dramatics like this.

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