The Mentalist to Cast Boyfriend for Lisbon

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You may wanna stop reading right now, Patrick Jane.

With The Mentalist Season 6 having already fast-forwarded two years and with viewers needing to adjust to a few changes after the reveal of Red John, executive producer Bruno Heller is now preparing fans for another major shifts:

Teresa Lisbon is getting a boyfriend!

Lisbon in Uniform

“In order for her to fulfill herself - even if she eventually fulfills herself with Jane, which she may or may not do - she has to find other relationships, other perspectives, other people who love her, just to feel fully who she is,” Heller teased to EW. “It’s very important for her to be able to step away from Jane and see herself for herself.”

Heller did not reveal any details about the beau, but he is set to appear in Episode 15 or 16 and he is yet to be cast.

But don't fret too much, fans, the producer says there's a lot to explore between Jane and Lisbon.

"Now that Red John is gone, both Jane and Lisbon are sort of psychically free to wake up and look around and what they see when they wake up from that nightmare is each other,” he previews. “And how that relationship develops and how they sort of start working out who they are to each other is a big part of how the rest of this season unfolds.”

The CBS drama is on hiatus until January, but you can watch The Mentalist online and catch up now.

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More of a bisected triangle if you want to be picky


YAY!!! Finally some jisbon!!!


oh god, Jisbon is so happening.


In order to find herself, Lisbon has to get another man. How last century!


You know a show is going down hill when they do love storys


Surprisingly I'm OK with this. I'd like to see Jane and Lisbon take their time throughout this season and get to view one another in a completely different light. It might be good for Jane to see Lisbon with a real boyfriend. Like she told him last week, he tends to take her for granted. Perhaps this will help change that.


i love that they doing this. I totally agree with Heller when he says that Lisbon has to define herself first. It was far too much about Jane all those years. I mean they can't have a romantic relationship when she's his sidekick. So yeahh...give me some Lisbon in love with another man. Because we can be sure that Jane also will have some ladies who are interested in him. He always has. Now it's Lisbon's time for once! Besides she's beyond gorgeous. Why on earth shouldn't she have a boyfriend`?

@ hummelchen

I know. Lisbon not having a single serious boyfriend in all these years is kind of weird.

@ LauraJean

Years ago, I was really excited when she hooked up with Mashburn, only for it to be a one night stand. I was really hoping he would come back.

Sommerleigh pollonais

Boo! I say Booo! lol


If you don't look at the relationship through the eyes of the Jisbon shippers, the relationship between Jane and Lisbon has always seemed more best friend than anything else. The difference in this "triangle" from most shows is Jane would be supportive of Lisbon with another person. He practically pushed her into Mashburn's arms. I was hoping when he went on the lam he would meet up with the black widow (forgot her name) -- they had great chemistry.

@ RM

Funny thing for me.....I used to see them as the "Bickersons" an old married couple. I even wondered if the characters enjoyed an unwatched relationship. But then, I more or less moved to the jisbon(I don't like that name btw) side of things. As the writers seemed to quietly move them closer and closer together, I went there too. I just posted that I didn't cotton to the triangle business. Now, I am really wondering.....can I change perception of the two of them?
Remains to be seen. I may have to get my claws filed. :)

@ Washgurl36

I know what you are saying about the old married couple but I have a friendship with a guy who I have zero interest in beyond that friendship and we are like an old married couple. I could see them together (long term she is the only one I could see him with after everything he's been through) but I could also see that relationship be nothing more than the best of friends. I feel for the boyfriend because she will always drop everything for Jane (as most people do for their best friends) and he will have to be able to handle Jane's antics. I have a feeling that, more than the triangle aspect, will be the undoing of her relationship.

@ RM

I personally think Lisbon will not give in to Jane as much once she defines herself and moves into a personal relationship with someone. Love has a way of making its own move. The stories will be move into a different groove once there is more depth.
Jane, however, will remain remotely distant when it comes to romance and falling for someone. I think he will be a little put off cause Lisbon won't lean on him as much.


Boyfriend? Naaaaaaa. Not a good move. I'll watch it to the end, but I'll be scratching and clawing all the way. :(

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