The Big Bang Theory Review: Scientific and Houseguest Wonder Blunders

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Why is Raj still single?

Sure, he couldn't speak to a woman without alcohol for most of his adult life, but now that's not a problem.

On The Big Bang Theory Season 7 Episode 10, Raj proved that he would be a very attentive, caring, and affectionate partner while staying with Howard and Bernadette. Maybe ... too accommodating. I hope that this side of Raj is put to better use with an appropriate girlfriend.

Sheldon's Shame

"The Discovery Dissipation" was one of my least favorite episodes. Raj's experience at Wolowitz household was definitely the better half of the episode, but just about everything else fell flat for me, including the two guest stars. 

The Wil Wheaton helping Sheldon bit wasn't even slightly funny. It was kinda sad. Wil came across as patronizing and Sheldon acted like a 10 year old kid. If that's the tone they were going for then they succeeded. But, it wasn't funny or faintly interesting. The interaction was uncomfortable to watch and the train playing only made it worse.

Sheldon's general reaction to his "lucky" discovery in  The Big Bang Theory Season 7 Episode 6 was understandable. While I'm glad that it wasn't just dropped like so many other events on the show, it wasn't particularly funny. Annoying Sheldon in large doses is too much. He needs funny quips to at least keep it a little more light-hearted.

I'm not a fan of Barry, so I wasn't happy to see him again. Though, I did crack up when he said, "There he is!  My favorite superhero -- the Retractor! Once was enough for that joke.

Raj's time with Howard and Bernadette started out great, but then it seemed to drag on a little too long. I wonder if the episode would have been better if a third storyline was included and the two primary plots were shortened a bit.

Here are a couple of my favorite lines from Raj's stay:

Raj: I'm being a good houseguest.
Howard: No, you're being a better husband than I am.

Yeah, we were totally fine half-assing our marriage till you showed up.


Raj needs to find a human partner, because his relationship with Cinnamon is disturbing. And, he should never ever ever use spit to groom Howard's eyebrows again!

Did you enjoy the episode more than I did? What were you favorite bits or lines?

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After our enforced UK sabbatical The Big Bang Theory was back on E4 last week and a welcome return it was. Putting aside notions that E4 is simply messing with us, the schedulers did make the cut off at a timely point, with Sheldon beholden to the possibility of being a fraudulent scientist. He isn’t, of course, and this episode shows why. I enjoyed much of this one without ever feeling overly involved with the characters or the story. We all knew Sheldon’s super heavy element thingy would be disproved, how he dealt with it was the crux, and he dealt with it pretty terribly. The radio interview which pre-ambled the main action was a good start, but I felt the scene needed more – in fact it feels cur-tailed, Sheldon reacts to a very innocuous question in an over the top manner. It was surprising to see him running away from the challenge as normally the opportunity to prove his worth is overriding. Perhaps it was the realization he was wrong which made him so insecure, for by the episode’s resolution he’s back to his usual tricks, disrupting Leonard’s interview to further his own ends. Amy and Penny look suitably appalled. Given that we always knew how this brief storyline would end, it was handled fairly well. There was another one-ended telephone conversation (this time with University President Siebert) and a good running gag about the number of genuine friends Sheldon has. For good measure the writers chose to add in two guests, Will Wheaton and Barry Kripkie. Both scenes were tactful and amusing. At no point did you feel against the characters; regret, awkwardness, arrogance and fear were all on display, there was an element of pathos underlain with cynicism. Sheldon’s later intransigence towards Leonard feel misplaced among all the false niceties. However, the scene where Will Wheaton placates Sheldon is a perfect example of where the show has started to go wrong. Here Amy brings Will to explain to Sheldon how he dealt with rejection as a young actor; yet this scene would once have been enacted by Penny alone, an emotional adult explaining how the real world works to an unemotional child. This time Penny is nowhere to be seen and has been reduced to a stooge to poke fun at Leonard, which seems a trifle unfair on poor Dr. Hofstadter. The other story line was funnier and involved Raj as a houseguest at the Wolowitz’s where he drives an inadvertent wedge between Howard and Bernadette. There were some very funny lines (‘We were quite happy half-assing our marriage until you showed up!’) and Kunal Nayyar was brilliant effectively playing Mum. That he finds no solace at Leonard’s proved his homeliness isn’t as welcome as he thinks. Overall a fairly good episode even if it lacks any heart busting belly laughs. Side point: when Raj gets kicked out of Howard’s, why do they make a bed for him on the couch at Leonard’s? Surely Leonard would sleep at Penny’s and Raj would sleep in his bed???


I agree with Carla about this episode. I found it boring and unfunny, and I think I'm fed up with Sheldon's whining . I found the Raj part unconvincing and sad (for his character). I also agree 100% with Jonas about the couples (they have zero chemistry and they are simply not funny), but I know that the writers won't change anything. And NO, they should not get rid of Raj, but develop his part more, and not always portray him as an idiotic, lonely guy...


Raj,for those haters, get higher ratings than any of the others except for Sheldon and Penny.


I wish they would just get rid of Raj already.


I don't know why this much negativity in the review. This was a good episode and I really enjoyed the Sheldon and Raj's characters in this one. Obviously the TBBT is about nerdy guys and they would not react like normal people for certain situations.
Great start for my Saturday morning. Loved the episode.


Best part was Sheldon, Barry and Raj - Oh I just wished that Raj would have stayed with Leonard and Sheldon instead, having him point out just how incredible boring and stupid Penny and Leonard, Amy and Sheldon relationships truly is.
Raj was spot on with Amy and Sheldon - And these two reltaionships like yesterday for the love of Gud.
Penny and Leonard - Amy and Sheldon has zero chemistry and anyone with a functioning brain can see it.

@ Jonas

*End these two............ it's Friday and I'm tired


I liked the episode, althought it wasnt the best.
I think that the time frame is short because there are 7 main characters and only 30 min (with ads),
Raj is earning the title " the guy that get a girlfriend after Sheldon Cooper"
Please somene tell Chuck Lorre to expand that timeframe to 1h (with ads)


i kind of like it. i miss the howard that had an lot growth what t him. him not helping around the house is getting old. we had way to much of amy last night it should of been penny that brought will to sheldon. it's sad we see more and more of amy and less and less of penny. can we please have an whole month of no amy


yeah I'm kinda watching it to see where it's going but boring with a BB!
Sheldon is never going to change so that characters of no interest, just how many ways can you portray psycho?
It's like watching a train wreck happening you want to turn away but you can't..
It'd be good to end the series on a Penny v Leonard wedding..


I think you nailed it, Carla. Least interesting episode ever. Even Penny didn't get much time in there. Boring.

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The Big Bang Theory Season 7 Episode 10 Quotes

How can you not be happy? You're tall, thin and famous. Oh, my God. I'm jealous of Sheldon.


Sheldon: Well, I'm not just some trained monkey dancing for coins.
Leonard: Of course not. People love trained monkeys.