The Tomorrow People Review: Like Father, Like Son

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Okay, now this episode was more like it. 

Remember last week when I was all grumpy and griping over The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 7 because it felt like the show was just going to keep going round and round will they/won't they merry-go-round with Cara and Stephen?

Well, the series definitely redeemed itself in The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 8

While I'm sure that the Stephen-loves-Cara storyline will probably rear its ugly head again at some point, at least this episode went off in a new and completely satisfying direction. At least it did for me, the fangirl who is deeply in love with both John and Jedikiah. 

Crafting a Plan

In this episode, Jedikiah finds himself tied up and imprisoned in the Tomorrow People's underground cave.

This happened after Cara's attempt to read him while he was sleeping went awry. I could've told her that was a terrible idea, but then again, I'm extremely happy with the results, so I won't begrudge her attempt to get at the truth behind "Thanatos."

I'm like a one man "Ocean's 11."


When Jedikiah got to the cave and refused to speak to anyone but John, I assumed it was because he figured he could manipulate John into letting him out. As it turned out, he had another motive and was trying to protect John from the secret they both knew would be devastating to the paranormals (especially Stephen) if it got out. 

Even Cara knew that deep down, Jedikiah was hiding something that had to do with John. But more than that, she could feel that Jedikiah still really cared for John and thought of him as a son. Cue my heart growing about three more sizes during that scene. There's nothing I love more than a good father/son dynamic with lots of angst and this show just served one up on a silver platter. 

What do you think they would do if they knew the whole truth about you?


Just when I thought it couldn't possibly get better than, it did. In a series of flashbacks, we saw that John was part of a series of experiments that were done by a man they called "Thanatos." Back then, Ultra was supposed to be a place where paranormals learned how to use their powers for good and help people. But soon that plan was lost and when Stephen's dad tried to keep the old ways alive, they ordered him dead. 

Here's where things really got interesting and a bit tricky. Once John survived the experiment and they discovered he could kill, Jedikiah gave him an order to take out the man that was beginning to cause Ultra so much trouble. So John felt that he had no choice and killed Roger. That scene nearly broke my heart, especially when Roger asked John to find his son and also take care of the other paranormals. Again, it's no wonder he takes his duties as leader so seriously. 

Cara: He loved you like a son.
John: He had a funny way of showing it.

The interesting and tricky part of that was when they discovered the idea of limbo. Stephen was convinced that he truly saw his father in that in-between space because they both possess the ability to stop time. But John is certain that he killed Roger. So who is right? My money is on Roger still being alive but I am very curious to find out how that's possible since we saw him basically die in John's arms. 

In the end, John couldn't kill Jedikiah but his mercy got him into major trouble. Last we saw he was being dragged into Ultra as a helpless Stephen watched. I can't wait to see what happens next. 

John: I trusted you like a father and you used me. Don't you get it? I lost everything that day.
Jedikiah: You were just a boy looking for a family. That's what you'll always be.
John: You don't get to decide what I am.

Between seeing a slightly softer side to Jedikiah (aw, he's in love with Morgan) to more of John's story coming out, I think this episode has just claimed the spot for my favorite of the season so far. 

My favorite bits:

  • Tim making fun of... well, whatever that accent was that Stephen tried to do. 
  • Russell trying to explain how he ended up dragging Jedikiah back with him. 
  • Jedikiah still managing to cop an attitude, while tied to a chair. 
  • Cara pointing out that a benefit of being human was that she could kill Jedikiah (I know she was lying about the human part, but I still loved that bit).
  • The slight flicker in Jedikiah's eyes when he found out they had discovered Morgan. 
  • Jedikiah calling Tim the 8-track of artificial intelligence. Ha! Burn. 
  • Irene asking Russell to explain whatever that physics question was. 
  • Not being able to believe that Russell fell for the fake-choking act. Come on, man!
  • John shooting the gun until it ran out of bullets and Jedikiah hyperventilating when he saw he was still alive. Whoa. 
  • Jedikiah protecting John from being hurt by his people from Ultra. Aw. 
  • John promising Roger that he would find his son and protect the other paranormals. 


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Spindae 2o

I think we shouldn't forget Roger could stop time as well. I believe that was the major clue of the episode.
Overall I'm not that thrilled with this ep. It was good but they are really forcing it. With Cara showing her powers, John getting caught. everything. The Originals are pacing fast but they are holding it up with good stories and development.


This episode was dismal for me. I hate when writers keep writing story arcs with bad guys that never die; keep turning up even after they are presumed dead (Malcolm in Arrow) or never getting caught like Amanda in Nikita. I like long story arcs but NOT when they're absurd. Jedikiah zapped to their secret place because goofball Russell (like a 3yr old) couldn't keep his hands in his pockets. I figured out early on that the big secret was John was the hit man for Stephen's dad Roger. What gets me is that they had many opportunities to get rid of Jedikiah. I was amazed when John started firing the gun. I thought wow, maybe this show does have some grit and they're killing off a main character. Whoopee! But, when the dust settled he's STILL alive. That's when this show became stupid for me. Now, I'll just watch it for the eye candy. Looks like Jedikiah will be the never ending bad guy after all.


This story gets more compelling every week. Loving every moment.


Loved the episode. Russel bringing Jedikiah to the lair and him explaining how it happened was funny. When Jedikiah told John he was trying to protect him and that if the tomorrow people found out the whole truth they would never trust him my first thought was that he was the one that killed Stephens father. We saw John shoot Stephens dad and basically die in his arm but in the last episode we saw Stephen see his dad when he was drowning so my two theories are that Stephens dad didn't die but is like frozen in some kind of cryogenic thing because he's in between life and death which is why Stephen saw him in limbo because he was also between life and death. My other theory is that Stephens dad is dead and Stephen could see him because he was between life and death and his father told him not to come closer because if he did then he would of dies because it would of been like going in to the light and it wasn't his time yet. So those are my two best theories. I can't wait till the next episode it looks really good I really want to know what going to happen with John and with Stephen.

@ marissa

It is theory two.


I think the big super mutant power Stephen has, beyond stopping time, is a link between life and death. Thanatos means death. So he can either restore life or commune with the departed. I think his father is dead but able to reach him.

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The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

John: At the first sign of trouble..
Russell: We're off like a bra on prom night.

I'm like a one man "Ocean's 11."