The Mindy Project Review: Santa Bras of Wine

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It's Christmas time in the city and to celebrate the season, Mindy bought and lugged a tree up to the office.

When she found her friends already huddled around a beautifully adorned tree she scoffed with disbelief.

Mindy: What the hell is that?
Peter: How Hindu are you? It’s a Christmas tree.

Mindy's Santa Baby

The remainder of The Mindy Project Season 2 Episode 11 centered around Mindy's building wide party, which Danny pointed out, was really just a Christmas sex party trap, set by her to get Cliff.

Of course, there was still the issue of Heather, who Cliff was still dating. Mindy's optimism remained strong even after she ran into Brendan and his new girlfriend Maria Menounos.

The party may have been gluten and alcohol free, but it was not short on laughs, as a newly thin Jeremy - fresh from fat camp - and a sober Peter pledged to keep each other from falling off the wagon.

What am I supposed to do with my hands if I’m not holding beers?


Jeremy relapsed in a big way when he ate what looked like half of Danny's gingerbread replica of Monticello. As funny as it was to see Jeremy burst into Mindy's office with the evidence of his indiscretion in hand, you had to feel for Danny who spent so much time on his creation whilst wearing his red reading glasses.

Mindy, meanwhile, looked to have sucked enough liquid courage out of her wine bra to actually kiss Danny after he danced to Aaliyah's "Try Again" for her. Alas, it was not meant to be, as they were interrupted by Peter. 

Kudos to Peter for finding the courage to go and talk to Maria while sober.

It wasn't the smoothest of approaches, but the result was perfection. He also deserves mention for his great Weird Science reference when he described how she was his ideal woman.

So in the end Mindy got what she wanted? She'll probably blame the near kiss with Danny on her bra wine and the two will go back to the way things were. Long term pulling for Danny, but I am happy she ended up with Cliff for the moment.

At first, like Mindy, I was put off by his comment about her being crazy. The more I thought about it, though, it makes me like him even more. He sees Mindy for who she really is: A smart, beautiful woman who loves gluten and maybe talks to pigeons on occasion.


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Heads up, I just found out that The Mindy Project returns January 7th. Spread the word.

Leigh r

I'm so late on commenting but the Aaliyah dance was too good! Love Chris Messina.


I really like her and Cliff, and she deserves this victory! I'm starting to feel something between her and Danny too, and I felt bad for him! But it's not his time yet,I hope she gets to enjoy Cliff for a while!


This show really has come into its own, though I've always loved it. I'm really glad Mindy finally got with Cliff! And the wine bra was a hilarious idea! I would love one of those! I used to hate the thought of Mindy and Danny together, but it's growing on me a little more. I really like that they're making the feelings start on his end rather than hers. It makes it a little less predictable. Peter was hilarious as always in this episode. Is the show not coming back until April? That would be really sad...

@ Amy Lynn

There are new episodes starting on January 7 and continuing throughout the month! The hiatus starts in February.


The chemistry between Danny and Mindy was electric! I just wanted to give Danny a hug after he saw Mindy with Cliff. Love this show, it's brilliant. Can't wait for it to be back after the hiatus!!

Drea xoxo

LOVED THE EPISODE!! it reminded me why i still continue to watch the show. glad they didn't kiss yet. It would have been too early for them and want it to be mindy's end game. i couldn't stop laughing! his dance was fantastic and made me happy that he really thought about her when doing it. Can't wait to see what we have got in store now the can is slowly opening


Loved the episode. The tension and feelings between Mindy and Danny is amazing, I really enjoy seeing him realise his feelings for her. She's not there yet, but I think she will be, after her relationship with Cliff (who I also really like by the way).

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The Mindy Project Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Mindy: What the hell is that?
Peter: How Hindu are you? It’s a Christmas tree.

What am I supposed to do with my hands if I’m not holding beers?