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Poor Gabe. He came so close to getting the girl, but by waiting he may have lost his opportunity.

At the beginning of Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 11, it was pretty clear that Gabe was being a gentleman and holding back Cat's attempts to be demonstrative with her intentions toward him to keep her from moving too quickly.

He even had the satisfaction of telling Vincent that Cat was waiting for him at the moment.

However, after a tense hostage situation that not only revealed to Cat colors of the Vincent she fell in love with, but also gave them the opportunity to learn more about each other's personal stake in the necklace, the tides turned.

Gabe is going to wait while Catherine discovers the strong women she knows is still lurking inside her and we all know that when she appears, she'll recognize her affections toward Gabe weren't genuine. Poor Gabe.

That necklace not only seems to be at the heart of the beast mythology, it appears to have some hold over beasts when they are in possession of it. All of the pieces have not come into place yet, but here's what we do know:

  1. The stone fit into a collar that was might have been used to subdue beasts genetically similar to Vincent and Tori
  2. The collar was created over 10,000 years ago
  3. Cat's ancestor, Rebecca Reynolds, was involved in an investigation that revolved around the gem in 1836
  4. Just after Tori put the necklace on, Cat was easily able to knock her out
  5. Vincent was unable to hear Cat's appeal for help while he had the gem on him

I'm not sure how the Russians are going to come into play, but the part of the puzzle that was most interesting to me out of the five noted above was how easily Cat took down Tori while she wore the necklace. Something tells me that Vincent parading her around in that necklace will be her downfall. Hold your applause!

If people are making and controlling beasts, perhaps they have been doing so all along in conjunction with or alongside Muirfield's own experiments. But what is the gem and why does it have power over beasts? Are there more of them or do different gems produce different results? It's a genuine mystery that is really adding to the story.

Tess had a pretty rotten birthday, all things considered, and her pal Freddy died. It's a shame that a character at the precinct only gets airtime when he's on his way out. He was a sweet old fellow. It would have been nice to have him around for a bit. The best part about it being Tess' birthday was her appreciation for Vincent saving her life. 

Vincent did that of his own accord, without any nudging from Cat, because he couldn't hear her. It was his own concern for people, perhaps even his friends, that made him return to the hostage situation and save the day. He put his life on the line because it was the right thing to do. He hasn't lost his humanity at all. He's just a little put off by the cascade of bad news Cat's family has brought upon him.

And your place in all this? Your mother? She corrupted my DNA. Your father? He wiped my memory and then tried to obliterate me and now there's some woman in the 1800s who had this jewel that fits into a beast leash.


Once again, the dynamic between Cat and Vincent during the stressful situation was much better than it has been in a very long time, even more than it was at the end of Beauty and the Beast Season 1. As you watch the scene at the end when Vincent is joking with Cat about whether or not she apologized and they decided to work together to discover the origins of the necklace and what it means, the true appeal of the chemistry of Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan is obvious.

It's also apparent that by putting them together as a couple who were madly, deeply in love so early in Season 1, we missed out on a lot of fun, sometimes tense, but always exciting scenes between them. The games people play as they find their way into relationships can be a lot more entertaining than watching them once they've realized they're right for each other. 

I think that's a mistake the writers realized and set about correcting. These last two episodes have proven they've done the right thing, with the right cast and mysterious origin story in place. Tori's presence is even welcome, because she is such a polar opposite to Cat that there is little real threat to the love between her and Vincent other than Tori's beastie hormones to drive them apart. Cat's magnetism drew Vincent in once and it will happen again.

When Cat and Vincent are comfortably sitting, playfully jabbing at each other without fear that they will hurt feelings or someone will walk away, it gives them an opportunity to open up in ways they otherwise wouldn't. They are already apart. Now they can build a friendship and be a team and fill in the missing steps they overlooked by going from protector and savior, in turn, over and over again. This will be deeper and longer lasting.

It bears repeating, even though I think he knows it already -- poor Gabe.

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What surprised you the most about the gem so far?


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After reading all the comments, it's amazing how differently people view this show. The actors must be doing a great job for everyone to get so involved with it. I for one love the way the story is going, its interesting and exciting. I really loved it last season when they were together, but it was too soon, something had to happen, it couldn't have gone on like that. All love stories and fairytales have conflict of some sort, its necessary, there wouldn't be a story otherwise. I am loving the new Vincent, its not his fault that he was programmed to become an assassin, he is the victim here. Thankfully he is getting his memories back and helping people again, even if he has to kill to do so, he did the same thing in season 1. I am glad that Cat realizes now how much he has gone through. I am enjoying all that is happening ,and know it will be amazing when they do get together. Loved Tess in this episode.


This is the first episode I've enjoyed this season because finally I could see Vincent and Cat moving back to each other. But I didn't like the parts Cat&Gabe. After what happened in S1 and what Gabe did to everyone, I don't understand how they can put him as a love interest for Cat. Makes no sense. No love interest should had never been in the show to start with . After how upset the fandom was last year with Alex, I cannot believe the writers introduced more love triangles this season. And that Gabe , the evil Gabe , is suddenly a nice caring guy and a love interested is just ridiculous.

@ Pam

For me I saw that Gabe could fall for Cat during S1. The episode where he visited the her mother's grave and she saw him there. He told Cat all the things her mother had told him about Cat--the type of music she liked, that sort of thing. So in a sense he knows her. He knows things about her that he would have learned had they dated. That scene at the cemetery was rather sweet. It showed that he was in touch with his humanity. With everything Cat's mother had told him about Cat, he had been endeared with Cat for years then he eventually met her. It is only because he was so desperate to find a way to cure his beast DNA that he did not act on his feelings for her. And the way he handled Cat when he used her as bait to lure Vincent was conflicted. He just felt he had no choice but to kill Vincent. I didn't see Gabe as evil but just driven to control his beast side. He wanted a normal life and he finally has it. Now he can express what he feels about Cat to her without any fear. Hope that helps.

@ RoseAnne

All due respect, I couldn't disagree with you more re Gabe. He tried to gain Cat's trust last year as he knew she was connected to the Vigilante not cause he was a great but conflicted man/beast. He had one goal and that was to harvest Vincent's lymphatic system to save himself so he deliberately set out to gain her trust so she'd lead him to Vincent. He gave them hope that Vincent could be helped with his medications, all the while plotting to kill him. When JT alerted Vincent, he decline the "dinner" invite to Gabe's so then he decided that the one weakness Vincent had was Cat ergo he kidnapped her. He was the reason Vincent was taken by bio-Dad, tortured, brain washed, memories wiped out and turned him into the Super Soldier. So please, Gabe's a good guy? I think not, I suspect that we're going to find out that all his Cat devotion is serving another cause. At least with Evan he truly loved Cat and wanted to protect her but I don't believe the same can be said with Gabe. What I have had problems with is the ease and speed that both Cat & Tess have fallen for his smarmy and nauseating charm. No one was more relieved that Cat has decided to find herself as once she does, she will not want him and I think his motives are suspect as I don't believe anyone so ruthless changes that quickly.


We just have different perspectives. No harm. No foul. It is just a t.v. show after all.


Thanks for the review, loved the episdoe


This episode just points out all the stupid mistakes the writers made this season. They could have accomplished the same thing ...pulling VinCat apart and making them come back stronger...without the stupid triangles..espeicially Cat and creepy Gabe. His only purpose in the show the entire season was to stalk Cat in a very perverted way. He is supposed to be the captain of the precinct (what is that ada as precinct chief...stupid) but he just follows Cat like a sick dog. And who that watched the perfect love of Vincat in season 1 would ever believe that Catherine would trust Gabe ...the man who tired to kill Vincent and sent him on the path he now follows. So many inconsistencies...The writers have destroyed the fairytale..


The way they portrayed Vincent this season, I have more sympathy for the Governor from The Walking Dead, and I hated, still hate the Governor. Yes, I know it's unfair to compare a CW show to a non-CW show.

@ lilac

I'm not sure where you're getting the serial killer concept or the comparison to the governor. Serial killer because he was programmed to assassinate beasts by Cat's father? How does the governor fit in?

@ Carissa Pavlica

His memory came back but he did not stop killing.

@ Carissa Pavlica

Governor had depth.


I yawned at this episode. Finally realized that it's JaStin not VinCat. As a fan of Ms Kristin, I'll watch the show till the end, but this serial killer Vincent will never recover for me. BTW, the French movie version of BATB with Vincent Cassel looks amazing. Can't wait for that.

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Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Cat: Um. OK. Did I miss my window? I mean, recently you put it out there that you feel like there's more between us but...
Gabe: I have and there is. It's just, you seem like you're...
Cat: What? Is this because I brought in that paper? I'm not jealous. I am over Vincent. I can't believe I was ever with somebody like that. I mean last week he chose a necklace over a human life. He's unrecognizable.
Gabe: I was gonna say it seems like you have some unresolved anger.

And your place in all this? Your mother? She corrupted my DNA. Your father? He wiped my memory and then tried to obliterate me and now there's some woman in the 1800s who had this jewel that fits into a beast leash.