Sons of Anarchy Review: Karma Kicks Back

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I'm still trying to process everything that occurred on the Sons of Anarchy Season 6 finale. But I can honestly say that the show did something tonight that it's never done before:

It made me cry. 

Tara on Her Own

It also made me cover my eyes, yell and beg but all of those responses the series has managed to elicit in earlier episodes. But the tears were new.

If Jax teller lived in a world of self hate going into Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Episode 13, I can only imagine the depths of despair and self loathing he'll reach heading into season 7. Because after he'd sworn never to abandon his sons, he may be about to leave them very much alone.

All along Jax's struggle to do what's right has led him to some dark places and here he received advice on Karma from both Nero and Patterson.

Nero was furious that Jax had lied to him but also pointed out that when Karma comes around It makes you pay. Nero was reminded of the decisions he's made every time he watches his boy suffer. And that mythical farm he's been dreaming of was calling him now louder than ever.

Patterson took the time to encourage Jax to be the husband, father and man he truly wants to be. And Jax actually listened.

My heart was racing when SAMCRO found Tara and the boys in that park. She didn't even try to run or fight. She knew it could only make things worse. Her conversation with Jax at that park bench was one of the best of the series. 

I sacrificed everything for you. I have tried to see what you see how you see it but I can't. All I see is the lies and the violence and how it's changed you. Turned you into a monster.


Tara was certain her life was over but her first concern was still for her boys as she begged Jax in this Sons of Anarchy quote

Tara: Please don't hurt me in front of the kids.
Jax: That not what I want.
Tara: But that's all there is.

She was wrong. Jax had another plan: To be a man. He turned himself in for supplying the guns that were used in the school shooting. He protected Tara, his boys and his club. 

At great personal sacrifice Jax Teller did the right thing. And then it all went wrong. 

As I watched it play out I found myself begging that the story wouldn't go there but the moment Unser told Gemma that Jax was getting arrested and he thought Tara had made a deal... I knew it was over. Still, I begged the TV gods to show me something different.

The TV gods are cruel.

Juice was the other wild card. Just as Gemma didn't know the whole story concerning Tara, Jax never knew that Juice's confession to Nero only happened because he OD'd. Would that information have made a difference? We may never know. 

When Gemma and Tara finally came face to face, Gemma looked shocked to see her…and then she snapped. Tara saw it. There was a moment there where Gemma slipped into a blind rage. Gemma believed that Tara had destroyed everything she'd ever cared about and she was literally out of her mind. 

That Gemma would try to kill Tara wasn't a surprise but bludgeoning her to death with a carving fork in her own sink full of dirty dish water that Gemma had left just hours before…the viciousness of it made me nauseous. 

Then Juice shot Sheriff Roosevelt to save Gemma. Watching Juice destroy the evidence of the crime made my head spin. 

For most of the last minutes of the show, I found myself worrying about Thomas and Abel. Tara was the one person who could have saved them from this life. I'd always related to her fierce need to protect her children at all costs. As she lie in a bloody heap on her kitchen floor all I could think about was how it was all for nothing. 

Jax and Tara both made difficult decisions with the ultimate goal of making sure their boys would have a life without mayhem. With Tara dead and Jax possibly off to prison, those kids are stuck with crazy Gemma and junkie Wendy. Needless to say their future looks bleak.

As Jax took that final ride to his home you could tell he was at peace…and then he stepped into hell. 

I couldn't help the tears as he cradled Tara in his arms. It was heartbreaking to watch his agony. She was his one true love. She and the boys were the best of him. If losing Opie sent Jax to a dark place, I don't want to know where he's headed after this. 

And that's just it. I have no idea where season 7 will pick up. Is Jax off to prison or can he walk away from this deal? How will he raise those boys without their mother? Does Patterson think Jax killed Tara? And what is up with the strange woman in the alley?  It's going to be a really long year waiting for Sons of Anarchy Season 7 to find out what comes next.

Check out this interview with Kurt Sutter, Katey Sagal and Maggie Siff for insight into the finale and where things could pick up in Season 7.


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Is this why SOA has no nominations?
He could "kill" Tara through what we call character evolve.
She would be tired and finally empty through all this sh*t she went through.
This show is all shooting, blood and no depth. And let's leave Shakespear out of this.
It has nothing to do with Shakespear.


It was completely obvious this was going to happen the minute gemma wasn't told what was going on. Its also obvious that jax isn't going to jail... theres no reason for him to take the deal when she is dead.


seriously?? "It was heartbreaking to watch his agony. She was his one true love. She and the boys were the best of him. If losing Opie sent Jax to a dark place, I don't want to know where he's headed after this." He's headed right back to that whorehouse he keeps tripping and falling into everytime he ever had a fight w/ Tara. He's a loathsome POS, and he got everything he asked for. Too bad Tara left her brains somewhere in season 1.


On the edge of my seat...can't wait for new season!!


Ok I watched this last episode I just found the final scene for tara and Gemma a little on the sloppy side I mean I understand Kurt wanted her dead but I think he went to earlier with the death it didn't play out well enough for me. The only moment that really bought that scene to height was when Jax found her he owned that scene but no I'm a little disappointed to say the least with the way this played out. Sometimes this show really delivers and other times it just misses the mark, I mean some people just love watching any kind of violence but over the time Kurt gave the characters some depth I expected more I think the sons were done over here. Yes the bag lady has to be related to the girl in the shop if he really stuffs up on the story line he can bring the mysterious bag lady into play. I think the only way to go here is Kurt will kill Jax and Gemma or jail them and the boys will grow up in adopted care come back reflect on the journal their dad wrote and start the vicious cycle again or just drive off forget the life that could of been ....... good old unser will be the last man standing just think about it there is only one way for this program to go down thats in death violence


Bag lady has something to do with the girl that broke the windows of the ice cream shop and is now working it off. I believe that will be part of the arc in season 7. Tara's death has to be at the top of the all time most gruesome untimely deaths by the TV Gods. Sutter is either a genius or completely nuts!

@ Carol

Mother and daughter?!?

@ Carol

Some would say they are one and the same.

John kidby

God damn it. God f**king DAMN IT. What'd I say? Donna all over again...


I do believe, Kurt Sutter managed to shock us. When we are all so desensitized from violence. What surprises me is how many people don't believe this level of violence is possible. Well, it is. Just ask your local morgue. What does irk me me the most is the level of incompetence from the law but this POV is through SAMCRO and the show is not Justified. Tara had to go, a mother for a mother. Gemma is slated for death next season but what will really surprise me is if he kills of Jax. I wanted Tara to win but every time I think about it I remember her and Gemma killed that nurse at Gemma's father's house. Retribution must be paid. People need to let the Hamlet comparison go. There are many shows in past, present and future that are Shakespearean. Don't hate on it. See you next season.


Who cares about Hamlet, et al. This is simply a violent melodrama made for TV and it's entertaining as Hell - pun intended, so sit back and just enjoy the show. If not, there's always something else to watch. This show is a soap opera for men and ladies are always welcome :-) "Sons" and "Breaking Bad" is/was the best drug crazed, violent shows to air on TV, so again, sit back and enjoy the ride. In the end, it's nothing more than a great piece of fiction to watch once a week. See ya next season and until then, have a happy and safe holiday.

@ Jan

This show has nothing to do with Breaking bad.


Gemma should have been gone long ago. The character is a waste of air. I guess it helps to be married to the boss.

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