Beauty and the Beast Review: My Name is Vincent Keller

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There has been a brief hiatus over the holidays, but Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 9 carried on merely hours after Cat shot Vincent and arrested her father.

While there were still a few nitpicky items that came to my attention, the way in which the writers decided to bring about the change in direction that will shake the series to the core came off with relatively few flaws - and without the desire to point fingers and assign blame.

It was with a shrug of the shoulders and a sigh of relief that Cat, Vincent and J.T., with Gabe, Tori and Tess to support them, came to the decisions necessary to move past some major hurdles in their lives that would allow them to move on and grow. 

Tori and Vincent

Picking each character and their supporting player doesn't necessarily mean anything for the long haul, but it does for the story arc we've just entered. And you know what? I'm happy with the way it played out. These six characters and their friendships with each other, crisscrossing and intermingling with just enough to keep them in each others lives, but not so much that they will push them further away, is exactly what they need at this moment in time.

Cat was a part of an initial investigation that happens any time one of their agents is in a situation, and she arrested on that also happened to be her father. That went fine until a bullet was later discovered at the scene. Somehow, Gabe and Reynolds managed to close that door to the FBI's satisfaction, but I can't help but wonder if that case might be reopened given what happened at the end of the hour.

Cat was much more like her old self. She was driven, and plucky and still wanted to run things her own way -- but not because she was trying to push herself on anyone. She was genuinely concerned about Vincent and his severe bullet wound. While Tori wasn't at first happy to see Cat, she appreciated the help in trying to get some sense into Vincent about the severity of his situation.

Some business associates of Tori's father (Teen Wolf's Darach was one) just happened to want to meet with her over his antiquities shop that day and wouldn't take no for an answer. They knew about him, and after pulling a gun on Tori, knew about her as well. Cat's sense of responsibility for Vincent that she couldn't shake (it had been hours of shaking; why was she surprised?) naturally rolled over to protecting Tori when Vincent was unavailable.

What the group was after was protected by retinal scan, and Tori's DNA was enough to open the door. The only person who saw what was behind the door was Cat. What the hell was that? Was that an ancestor of Tori's? Were both she and her father genetic beasts? It didn't look like a dog; but half human, half beast. It has been chained in a room and apparently died that way. 

When Cat fled, a back door was left open and dogs were yanking at their chains trying to get into the space. Was this the new mythology about which the show teased was coming? Is Tori at the bottom of the mythology? Why didn't Cat think to mention what she saw to someone?

As she was in the room, Vincent dropped in and saved Tori then dropped to the floor. Tori merely said he saved her. Cat seemed mystified by what she saw in the room and dazed by Vincent saving Tori. She told them to tell the truth about what happened and left them to it. I can understand her confusion about events as they unfolded, but what she saw seemed so incredible. There has to be more to that story.

Despite all of his desperate measures to avoid going to the hospital, Vincent finally agreed.

What desperate measures? Flat out refusal, for one. Going to J.T. for aid and demanding he go to steal blood and medicine to play doctor, for two. In the middle of doing that, J.T. was arrested and we learned his big secret, one he only shared with Tess after she told him it was time to take his life back. 

Part of the reason they are so good together is their willingness not only to poke and jab at each other, but the resulting truths that come from that type of behavior. They are on the same wavelength all of the time. Cat and Vincent may be their best friends, but they each have a different measure of seriousness that forces each to hold back a bit of themselves, because they communicate best with a bit of sarcasm and irony that is lost on Cat and Vincent. 

After the poke about J.T. giving up ten years of his life to protect Vincent hit him hard, J.T. admitted to Tess he was responsible for Vincent's condition. He had heard about the Muirfield experiments and because of his own contacts got Vincent's name onto a list. Vincent wasn't part of a blind study -- he was a guarantee. J.T. thought the extra strength would keep his friend safe, but he admitted he didn't know exactly what he was getting him into.

That was Tess' cue to jump right back at J.T. and remind him that if he's willing to take all of the responsibility for the horrors that happened to Vincent, then he has to take some of the credit for all of the good he did while saving others, too. Tess could have been disgusted to learn what he did, but she didn't miss a beat and she had his back.

Cat was having realizations of her own when Gabe dropped by her apartment to tell her the good news about the FBI case being closed. She felt she could let go because what was holding her so close to Vincent was mutual responsibility to keep each other alive after how many times they had saved each other. After seeing him save Tori instead of her, she felt the weight slip away. Of course, it's only been about 24 hours since she was in love with him, so I have serious doubts. 

Finally, at the hospital Vincent has been fingerprinted. They know who he is. Tori is behind him 100%, but hopes he decides to take control and stop running. She is eloquent and passionate about what she says to him, but in no way does she try to claim him as her own, merely support whatever decision chooses to make. She didn't make it about herself or "us," merely about him. It was a perfect way to tame the fearful about starting up a relationship too soon, as it didn't seem that way. It seemed like the beginning of a friendship.

I know you’re afraid. So am I. But you've got nothing to be ashamed of. Nothing to apologize for. You've got a great story to tell. Vincent Keller. War hero. Nobody has to know our secret. And they won’t. We can do this Vincent. Together.


Vincent strode forward and outside of the hospital, where a press junket was waiting. He stepped up to the podium. "My name is Vincent Keller."

Hit the comments to talk about everything that happened in this episode, and let me know what you think the skeleton by taking the poll.

What was Tori's dad hiding?



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So, I found this episode a game changer and has swung the show in the direction that it NEEDS to go. I did not find the Vincat story as interesting as the JT and Tess story. Once again, Tess's character shines. She has a knack of cutting straight to the core of an issue. She hit a nerve with JT and ultimately was not judgemental. I think that this storyline is the most true and truthfull to the characters. Kudos to Tess and JT. I am troubled by the differences between season 1 and season 2 of BATB. Season 1 was riddled with annoying and incomprehensible dialogue. It was messy at times. And despite that idiotic/humiliating storyline of "Red"- I became a super fan. I loved all the danger and I loved the magic of the series. Season 2 got rid of the stupid dialogue and brought a grittier storyline. But what troubles me is that they seem to have forgotten the core of the storyline. Like Elizabeth said- they are totally inconsistent with details. All of us loyal fans- we notice when details are inconsistent. But more over, what about the core questions that have not been answered. Why was Cat's mother killed? Why was Vincent there? How did Vincent know that Thomas was not Cat's dad? Why/who killed Thomas? Why did someone at dept of Homeland Security notifiy Thomas that bio dad was back in the country? I do not find the Gabe storyline annoying. Maybe a little too much screen time. But all of us deserve a chance at redemption. Gabe has had a tragic life. And season 1, he was desparate to live a normal human life. I do not think he was/is a bad guy. So now he is trying to make up for it. Aside from that, I think that they need someone at the police station who can help cover up the future beast problems. What I find useless and a waste of screen time is the Torie storyline. I find the idea of a female beast interesting but really...... Torie on her own is not a bad person. She certainely has a lot of courage to face what she is- which is a hybrid. I just am not enamored with the idea of teasing other relationships with Vincat. Been there and done that with the Red storyline . Over it already. So, now hopefully will begin the dance between Vincent and Cat. The "i don't like you but keep running into you but I cant keep away from you - the I am jealous- want to do hot sexy things to you- ina beastie kind of way" dance. The sexy, torid- epic kind of love story that we know exhisted. Come on writers- get with it. So, the writers and producers have quite a dilemma. Keep the mystery going, answer some questions. create some new questions. Tighten up the storyline. Stop Cat from being so needy but stubborn in her own way. Get Vincent a real job. Give that boy some pride. Let's walk the danger and love tightrope again. With a show like this you have to suspend disbelief and walk into that world. I will continue to do so- and hoping like crazy that we get season 3.


I find this entire story line silly and implausible. Cat shoots Vincent because you can't kill a human. . . but its okay to kill beasts. Beasts are not animals. They are HUMANS who have been INFECTED with cross species DNA. They are still human. Also suddenly Gabe is Mr. Hero. Has everyone forgotten S1Ep15 "Any Means Possible." Gabe murdered a human! He murdered Ray Scheckman the witness that could prove Vincent did not kill Darius (Bishop's brother). The last person he saw was Gabe! Gabe also tried to kill Vincent in Season 1 to save himself. Vincent would never have tried to kill Gabe if their positions were reversed. Gabe is totally evil in Season 1, but this super sweet guy in Season 2 who is good and tender and secretly in love with Cat. Totally unbelievable. In both seasons Vincent risks his life everyday to save anyone who needs it without regard for himself. But instead of being a hero, per Cat everyday he is acting more and more like a "beast" while all of his friends risk their necks to make excuses for him. How many times in Season 1 did Cat ask for Vincent's help because he had extra powers? He even saved Evan bc she asked even though he should have never went out. So if Cat says its okay to kill a human, it's fine. How many times have we heard her say "it's okay, you had to do it." But the most evil man on the planet who experimented on and murdered countless human beings, and who also tried to blow Vincent up twice should not be killed because Vincent will lose his humanity (what the heck does that even mean????). Dumb dumb storyline. Now I personally am also sick of Cat's whining and hasn't anyone else noticed she is always wrong. "Vincent my father cares for me" (oh her father the mass murderer??). Her mother is represented as a kind person (okay. . Gabe was infected at age 4 and Cat's mom saved him. But YEARS later she's still working for Muirfield and giving injections to Vincent and all the other soldiers. I guess infecting a four year old didn't make her change jobs. So Cat's father and mother were major players in Muirfield-- her own parents destroyed countless families and lives and MURDERED countless humans with their experiments while she lived a quiet normal suburban life up until her mom's murder. I just find this entire story line far fetched. Don't get me wrong I love sci fi and horror and romance so I don't mind an out of this world story line.. . but the characters change personalities per episode and the story lines jump all over the place. Season 1 she would do anything to keep them together. Season 2 "well this is it." LOL. I enjoy the chemistry of the two leads and this show had the potential to be an excellent show except for the sloppy writing.

@ Elizabeth

I totally agree!! Suddenly V is the bad guy? Gabe the hero? Cat the suffering girlfriend? Come on!! This is getting so frustrating!! And now V has to gain her trust back?? Her love back? Make amends? What about her?? Aghhhhh

@ Elizabeth

Thank you Elizabeth. Momma Chandler was a Dr. Frankenstein and bio dad was a vicious serial killer who made money from his beasts and then disposed of them.. Yet, we spend an inordinate amount of time condemning Vincent for bad decisions. Even though he saves Catherine in almost every episode she condemns him for it. The ineffectual Gabe gets the batting eyes and the thank you. Gabe so sickeningly sweet but like a snake whispers doubts into Catherine's ear. He so totally useless yet is the "noble hero" according to the show runner. I believe he was going to euthanize people with a syringe and even had Catherine murder one so he could experiment on him. Some hero.

@ Elizabeth

Amen sista. Beware the claws. I tried using this logic in my earlier reviews this season. It goes over well with some, not so well with others. ;-)


I finally watched the episode and it was better than the other ones of this season. We knew from the beginning that Vin/Cat will have a rocky relationship and that is whwat is going on now. They will have eventually to work out to return to each other/ I mean Vin and Cat certainy still love each other but given the circumstances of everything that had happened they cant be together and it is better for each one to be alone for a while to find out whta they really want from the other one. And Im sure jealousy will spark between them as Cat will be moving on and so will Vin and since thy still have feelings for each other they cant deny the fact to still care for each other even if it a little and even if they want to act like they do nto care and they are acting like these tough people who now have a different lives away from each other.. I want to see now that Vin had confessed to the world who he is, what consequences will that have on his life and everyone around him, specially JT as he feels responsible that Vin is a beast, but it is odd that not the whole platoon was turn into beast and only Vin it is odd


I found this episode to be frustrating....doesn't anyone else remember when Tess shot Vincent in the sewer tunnels and he healed himself? What happened to that aspect of his beastness? Also, there was a huge storyline with Cat's mom about how Vincent's entire platoon was turned into beasts by Muirfield....not that he was hand-picked as JT "confessed." I'm pretty annoyed with these inconsistencies.


i have a feeling its going to turn out that beasts came about naturaly but murfield just found a way to adapt the dna and give the powers to other people


Thanks for this great review. I really liked the ep and can't wait to find out how the story unfolds and about the new mythology. And I think it will be fun to watch them get back together again. I love #BeautyandtheBeast!


I am happy they split, Cat was really hard to take during this season, too needy, too overwhelming, too judgemental...
I agree, in this episode she was back at her old way to deal with things. they will find their way back, no doubt about that, it would be fun and interesting! I don't really like Tori though, too reckless!


I really enjoyed this episode, it felt a bit like the end of the love story part 1, but it was well written and the decisions taken by the main characters made sense. It won't be easy waiting for Cat and Vincent to find their way back to each other, though! And it won't be easy to fill the void left by those two. I hope the story will keep us busy because we all know that it was the romance and Kristin and Jay's amazing performances that granted the show a second season .Any way, I'm in!


Thanks for this positive review Carissa. I think most Beasties enjoyed it which is a huge relief to me and I hope the ratings will reflect it. Was leaning towards option 1 in the poll but cheated and went with option 2 because of next week's episode title ;p


Remember Daddy Windsor was an investor in Muirfield @ also a first gen. So maybe that was one of the first beasts created? So curious! Can't wait! Great episode & wonderful character development!

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Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Tori: How could you shoot him? I thought you loved him.
Cat: I did.

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I know you’re afraid. So am I. But you've got nothing to be ashamed of. Nothing to apologize for. You've got a great story to tell. Vincent Keller. War hero. Nobody has to know our secret. And they won’t. We can do this Vincent. Together.