The Mentalist Review: For the Love of Socks

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One of the things that I noticed right from the beginning of The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 10 was that Jane still wasn't wearing any socks.

Perhaps he simply doesn't own a pair after his time on the beach. Watching him hang out in his detention suite without them made me wonder if he was boycotting that piece of apparel or if the FBI refused to provide them. 

Apparently I wasn't the only one who noticed... but we'll get back to the socks in a bit.

Handling Patrick Jane

I was surprised that the story picked up three months later but maybe I shouldn't have been. Goodness knows Patrick Jane can hold a stalemate with the very best and he wasn't about to back down from his list of demands. And at the top of Jane's Terms was Teresa Lisbon.

Lisbon was oddly still back in Washington state dealing with important police emergencies…like a missing stapler. When she walked into Jane's detention suite, I wondered if it was the first genuine smile he's had in those three months. He seemed thrilled to have her ordering him around once more. 

The case highlighted the best of Jane's talents. I loved that he immediately spotted that the wife was a gypsy when no one else did. And his psychic schtick was so good he almost had me believing him, even though I knew it was a scam. Jane is just that good at reading people and selling the con and that's what makes it so much fun to watch. 

As was some of his interaction with Agent Fischer. She's trying so hard to get the upper hand on Jane that it makes it even easier for him to play games with her as when he told Fischer in this The Mentalist quote

I understand you Kim. I understand you very well. Better than you do yourself.


It may very well be true…or it could just be Jane messing with her head. Either way, Patrick Jane is nothing she expected. 

Fischer: I was so certain I had him figured out.
Lisbon: Welcome to my life.

For a moment, I wondered if she was trying to play Lisbon but I honestly think Fischer was looking for advice. And when she asked if Lisbon and Jane had been involved I found it telling that Teresa didn't answer the question with a resounding no.

Maybe it's because although they were never officially a couple; there's certainly more between them than a strictly professional relationship.

Making a run for it in Brooklyn was typical Jane. It was as though he did it just to prove he could. And Cho's amusement was priceless, as was him calling out Fischer after she berates one of her agents for losing him. Cho's had Jane play him far too often not to revel in watching him do it to someone else. 

Fischer: He made fools of us.
Cho: It won't be the last time.

The best moment was Teresa finally telling Jane off. He's left her time and time again without a word. Yes, he sent her letters from the island but she never knew if she'd ever see him again. 

Patrick was focused on the fact that he always came back to her but Teresa had a different perspective. He can disappear at any moment and she never knows if this time it's forever. How do you trust someone who continually blind sides you?

Even now, he hasn't asked her what she wants. Never consulted her in his decisions or in drafting his terms.

You were difficult and exhausting and maybe I don't want to put the rest of my life on hold to be your sidekick.


Not that Teresa isn't bored and wasting her talents as a small town police chief but I can see how Jane's actions can make her fell taken for granted. 

Thankfully, she's put that aside. 

I loved when Jane went toe to toe with Abbott and won. That man is not an easy mark. It took Jane time to figure out what leverage to play to get what he wanted but as we saw in his hunt for Red John, Patrick Jane can be relentless. 

Of course I can only imagine what Abbott's reaction will be when he realizes he's been played.

I was also elated that Jane didn't hesitate to share his scam with Lisbon and how he practically bounced from the bed when he realized she'd taken the FBI job. The two of them are now in this together and he can't wait to see what kind of trouble they can find. 

His reaction to her gift of socks was just the icing on the cake.

I wasn't sure how this show would pull off the demise of Red John but so far, I'm thrilled with the continuation of Jane's story in The Mentalist Season 6. Now I just wish I didn't have to wait until January 5 for more!


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At the beggining I loved this show, then I enjoyed it, then I was just courious about who Red John was, and now I'm just watching it because I got used to. The episodes with Jane finding and killing Red John were so damn stupid. But what Simon Baker does in front of the camera, and some jokes in the script keeps me in front of the tv.


Just a little after four hours to go....thought it would never get here. I'd be tap dancing right now if I knew how lol. Looking forward to all your opinions/posts as times goes by. PS...when do you suppose Patrick will start scraping his face? I'd love to see that smiling face shining through again. I think the scruffy beard kind of hides part of him......a little like the vest/armor thing......a little armor maybe?


I'm doing the happy dance!!!

Avatar are absolutely, one hundred percent right on!

@ Washgurl36

Responding to your reply regarding Simon Baker, personally. Btw I also rewatched his movie. Enjoyed it more the second time. Wish I had the DVD for the out takes. I rented once and watched twice through Netflix streaming. Sounds like a hoot.

@ Washgurl36

Yeah, the outtakes are almost worth getting the DVD just for that. I checked and they have the movie only in Blu Ray now for about $26. I got the DVD before the movie came out in the U.S. by pre-ordering it from amazon. Don't remember but I probably paid around $26 for it, but almost anything with Simon Baker in it worth extra bucks. I'll bet those outtakes are on YouTube somewhere. Everything else is.


Over the holidays I had a chance to re-watch Simon's film, I Give it a Year. It's better the 2nd time because nuances escape me the first time. I have to say that, although the film is fairly entertaining, it's Simon Baker who lights it up. He does romantic scenes so well. A mix of decency and subtlety that is more sensual than sexy. I loved the DVD extra with the outtake bloopers. The scene where Simon was enthusiastically kissing the girl in the doorway got broken up hilariously when Simon had to stop because he got caught on the door with all his gyrations. The scene with the doves was the funniest I've ever seen. They should have kept the outtakes. The birds kept landing on Simon's head and flying in their faces and the girl was in hysterics. It's a wonder they got the more controlled shots that stayed in the film.


Happy New Year to all of you from me too! I'm looking forward to some good TM eps. No way would Heller waste half a season letting the series fizzle out. He surely has something in mind - perhaps testing a possible spinoff of TM. I hope we get to see that Airstream soon. I suspect it is where Jane will choose to live as a replacement for that quirky storage room in the CBI attic. (What a creative stage setting!) Maybe it will be vintage. Simon said Jane likes old things. He'll need a different car, since the Citroen has disappeared. Maybe an old pickup. Anything to counter the prim stuffiness of the FBI.


Happy 2014 to all! Three days until Bruno & Co. serve us up some more Mentalist 2.0. Looking forward to it.

@ katempw

Same to you Katempw! I have a question that might sound quite stupid but, why do people say Mentalist 2.0? What does the 2.0 refer to?

@ Abbsolute55

It probably comes from how software versions are designated when upgraded. Since this is the "new" Mentalist, I suppose 2.0 would mean a second (upgraded) version of The Mentalist with zero upgrades to it as yet. If they start another season people might consider it an upgrade and call it Mentalist 2.1. I'm all for just calling it The Mentalist, regardless of whatever changes are made.

@ rationalgal2

Thank you rationalgal2! Yes, that makes sense :)

Angie lavoie

Happy New Year and best wishes to all of you!

@ bonaduz

To you too bonaduz! D-day minus 1 :D (well two for me, since I can only watch it on Mondays).


Ah yes, getting close to three days after this evening. I have been looking through youtube, looking for Simon Baker interviews. Has been very fun looking back through 2004, 2006. He has matured so much, going into his forties. I think by 2008, with the more or less new look, he blossomed. I read somewhere that at one time he didn't really think it was necessary to do the rounds of interviews that were required, I.e. for The Guardian, for example. I am sure he realized later that it was necessary. As much as I enjoyed The Guardian, it doesn't hold a candle to The Mentalist. Different writing, experience, all has its effect. So looking forward to the new episode Sunday.
PS.....regarding The Guardian.....I have the feeling that Baker was put in a box more or less and not allowed to express his inner capabilities. That guy has so much to give.
Hope everyone had a great New Years Day!

@ washgurl36

I agree that Simon has gotten better and better, but so have his roles. He gets to portray more complex characters and does a great job of it. I think he did the Guardian role very well, given the emotionally constrained nature of the character. I read somewhere that Simon did not like that role because being immersed in the character for so long he began to be somewhat like him and he did not like that. The Guardian is not an enjoyable series to watch. So much misery, almost no happy endings. The rich always paid their way out of their problems and the poor just got screwed every way possible. I hope real life for the children's protective agency clients is not that bad.

@ rationalgal2

Was re-reading my post.....what I was so delighted in watching those interviews was, how he has blossomed as a person in his interviews. Yes, getting more complex roles has surely impacted his performances. He has that something inside him that he has to share with the audience. You can see it even in the early stuff. His discussion about how he is able to tap into those feelings really gets to me. He talked about being so affected by the film Old Yeller in
Which the boy has to put down the dog. When he needs that tearful emotion, he taps into those memories. The clip I saw had him in the 18-22 year old bracket, and I am sure those memories are still there to be used.
I agree, The Guardian was painfull to watch. My daughter just couldn't continue watching because of the sadness and plight of the people.
Anyway, at the same time I thought the series was painfull to watch, I enjoyed it because of Simon B.
I kept waiting and waiting for things to work out for
Nick. Sadly, they got cancelled, which was probably a good thing for Baker. I think he was pretty much in a box in that role. The Mentalist, on the other hand, is so complex that he has been able to shine. Bruno Heller trusted him and rightly so.
Two more days.....yeaaaaaa

@ Washgurl36

Yes, one of the reasons I love TM is being pretty sure that Simon is a decent guy in real life. There have been shows I enjoyed watching until I read that the star was a real jerk in his/her personal life. I want to like the people playing characters I like. Example: I loved "Bones" but cannot fully enjoy it now after learning that the actor who plays Booth is a womanizing jerk. Simon Baker, from all accounts, seems like a good, decent guy in all respects. And I LOVE his acting. He obviously takes it seriously down to the last body movement and facial expression. That takes work and commitment. He deserves the fame and fortune he now has.


Finally! We will have a new episode in four days! I can't wait!

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The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 10 Quotes

If I can't live on my terms I'm in prison anyway. Might as well live in this cozy little detention suite.


Fischer: We want to help him out.
Lisbon: You want to use him.