American Horror Story: Pick Your Favorite Season

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American Horror Story Season 3 drew to a close last night with the selection of a new Supreme.

The unique drama has now taken us inside a Los Angeles murder house... introduced us to Nazis and aliens inside an insane asylum... and depicted a bunch of effed up witches inside a New Orleans coven.

With American Horror Story Season 4 already being planned, let's take a moment and look back.

Toggle through the following slideshow, watch American Horror Story online if you need to relive previous season and thn vote below...

... which is your favorite season of American Horror Story?

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Murder house got me hook but Lilly got me to stay after the second one


I hated the first season, and loved the second and third. If it hadn't been for that weak season finale, the 3rd would have been my fave.


The first season by far and my reasoning is that I found the following two thereafter were rammed with complete unnecessary nonsense and not by any fault of any of the actors because everyone was phenomenal in all three seasons especially Jessica Lange but the writers tried to cram too much pointless ideas and story-lines into these last two seasons...Now I see it like this the show has pretty much one more chance to get it right...Lose the pointless characters and pointless sub-stories...I would hate to see this show fade out like that 2006 tv-series Heroes (which also was a great idea and ran two great seasons before losing it's appeal). Connecting everyone's story (meaning the characters) like how it has been done in some of these great films like Crash (2004) and more recently the film Disconnect (2012)...Now if that type of riveting storytelling can be put into thirteen episodes successfully...then that would be epic...


Murder house, by far. The writing was really good, the story was logical, funny and creepy.
Asylum was pretty good. I hated the alien part, it ruined the season for me. I also depised the Anne Frank part of Asylum. That was, well I can't find an appropriate word for the hatred I felt towards that part of Asylum. But, I am the first to admit, other than that, the bloodyface story was great.
Coven, I don't know where to start. The first three episodes were great, I was intrigued and wanted more. After that the writing was choppy, the story wasn't logical. If you see the first three episodes and than skip towards the last, you'll have seen the storyline. The rest of the episodes might as well not have happend. Marie Levau, Delphine Lalauri, the Hunters, the Voodoo, it all served absolutly no purpose at all, since they had no effect on the storyline that Coven wanted to tell, the rise of the new supreme. By the time we got to the finale I just wanted it to be over.


I picked Coven, but each of them have different qualities. Murder House is scary, the story is quite good, there are great characters.
Asylum is the best season in terms of horror (and "The Name Game" was just the perfect scene in the whole series), but the whole alien thing and the story that goes all over the place was a bit annoying at times.
Coven may not be the scariest season, but the characters, the story and the whole seven wonders thing sold it to me. Kathy Bates, Jessica Lange and Angela Bassett were perfect in each episode.


I never watched the whole season of Murder House so I'm not super in love with it like some seem to be but I think lots of people have a bias because that was the first season of the show. Asylum was great to me, besides the alien part. When it was established that each season would be a new storyline, I was a little disappointed. I think Asylum could have really gone on with just a revolving door of new crazy patients, but I'm the most upset about only having one season of Coven. I think since they have a limited amount of episodes and everything has to be wrapped up by the finale, nothing is ever going to be perfectly explained.


"Coven" was certainly very interesting for me as a resident of the New
Orleans area and I was always on the look out for familiar
locations. But in terms of sheer horror, "Asylum" was the
scariest and most demented. I loved the tribute to Schlitzie
of "Freaks" and the use of the Singing Nun's "Dominique".
The insipid "Name Game" was another inspired soundtrack ditty.


I thought this season was a total waste of amazing talent. Angela Bassett and Kathy Bates stood on the periphery with characters far and beyond more interesting than anything on the screen. Instead we were served up a rushed plot filled with unnecessary sub-plots which led to nothing really going anywhere. There were some moments -- most of which involved Bates and Bassett, but otherwise it wound up my least favorite of all three seasons.


all three were equally intriguing to watch, living up to the hype. and in all three along the line the stories that are woven together seem to lose momentum or fall flat right before the final episode. I would definitely keep watching because I love the work of the producers ryan and brad. just try and keep the excitement of the first episode going throughout the whole season.


Wasn't a fan of this season. I said that from the get go. It just wasn't crazy enough for me. It had its moments, but it seemed choppy. There were times I thought I had either missed an episode or had fallen asleep because of what felt like jumps in the storyline. I didn't hate it, just wanted more batshit. The acting was fantastic. The "old timers" were really showing the "kids" how it's done! Final grade for AHS: Coven, C+. Season 1 of AHS, Murder House, was the best. The only thing I really didn't like about it was that Tate was also Rubber Man. There was a wealth of material there that could have easily been made into two seasons. The show was crazy, exciting and different. It was lightning in a bottle and will never happen again. The alien plot was lost on me in season 2 and the show was scattered all over the place, but I figured that was appropriate given it took place in an asylum. They may have lost some of my attention with the alien storyline, but they got it right back with the finale. It was boss. I'll be front row center for season 4 though, lol. ^_^


American Horror Story Quotes

Billie: Her husband murdered her with an ice pick.
Constance: It's hard to keep good help.

I questioned my sanity when I first found out. But this house, this house will make you a believer.