Sound of Music on NBC: Grade It!

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The hills were alive with the Sound of Music on NBC tonight, as Carrie Underwood and Stephen Moyer teamed up for a live, on-stage version of this iconic film.

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Did you tune in? Did you dig the dancing? Cheer on the nuns sabotaging of the Nazis? Sit with mouth agape over every note belted out by the former American Idol champion?

This was definitely a different version of Maria Von Trapp and Captain Georg Von Trapp, but was it music to your ears?

Sound off in the Comments and in the following poll, as we ask TV Fanatics to grade NBC's Sound of Music:

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I thought it was really bad. I agree withthe Times review"How do you solve a problem like Carrie Underwood?"


Everything was great. Right in point. Carrie underwood brought the show down. She was the worst actor I've ever seen. Just bc you did one episode on HIMYM doesn't mean you can act.


Wow. I thought it was pretty awful. I was not comparing it to the movie; I knew that it was a re-staging of the original Broadway play, so I knew some songs would be different or in different places in the storyline. Carrie Underwood has a beautiful voice, but it was not suited to a theater-performance and frankly, with no animosity intended, her acting was terrible - she just can't act. Flat; unemotional; no subtlty; no inflection; no way to tell her lines were not just lines, but dialogue. Stephen Moyer was pretty awful as well - alas the two of them had no chemistry. Audra MacDonald was terrific!!!!!!! As a stage artist, she, of course, knows how to sing AND act. Frankly, I could only watch the first 30 minutes and then I had to turn it off. I had more fun following Twitter!

@ TriciaS

Everybody is comparing it to the movie WHICH THIS WAS NOT BASED ON. This was based on THE ORIGINAL 1959 Broadway play...........

@ Terrie

It was awful. Underwood was awful to the point of a painfully funny performance.