The Vampire Diaries Review: A Time to Kale

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So... that was a bit of a letdown, huh?

The Vampire Diaries has become a victim of its own success. Especially on a midseason finale, fans expect violence. They expect shocks. They look forward to twists and turns and one doozy of a cliffhanger.

But The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 10 offered up none of the above.

Aaron Talks to Damon

It brought back Enzo from the dead, following his unexpected appearance to close out The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 9.

But there was no great backstory here: he was saved by a scientist. He's been used as a lab rat for the last 60 years and... that's pretty much it.

Granted, he's very bitter at Damon for leaving him behind to fry, and that bitterness prompted Damon to once again paint himself as an unfixable monster and break up with Elena - but that development felt more forced and rushed than anything else.

Is Delena really over? Just because Damon is down on himself again? What about the speech Elena gave him on The Vampire Diaries Season 4 finale, when she said she doesn't need him to change? She doesn't want him to change? She loves him just the way he is?

You’ve been a terrible person, you’ve made all the wrong choices, and of all the choices that I’ve made this will prove to be the worst one. But I am not sorry that I’m in love with you. I love you, Damon.

And that grand speech led to this hot kiss:

Delena GIF

Remember, writers? So don't try and tell us that Damon and Elena are over because Damon is feeling guilty.

As Caroline Dries told us, Enzo will be sticking around for a bit, acting like a Devil on Damon's shoulder. So consider me at least curious where this is headed. He does seem like an intriguing fellow.

Now, when it comes to that cliffhanger... ZZZZZZZ. Oh, sorry. I feel asleep there for a moment. Didn't Katherine nearly die a few weeks ago after being fed to Silas? Does anyone out there really care a great deal about her fate at this point?

Heck, Stefan slept with her and he remains just not that into her.

If Katherine lives, it's yet another lame tease. If she dies, well, thank goodness, it'll be about time. But I'm just not invested enough her character to be on the edge of my seat, awaiting The Vampire Diaries Season 5 to return on January 23.

See what I mean about TVD spoiling viewers? It's in its fourth season. It will next air its 100th episode. I don't blame the writers for not making my jaw smack the floor as hard as it once did. Still, that doesn't make the show in its current incantation any more entertaining.

It spent a bulk of this season focusing on Bonnie's fate, only to eventually save her... totally forget about her. Seriously. Bonnie has scarcely played a role since she made it back to the Land of the Living. Which is fine. I'm not complaining. I'm not her biggest fan.

But it does say a lot about the state of the series' storytelling when the character everyone worked desperately to save for multiple months isn't even relevant at the moment.

What did I like about this installment? Katherine making herself a kale smoothie was funny, certainly funnier than her referring to Matt as merely a "busboy." Cheap shot, K! The guy's mother left him! He's hard up for cash. Sheesh!

I liked seeing a bit of Elena's father and her past. There seems like some unexplored territory that could be mined there.

That's sort of it, though. Damon feeing guilty (been there, heard that!) and Katherine on the verge of death (yawn!) are the only real storylines left in the air as we head into 2014. Aaron has that syringe, too, doesn't he? Eh, I'm not particularly excited about any of these.

Are you? Where do you stand on The Vampire Diaries at the moment? Do you want Katherine to live or to die? And, most importantly, do you care?

Watch the promo for the 100th episode and sound off now:


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Great! thanks to all you delena brats, this show is no ruined.... shit storyline, shit couples


This show is bad, like, really bad. The only character I care about is Katherine. Why? Perhaps because I despise Elena so it works like some kind of compensation. Elena is a horrible person as a vampire and I think it killed the show since it was her we all rooted for, she was the person to save, she was the good girl. Then she became a vampire, fell out fo love with the good guy, fell in love with the scumbag, killed people and became even more self-absorved. That's the problem: the plot of saving Elena or anybody she cares about, the plot of stuff related to her any of it, doesn't work and annoys watchers because we all started hating her. This show is done.


this season has been disappointing

Spindae 2o

Matt honestly it's about the Horizont of expectations, the episode before this was not that explosion filled and lacked of proper development and you couldn't expect a dramatic 3rd season like mid-final. If the SILAS story was alive it could've been a cliffhanger final but this is just the begging of a new story so I will give it space to dig deep.
The good thing about this episode was Katherine all over. Every line every scene, she just worked. And I care for her, she is an egomanic bitch and that's the reason I love her. She and Nadia had great moments together. The conclusion scene with Stefan was deeply heartbreaking, and it proved Katarina was really human and Stefan is the only one who could make her feel just a bit redeemed.
The brother interaction was really good, messing with Aaron and not letting him speak was really funny.
The Enzo stuff was really good, the actor really nailed the role. I was really happy with the way it ended, damon showed something like emotions.
But on the other hand I agree with you Matt they are really lacking of true development stories. They should step away from the triangle stuff and let new people into the main characters life, Nadia is working pretty solid.


Is it just me, or I think this episode is fine on its own, but not as a midseason finale, because it wasn't meant to be the midseason finale? other shows on the CW use ep 8/9 as the midseason finale, while this was tvd's ep10. Just saying, as a usual ep, this would've been an alg ep.


I'm sorry, Matt, but from the countless people I follow on twitter, and the numerous opinions I see on tvd boards, you're the only one who doesn't care about Katherine. How could you not like her? She's basically the best character on this show and has been since season 2. Her transition from evil slut vampire villain to a hilarious mortal has been one of the best character developments this show (and other shows) has seen. Plus Nina plays her perfectly. Me and a lot of other people will stop watching when Katherine stops breathing.

Drea xoxo
@ Paul

I Third this!! without Katerina Petrov i could care less about the rest of the characters minus Elijah ofc, but even he's flung off the albatross that is TVD! Katerina is what the characters are supposed to be like, entertaining and not a 2 dimenitial shape!

@ Paul

don't care about K , too.
She was barely in the plot, used as some sort of magic device whenever something was needed to be I do not see all this development you're talking about...
just my opinion!

@ Paul

I second this statement!


Did all the good writers follow Klaus to New Orleans? I am sick of seeing double! Please kill off Katherine. Here is how I'd do it; she switches bodies with her daughter and her daughter dies along with Katherine's body.
Bring in a big baddie! Someone who is almost as old as "the Originals" maybe the first person they turned! Come on! Breathe life into this series and please bring on somebody that only one Salvatore man falls for. This sharing women is making them skanky!


I totally agree with you, this episode was boring...way too boring!
actually since the beginning of season 5th I found the episodes pretty much boring.
I don't care about K, not even about the daughter and the travelers story.


Plain and simple Vampire Diaries just sucks !! and it has sucked ever since season 3... all the cool twists and turns that used to keep me on the edge of my seat are no longer apparent.... RIP VD

Drea xoxo
@ ilk_vomit

after the original's début ball to MF, the show was never the same. they tried and tried and yes for a several moments they lapsed back into classic TVD, only to kill my alaric =[ make elijah go to NO and misuse my Katerina!!!


Definiltey this season the show lacks of something. It has no glue to tie one character to the other one. This season each character is on their own. Matt is doing his thing, Jeremy as well, Caroline had not been like a dear friend to noone this season. What is the purpose of Katherine being dead or alive? She is not adding anything relevant to the show only that she is dying of age and that is all. Two characters had been rarely present this season andn they are supposed to be key characters: Matt, Jeremy. One character had been underused: Caroline. Everyone was looking forward Bonnie was going to be brought to life and now thta she is back, she is hardly seen. Hello???? My guess is Tyler is no longer on the show and the actor resigned from it as he broke up with Caroline and now he is nowehere to be seen in TVD as he went to The Originals. This season all characters do not even act as friends like last season, each one is like doing things independently nbt as a group of friends like all the past seasons. Only when they pay respect to Bonnie they gathered as a group of friends but now you hardly see them together as a group looking for solutions to the problems.. This season is the Delena/Stephelena Show. and focus only on their stories. I think Jeremy has the rigfht to know who was his dad but the writers are focusng only in Elena, Jeremy is just a supporting role this season.
This show needs to improve. This season has not been as great as the other ones and this is a general opinion by many TVD fans. I hope during this hiatus the writers have time to fix the mess they have created with the stories and next year it be much better. Also part of the blame is Julie as this season her stories had not been that good. Otherwise this show may be in the verge of cancellation if something is not done to fix the things that had not been working so far

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The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

Damon: I'm gonna barf.
Katherine: Great. Then my work here is done.

That's my brother Stefan. But I'd watch your tone with him because he's kind in the middle of a psychotic break.