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First the 60 Minutes/NSA interview next day the NSA ruling next day POI/Control/Samarian ep...Coincidence?? LOL! Excellent casting of Camryn Manhiem as Ma'am she has the Fed look down.


This was a good episode, slower than others but still good. It also left us with a cliffhanger.
I enjoyed the insight into Finch's past.
I had to watch the conversation with Reese and Fusco twice to see what led them to their fist fight. It still need not make sense to me but I can see the whole reason was to get Reese to snap out of his anger and sadness.
I was so not expecting the twist at the end that the 'wife' was Control.
I can not wait until the show returns.


It has gotta be said, Fusco is amazing. Two years sober, dragged kicking and screaming into the light. And here he is, challenging John Reese to fisticuffs in the rain! You tell him, Fusco.

I was suspicious of the "wife" from the start, partly because she was played by Camryn Manheim. (I'm always suspicious of recognizable actors in guest roles!) Though Hersh apparently hasn't properly explained to Control that Finch doesn't actually know where the Machine is any more than she does.

And where is Samaritan now?


OMG ! Finally we meet Control. Just one question: does the highly ranked government officers always have to be that fat ? The special counsel and the control in this episode, both of them have "majestic" body :-)


This episode was a little boring. There were plot twits, surprises as usual.
I knew another machine come out sooner or later.

I don't know why but Shaw is still boring and I like good-looking women.

Reese vs Fusco was good fight. Fusco is too short, he must be close to the fight. The same thing happened with the Simmons. When Fusco gets close enough to opponent his chances are improved.

Fusco was trying to get out of the anger and frustration from Reese.I don't think Fusco otherwise would never have dared to challenge Reese.


Blew my fing mind those last few mins I mean it's crazy bravo POI

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