2 Broke Girls Review: Dumpster Diving

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If ever there was any question whether or not Deke and Max were meant for each other, I’m certain that 2 Broke Girls Season 3 Episode 14 has confirmed for most of us that they are.

It was nice that Max was able to recognize she didn’t know how to be happy. But it was awesome that Deke could tell what Max was freaking out about and was willing to weather the storm. 

Max and Deke are such a cute couple. Their dating has allowed the show to access a whole new stable of jokes. While the sitcom is still not shying away from its trademark crude humor, it is nice to get a few light-hearted jokes mixed in. 

There were several moments this week that were both touching and funny, such as Max teasing Deke about wearing a bird on his shirt when she in fact really liked it. I really hope we get to see Max and Deke move into a longer term relationship. 

Seriously. Deke, hold on to Max. The woman thinks your dumpster apartment is awesome and loves your wardrobe. She’s a keeper! 

On the other hand, you had Caroline afraid to be alone in the apartment. In three years, hasn’t Caroline been alone in the apartment at some point? Max doesn’t strike me as the stay-at-home wallflower. At first I was thinking she was just nervous about the murder car, but then she said she’s never been in the apartment alone. Ever.

I thought the twist of the tinted-window-car’s driver bringing Caroline a mix CD was great. It shows that deep inside a bandana wearing street thug beats the heart of a computer nerd. Or at least that’s what this computer nerd is going to take away from it.

In conclusion, I’m giving this episode four and a half brown-chicken-brown-cows in honor of Deke and Max finally sealing the deal and still being together the next day.

What did you think of Deke's Place?


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I love Max and Deke together. Love love love. I hope Deke becomes more of a permanent fixture than a short term arc. The episodes with him have been my favorite of the series. He brings a great dynamic to the table.


I personally think the show is always a little better when we can see the girls involved in a relationship, especially Max since it's so hard for her. And I also love her and Deke together. They compliment each other well, and he just gets her! I don't think Caroline was saying she's never been alone in the apartment, period, just not overnight. Which makes sense as Caroline usually goes with her or she just doesn't have money to do anything anyways. Anyways, I'm really pleased with where this season is going this year. Between pastry school and Max's new relationship, there's a lot of potential!


I loved this episode I thought it was so funny. I was not expecting Deke's place to be a dumpster but that is a pretty cool home and a little gross but deffinetly cool. Max and Deke make such a great couple and I hope they stay together for awhile. Caroline being afraid of the murder car and having to be home alone was funny I liked how she talked to Nancy and chestnut about what to do if someone came in from the front or the back. Caroline spilling pretty hot water on herself was funny and it's probably a good thing it wasn't as hot as she wanted it to be.

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2 Broke Girls Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

Caroline: Well, I did it. I saved the neighborhood.
Max: You had a car towed; you didn't burn down the Bed Bath and Beyond.

Deke: We can watch TV with your shirts off.
Max: Maybe and I will buy you some dinner if you put out.