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James Brolin returned in Castle Season 6 Episode 12 and managed to change our perception of Rick's long lost dad once again. 

The murder of Ted Rollins had all the earmarks of a spy game. His body was moved. He kept a hidden laptop under the floorboards. There was even a secret Iranian coin tucked into his shoe. So Beckett was understandably perplexed when Castle didn't utter a peep about CIA conspiracies. 

Does Kate Know?

That's because it really was one and he knew it. 

I really felt for Castle when he came face to face with dear old dad once again only to have to pretend he'd never met the man. It's simply not in Castle's nature to lie to someone he loves so keeping that information from Kate was wearing on him.

I was proud of Castle for not rolling over and giving Hunt the information he practically demanded from him on the park bench, at least not right away. It had been a year since their interaction in Paris and he never thought he'd see his father again. Of course Jackson Hunt wasn't quite so sentimental as seen in this Castle quote...

Hunt: You're getting emotional and now's not the time.
Castle: Really cause it's been about 40 years. When would be a good time?

When Castle headed back to the precinct, Kate took one look at him and knew something was wrong. She just didn't know what to attribute to that distressed look on his face.

When Rick heard that his father may have been a rogue agent who had murdered three people to escape, you could see the panic rising within him, and he went to the one person he knew would understand. 


It's no secret that I love Martha. She's bold and vibrant. Those who don't know her well might call her flighty but the woman's got a backbone of steel underneath. And nine times out of ten, she's the one person Castle goes to when he feels the foundation start to shake under his feet. 

Her advice was spot on. She told him to go to Kate and explain everything. Unfortunately before he had the chance to do that, a bleeding Jackson Hunt showed up at his door.

I had no doubt Kate wouldn't be happy but thankfully she seemed to understand the position in which Castle found himself. Better still, she didn't give Jackson an inch. She wasn't about to take his word for anything.

When Castle and Beckett headed off to find the Gemini mole, I expected Hunt to ditch Martha. I just wasn't certain what his plan was.

Watching his father kill a man in cold blood, no matter what the reason, was hard on Castle. Up to this point, Jackson Hunt was his long lost father, a spy working for the good of his country, and the man who helped Rick save his only daughter.

Now he can add professional manipulator and stone cold killer to that list.

When Rick spoke with Martha afterwards, he was still reeling from that revelation. Martha seemed to have the better perspective. Jackson Hunt was the man who briefly flitted into her life and gave her the greatest gift she's ever had. Her son. No matter what the trials and tribulations of being a single mom, she'll always cherish that.

And now she finally knows who that mystery man was. She has her closure.

Rick gained a different type of perspective on his father. As he told Kate at the precinct…

I keep making the mistake of thinking he's family but he's not. You are.


A few extras I don't want to leave out…

  • Ryan showing off pictures of his perfect, little Sarah Grace. The proud pop was pretty darn adorable himself.
  • Beckett joking that the baby looked more like Esposito. I love it when the team pokes fun at one another.
  • Lanie telling Castle and Beckett that their "shared brain" thing was creepy.

But best of all…..we've got a wedding date! Well, at least it's a wedding month and September never sounded so beautiful. 

So tell us what you think TV Fanatics. Did Jackson Hunt move that body to make contact with his son, or to use him for information?

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Smokin' hot Kate Beckett! This actress is so talented and beautiful ! I am so happy she won the People's Choice award. Now on to the Emmy's. She better win this but probably won't because of her intelligence, beauty, and sexyness. Some dumb blonde will get it!

@ busman66

agree on that but remember most of her best work is done with Nathan. Unless he acts well, and this means underplaying his role most times, she wouldn't stand out as well. They are a team in acting and do it better than any other I have seen .Add to that their chemistry and you have two people who simply out act anyone in being in love

@ nottrampis

Totally agree. You nailed it!


Good episode. I'm glad Castle eventually told Kate the truth about his dad even though he didn't really have a chance after she saw him in the apartment. I hope we see the wedding soon I feel like we've been waiting forever for it to happen. Ryan showing pictures of his baby were cute and funny. Can't wait till the next episode.


Well, since Martha has confirmed that spydaddy is in fact who he says he is, that is one of her former lovers and the probably biological father of her child, at least that question has been laid to rest.
But I am still not sure that anything else spydaddy says is true. Castle just seems to accept his claims with no confirmation.
Is the CIA's budget for deep cover operations big enough to pay for that elaborate office ? For that matter, why are they even operating in the USA?
I did think the writing on this episode was much better than average. Along with Number One Fan, another Castle-centric episode.


The episode was great, even though I saw the whole "I'm deep undercover" thing coming a mile away. Nathan Fillion really did a good job of showing how torn and conflicted his character was - that was excellent. My favourite thing about this episode was the lack of couple angst. This would have been an easy place to have them fight about trust and all that stuff, but I'm SO glad they took another road and had them Beckett be understanding of Castle's conflict. Loved it. James Brolin plays a renounced-by-the-CIA-deep-undercover agent on Castle with Nathan Fillion...who starred on Firefly with Adam Baldwin, who played Casey on Chuck, where the titular character's mother was...a renounced-by-the-CIA-deep-undercover agent.


“Deep Cover” was a well done episode and once again, a great writing effort by Terence Paul Winter. He is one of the few Castle writers whose scripts include continuity in his storytelling. He had Beckett mention the AG's office and the Alexis kidnapping. I hope he writes the wedding episode. It's the tightest script Castle's had in awhile in terms of character, pace and the banter. The ABC advance publicity about the spy daddy character was really exaggerated to say the least. The promos and media interviews with Brolin were misleading and self-promoting. The Kate attraction teaser was totally false and his ‘talking down to Castle’ pretense was no worse than what happened during the Paris rescue episode. I didn't like Castle lying to Kate, but I understand why he did it, and thought he was torn about the whole thing, so I don't think it damaged his character. I really liked the distrust Kate had for Castle's father and the mixed emotions and see-sawing confusion Castle had with his dad. Kate got angry at the situation, but not at Castle because I think she knows that he wants to be accepted and that he still might yearn for a normal, stable childhood. And now that this man is back, she can't begrudge him the chance that maybe he could know his dad. The way Beckett found out about him and her reactions worked for me, and I think she managed to stay in character and be supportive of Castle. Jackson Hunt had to handle things in a certain way, living the life that he does. In very deep as a CIA assassin for so long, there's probably not much room for him getting out of that life. That Castle's father is this kind of man isn't really a surprise. He knew about his son for decades, but never chose to give up what he was doing. Maybe he couldn't, but I suspect he could have some time ago. So, I like that Castle still doesn't know what to make of him and Castle has a guarded look now. He's seen his dad do things (killing Gemini) that make the "My Dad is a Spy!" thing not so fun after all.

@ Vince

Vince, Agree with most everything you said, but disagree that Hunt could've given up the life. I have no idea of the actual workings of spy agencies, but I am pretty sure they wouldn't let someone like Hunt return back to a normal life, given the amount of things he has seen and done, and the amount of intelligence information he holds. You could hear the yearning in his voice in the Hunt episode. At least, I could. I think Castle realized in the Hunt episode itself that "My dad is a spy!" is not cool. His daughter and himself was almost killed. Now his dad is almost killed. I like the duality of Hunt's character. I am pretty sure he put the body there to reconnect with his son. Once again, his job as a deep-cover agent isn't going to afford him too many luxuries, and he's doing what he can to connect with Castle. But then again, he did put Castle's life in danger, so there's that. But I find that duality intriguing. There's more to come from Hunt, and I hope Castle can get his closure before the show ends.

@ Balaji Sivaraman

Point well taken about leaving the agency. I should have said ‘long time ago’ instead of ‘some time ago’. However, I don’t agree that Castle knew after Paris that being a spy was not cool. During this episode, we learn that Castle never told Kate everything about meeting his father in Paris, but just told Martha pretty much all which means Castle has been lying to Kate by omission for over a year. I am still bothered by how much Castle lied repeatedly to Kate in this episode. Castle makes a choice to lie for someone he knows is a murderer. It just seems like such a betrayal to Beckett to not trust their relationship enough to tell her about daddy being in town. Castle impeded her investigation and actually worked against her. Some of his actions are understandable, but Castle puts things at risk without thinking. You don’t lie to the person you are going to marry. The spy daddy story seems to bring out the worse about Castle. For that reason, I have never been a fan of the spy daddy storyline. Castle appears now to have grown up enough to realize that his dad uses people to hurt his enemies no matter the risk to innocent others. In the end, Jackson Hunt's actions would not define him as a duality character. IMO

@ Vince

Careful Balaji. just because Beckett lies when under pressure doesn't mean Castle has to. Afterall he has age ans supposedly experience on his

@ Vince

When I said duality, I was mostly talking about whether he put Castle's life in danger or whether he was simply trying to reconnect with him. I was actually happy about Castle lying for once to Beckett. I have no idea what that says about my moral compass. LOL! But I've been so pissed about the one-sided nature of the relationship that I was happy that Castle was making his own decisions for a change. Beckett is a serial liar in relationships. She has kept so many secrets from Castle. She took a job in another city without talking to Castle. All of that pissed me off. Anything Castle does is blown way out of proportion, because the writers have tended to focus on that side of him, the childish side, who takes rash decisions without thinking about the consequences. And it irritates me that the writers continue to focus on that. However, I agree with you and nottrampis about Castle being wrong in this case. He was wrong not to tell Beckett especially when the situation escalated. Initially, it was fine because he thought his father was speaking about larger things. But when his father became the suspect in the investigation, he should've come clean to Beckett.

@ Vince

nottrampis. So true about the trust issue. Beckett lied to Castle previously out of fear. In S4, she went to therapy to solve her issues in order to better her relationship with Castle. She did not want to hurt him. Castle needs to go to therapy as well. He just acts so childish at times. His actions make the relationship look one-sided again. Kate loves and trusts him, but he betrayed her working with daddy in secret.

@ Vince

Castle showing Beckett like behaviour. He is marrying her and if you do not trust that woman above all else you shouldn't be! He has been married twice. He should know what it is all about but he appears to be as new to this as Beckett.

@ Balaji Sivaraman

you make some good points. We will see Hunt again IMHO helping his son. Again IMHO I think he will kill 3XK.
That way the wedding can be a happy not an anxious occasion but he won't be there in person merely looking on. I think they are beginning to show how much he lost by not being a father!

@ nottrampis

Replying to your comment above. I completely agree. Castle was wrong about lying. No two ways about it. And he doesn't need to lie just because Beckett does it. And it was wrong when Beckett did it, and it is wrong now. I was simply trying to point out that I don't like it when the writers continue to have Castle commit these mistakes. As Vince said, it makes the relationship seem more lopsided for the viewers than it actually is. And that is why I loved the ending. When Castle realizes Beckett is the only family he wants right now and fixes a date for the wedding. It was a really poignant moment. It also showed Castle taking control of the relationship in a good way. Just like proposing to Beckett in the beginning of Season 6. That is the kind of thing the writers should focus on Castle doing. And Beckett's reaction was the first time in this show she's actually behaved as a girl. She showed excitement for her wedding which was simply great to see, not to mention it was utterly cute as hell. And I also agree with something you said earlier about Beckett not telling Castle how much his books helped her get over her mother's death. It is such a beautiful aspect of their relationship that it needs to be explored by the writer sometime soon. Not sure about Hunt killing 3XK though that is a great suggestion, but I think now that they've introduced him as Castle's father and cast a legendary actor for the part, it would be moot to finish the show without some form of closure. Both Hunt and Castle need that closure, and I hope the writers provide it for them.

@ Vince

Vince. I agree 100%, Terence Paul Winter is the best of the lot, in terms of Caskett as well. I am not known for being a total romantic, but the end scene between Rick and Kate, confirming the wedding month, was just brilliant, IMO. So much so, I keep playing it over and over again. If I was 100 years younger, Castle would have no chance!! Stana really is stunningly beautiful. I also agree with my Aussie convict friend, let TPW write the wedding episode, it will be awesome.

@ Vince

Completely agree with everything you said. The promos & interviews w/Brolin had me hating the fact they brought him back to the show -they were definitely wrong & misleading (in a bad way) regarding his role on the show.

@ RKeys

Agree with Our Roy Montgomery completely. Get this writer to do the wedding.
Wedding and particularly the reception should be all about Beckett telling everyone how Castle has changed her for the better.
Plenty of tears please! I am assuming Beckett will tell Castle at the reception of how his books helped her then.
Still mystified by her inability to question Castle about his two divorces since she is a one and done gal.


agree with most. Really good episode. two minor gripes. Beckett wouldn't make the joke to Ryan. It is a blokey joke and very much not Beckett.
Why hasn't Beckett taken up the organising of the wedding. Afterall it is usually the mother of the bride that does this but unfortunately she is dead thus it goes to Beckett. Castle just turns up and pays for it like i did. A wedding is all about the bride not the Husband!

@ nottrampis

But Beckett claims never to have cut out a picture of a wedding gown. She is perhaps unusual in that, but basically marraige was not part of her lifeplan. Meanwhile she is marrying a metrosexual who loves giving parties and has already been married twice. Castle would have some ideas. If anything I could see Beckett putting the kibosh on some of his more outre ideas. Like flying the entire invitation list to Fiji... or Nunavut.


BOB L. At 82 I've seen many actors in movies T.V. stage but S. K. is in my humble opinion puts so many others to shame. She could just use her eyes and facial expressions to convey everything. She has really honed her craft. She is one damn fine actor. There are so many overpaid "actors" today it's a crime. Most have a Rep. mainly by nudity not acting. I wish her all good things. Credit the writers for enabling her please!

@ robert w lusch

Totally agree Bob. I watch Castle just to see another episode with Stana. She is so beautiful and talented. So glad she won the Golden Globe as Best Dramatic Actress. Hope they renew Castle for season 7 so we see her and Castle married, have a kid etc.


Don't forget the "shared brain" moment when Castle and Beckett figured out where the bad guy was using a Star Trek episode.


What happened to the detective who took Kate's desk and place when she went to Washington this season?


Where is Alex and Pi these days?

@ busman55

Please, I don't want to see Pi ever again and well, Alex's character is a bit played out. Send her to college in England or Stanford out West.

@ wizarddrummer

We do not want her over here, send her to Australia, Nottrampis will sort her out!

@ ukno1stanafan

yep given our convict past I can think of a few chains that might come in handy!!

@ busman55

They got spun off into their own series!

Castle Season 6 Episode 12 Quotes

Martha: A little unsolicited advice.
Castle: Do you give another kind?

Castle: How about we have a winter wedding?
Beckett: Didn't we say we wanted to do it outside?
Castle: Oh, right. Frostbite isn't very festive.