Bones Review: See Past the Static

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There was a nice, positive message to Bones Season 9 Episode 15 as well as plug for a good charitable organization. That's not too shabby for a show about murder and kidnapping.

I have a real problem with the consistent trash talk about FBI salaries. My sister was an agent, and it's been years since she left the force. She assures me that at his level and tenure, Booth is making over $100k. The struggle between the two because of the amount she makes from her writing and how they decide to spend it makes for a lovely story, but we have to put a stop to the "low paid agent" misnomer. 

The Mother Question

The case of the week was standard fare, and less gruesome than usual. Mr. Fisher was back and his appearance played very well to the situation with Hodgins and his new brother. What else is going to happen to Hodgins before the series ends? Maybe I shouldn't ask that question. He sure has lead an interesting life.

I always enjoy when a new family member is introduced and we learn how much they have in common even having never met each other. The Hodgins boys share a love of science fiction and reading thanks to their father. Although they never shared the same space, sharing a family gave them a better start to build a relationship than they could have hoped for.

Angela telling Hodgins he can love Jeffrey now was very sweet, as was Fisher telling him Jeffrey hit the lottery by learning he had a brother and having such a wonderful place to live. While a home might look frightening to an outsider, to those inside, it provides the perfect environment for someone like Jeffrey to thrive and grow. 

Hodgins was waiting all his life to see clearly through the static and his brother gave him something to focus on to give him meaning within his own family, meaning he had already found with Angela but was missing without his parents. Jeffrey will be an uncle and have all the family that he's been missing for so long, as well. It's a happy ending all around.

Brennan's anthropological background is so unique and it flows into every aspect of her life, including her finances. She sees no reason Booth shouldn't share her money because they are married and should share everything. If the roles were reversed, a woman would have no problem getting her hands on her husband's money, but Booth feels some sort of role reversal guilt. He always has.

When he finally agreed to merge their accounts and asked if they would also be responsible for making joint decisions regarding the money, I knew he was going to offer the money to Hodgins. Booth is such a caring man. I was kind of surprised that Hodgins turned him down, but also pleased that he was becoming his own man by taking out a loan. They're all taking steps forward in their new lives.

Bones (the series) decision to back The Wounded Warrior Project made sense considering Booth is a veteran and the series takes place in Washington. Booth's decision to donate money rather than invest it shows just how little having money really means to him. He'd rather take care of others than have more for himself. That's also not at all surprising.

As for the case of the week, it was far too easy to try to pin it on the stepmother, but I wouldn't have guessed Lauren was smart enough to plan her own kidnapping so intricately and set it up on the only person in the end who ended up helping her. Too bad she never shared her intimate details with him. It seemed unfair that he should be charged with anything. I hope he pleas down and gets probation. Well, don't you? He loves dogs!


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So just a couple of observations about this episode
1. I thought it was funny to that Booth didn’t make at least $75k a year
2. The 75k would have helped Hodgins but from what I remember there was back charges for the last year and then current charges. How would they ever be able to catch up I can’t image it being cheap to house someone there
3. As for Hodgins and his brother when Hodgins first met him and they talked and then his brother had the episode I really thought they were going to make Hodgins think about what he says too. Not that I mind but he’s always talking about conspiracy theories and things of that nature I thought for a moment Jack saw himself in his brother
4. Loved the interaction between Fisher and Hodgins. I’ve always liked Fishers quirky style
5. I know they haven’t talked about this in a while but is Angela no longer going over Brennan’s books with her? She was getting a check from Brennan that would help with her income and apparently it was a lot
6. And of course the biggest….Angela knows her husband has a first name right? (LOL) I’m just saying there a 3 or 4 sentence statement she made and she called him Hodgins 3 times! Most of it was pretty personal so I would have thought she would have called him Jack. I’ve gotten used the fact that only Cam and Angela are called by their first name on a consistent bases but when it gets personal I would think she’d called him by his first name


Well, I think the mysteries have always been a bit predictable, so I'm not sure it's more of a soap opera now, I still enjoy the cases of the week, and I rather enjoy learning more about the characters in the show and their backgrounds. Castle does the same with their characters and people don't seem to mind that. I found it sweet that Booth wanted to help others with the extra money. He's a very caring man--it's why Bones has always been so drawn to him, I think. I always find backstories really intriguing on shows I like. It's like exposing mysteries about people you think you know.


Thats what I thought about the $$ but what I found more unbelievable was when they gave them the 75k and while looking at that place the brother was in, 75k was going to cover what like a year? Who does the research on this show???? There was a funny part on the show when Bones tells Booth that "Super Ball" game is on, and Booth goes Bowl not Ball. aside from that yikes! and its interesting to note that seeing Angela so sad about the whole brother thing, Bones manages a stilted hug, she's always bragging about how much money she makes, how come SHE didn't offer the money to Angela, her BF who has been there for her countless times? That didn't make sense.


I keep forgetting this show is on seem like since Pleant got killed off the show not advertise as much


This show just gets better and better.


My husband was a federal agent in another Dept. of Justice agency and his comment about Booth's salary was the same: no way a senior FBI agent would be making only (!) $75K. The staff didn't do their homework on this one.


I want to continue to love the show, but it has become too much of a soap opera and not enough of a mystery for my tastes. Suddenly appearing family members? (thank god it was not a twin)
Marriages and money?
Day care obsessions? Before everyone reacts and tells me to "stop watching," I can, of course, and will if I have to.....but I miss the mystery/drama that was Bones.

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Bones Season 9 Episode 15 Quotes

Brennan: You're late Mr. Fisher:
Fisher: Apologies. I was watching the news and wondering if it was even worth getting dressed.

I need to get back to the lab. Hopefully this is murder and I will see you soon.