Reign Review: Love and Other Catastrophes

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Packed with all the murder, poison, prophecy, and all the high-stakes premarital sex, you'd want in a mid-season finale, Reign Season 1 Episode 8 brought the first part of the season to a satisfying, chewy climax.

Who fornicated, who died, who treasoned and how? Let us dig in, fellow Bag Face-heads!

Nostradamus Prophecy

First and foremost: we finally learned why they never really developed Aylee as a character. Goodbye, fair Lady. You go now to that great Free People catalog shoot in the sky. And then there were three!

Aylee's death was perhaps the most mysterious intrigue in an hour full of mysterious intrigues - she drank Kenna's poisoned tea, but why the hell did Bag Face the Ghost push her to her death? Does Bag Face the Ghost have a hidden agenda? Or did she simply have a thirst for blood that only a girl in a gown could quench?

And speaking of Bag Face the Ghost: so, she's not a ghost at all. I am not quite sure who she is, but definitely not a ghost because ghosts don't get pushed around so easily by guys in fur vests. I assume that all will be answered after the hiatus! Or, eventually.

And speaking of fur vests: Nostradamus (my second favorite habitual fur vest-wearer, after Kim Kardhasian, of course) got his own prophecy all wrong! In fact, it appeared to beĀ  one of those ironic prophecies, where all the damage seen in the prophecy is actually the result of the havoc created by the revelation of the prophecy.

Oh, well, I'm sure he'll be totally fine and suffer zero consequences or fallout, so let's not worry about him.

And speaking of consequences: while it's obvious that Mary's run from French court won't be permanent, it's an interesting turn, and a good chance to finally see a little more of Bash, and a little more of Mary interacting with him.

I had expected more of a standard love triangle between those three crazy kids at the beginning of the season, and while it's always nice to have your expectations upended by a soap, I still want my love triangle, dammit!

And speaking of love triangles: guys, I am worried about Kenna. Now that we know being a Lady does not ensure your safety, I don't know how she's going to make it through the rest of Reign Season 1 safely, no matter how charming she may be. She's got a target on her pretty little head, and yes, it is sort of stressing me out.

I've really appreciated Kenna showing her slightly-less-charming side in this episode and Reign Season 1 Episode 7 - it's given her greater depth, though her pathetic scheming is (intentionally) hard to watch. So, hopefully that depth (as ugly as it may be) will be enough to save her (or at least get her to the next season).

And speaking of...Queen Catherine: Queen Catherine! Keeper of the poison, flinger of the disdain, spewer of the best Reign quotes each week. As much as I enjoy the antics of all the adorable young folks on this show, I wait every week for Queen C's monologue, wherein she will inevitably drop truth-bombs, show total disregard for human life, and be archly hilarious and captivating while doing it.

As we see a little bit more of the actual emotional life of Queen C in each episode, I'm most excited to see where the second half of the season takes her.

Official Reign FashionWatch: 8/10. I want the dress Aylee was wearing when she died, does that make me an immoral monster with no feelings? (don't answer that)

And that's what we'll have to think about til January. What are you going to do with your break? I'm going to spend my time searching the Internet for the perfect elegant-yet-casual velvet cloak; something everyday that you can wear to work or a know, chic but basic.

What do you think will happen between Mary and Bash? What do you think Francis will do while Mary's away? Do you think they're going to replace Aylee with her identical cousin, a la Twin Peaks?


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I really can't wait for more Bash and Mary they have outstanding chemistry, while Francis and Mary are simply boring.


I'm a bit heart broken after this ending but I'm still watching the next season because I want to know how they overcome the prophecy or at least change her mind to make her come back and marry Francis! I'm also curious to know if they'll show her other husbands after his death, which unfortunately did happen, but of natural causes (it wasn't her fault, see Nostradamus!), or if they'll just pretend they lived happily ever after


I don't want a freaking love triangle! Mary and Francis are perfect together and we know they got married in real life, Bash should get his own lady/queen! I hated the ending, I felt so bad for Francis, especially since he saw her leave with Bash! I hope someone explains to him about the prophecy and that she did it for him! I hate what Clarissa did, I thought she like Mary, but she ruined everything :(


I'm loving this show and this episode went up and down in matter of emotions. The love triangle between Bash, Mary and Francis is driving me crazy because I really want Francis and Mary to stay together but otherwise there would be no series at all! And I really don't think is important what will Francis will do while Mary's away, I'm wondering what will he do when she comes back!!! I'm so ansious.


I had my doubts as to whether Mary & Francis went all the way. But this episode cleared that up!!!! I Love the two of them together. Bash is hot don't get me wrong, but as history shows Mary & Francis belong together and I love them together. I think Bash should hook up w/Kenna now that his dad kicked her to the curb. Or Bash could hook up w/the curly haired lady in waiting whatever her name is. I can't wait till Jan. to see what happens I want Mary to return and tell Francis why she left and get things back on track between them.

@ chair4life

Agreed! He would look great with Kenna, but she annoys me so I prefer Lola, but it could honestly be anyone, except Mary!


I just love Megan Fellows: She is not Ann with an E of Green Gables anymore! She is the Poison Queen and she knows how to play the game. Love the sparring between her, Mary and Diane. I think The Poison Queen would really like/love and respect Mary if she wasn't so afraid of her son dieing. Am I crazy to like King Henry? This show does have great clothes. This is a great show. What is up with Bag Girl? Also what was up with that ugly dress Poison Queen was wearing? Her hair and crown was great but that dress was awful!

Spindae 2o

Even though Mary is the star of the show, I love all of her Ladies. Losing Aylee is a big lose but I love it really happened. The show isn't playing around, they are going for it. I loved they've connected Nostradamus first prophecy with Aylee again. Usually no one looked back to that and they forfilled it. And the scenes of the girls all together are always so good, truthfully written.
I think Aylee being really really ritch(owning half of Scottland is probably ritch; isnt it?) will play an interesting role in the upcoming episodes. And Clarissa pushing her down the stairs was really interesting, let's see where they head with this. But who is she in the big picture? Love how reasonable Lola always is, and Greer's faith in love. Keena's scenes are always great and I hope they explore her guilt when the who comes back. They are really making them be stand alone characters.
Mary played a great role again, I really felt her .I 'm impressed how strong she played this out. Her departing was storywise a really smart move, let's see where they intend to go with this.
Catherine is honestly a much better version of Victoria Grayson, she takes action she is a do-er and I love every move she is making. Catherine vs diane was an interesting scene, she proven her true power. She is playing this chess game like no one.

@ Spindae 2.0

no one is a better version of Victoria Grayson than herself!

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Reign Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Love is irrelevant to people like us, a privilege that we do not share. You told me that. I'll remember it all--every word, every moment--for the rest of my life. I love you. But I won't let other people die for me.


Mary: You do realize what laying claim to England could cost me?
Francis: Yes I could cost you your head.

Reign Season 1 Episode 8 Music

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Song Until We Get There Lucius
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