The Mentalist Photo Gallery: A Date for Jane?

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Patrick Jane is dating...sort of.

With The Menatlist Season 6 Episode 11 set to air on January 5, Patrick Jane will definitely be heading out on the town with a beautiful woman... but apparently it's as much business as pleasure. 

Will the stunning Krystal give Jane the insight he needs to catch a killer targeting DEA agents?

Check out these photos for the upcoming installment and decide how much of Jane's "date" is all business when this CBS hit finally returns with a new installment in early 2014:

Jane's New Date
Flowers For His Date
A DEA Killer
Jane's Dating Strategy

And remember you can watch The Mentalist online for any episodes you've missed. Enjoy!

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Come on ... lisbon and jane are a natural cuple


Lisbon and Jane definitely are not romance partners in my view, so a relationship with a woman for Jane (either business or pleasure) is welcome.


it's just a spoiler.Made to cause stir..the reality will be different so keep calm and watch The Mentalist!


Really so a smart thinking cop show has become glee with guns sorry that a insult to glee because they do listen to their fans so let just call these show a water down white collar and burn Notices

@ Michael

So how's The Mentalist just because it's showing like Romance and Dates now how is that a water-down of white collar and burn notice I'm confused at what specially Your unabout go a little bit more in detail.

The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 11 Quotes

We have to wait for a hit on the BOLO. I hate that.


Jane: I don't need a desk.
Fischer: Really, you work standing up.
Jane: No, lying down.