Castle Review: Not Enough Pop

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I expected a lot more of Rick and Kate throughout Castle Season 6 Episode 13.

And maybe that's why the hour was a bit disappointing. 

Because the murder of the week story was actually quite good. There were plenty of people surrounding Mandy who could have killed her or her look-a-like Claire.

I truly felt for Mandy Sutton, the young pop star who'd grown up in front of the cameras. What does it say when your own mother is willing to trash your relationships and push you off the wagon just to make sure the gravy train doesn't stop? Obviously the money Mandy made was more important than her well being or her happiness. How incredibly sad.

Perhaps it made Alexis realize how lucky she was to have a father who would do anything to make her happy, including write a fake recommendation letter for her boyfriend. 

I couldn't help but groan when Pi showed up on Castle's doorstep. And even though I was a bit intrigued when Alexis lamented to Mandy that she wanted to disappear from her own life, it wasn't enough to overcome my Alexis/Pi fatigue from earlier in Castle Season 6. I'm just not quite ready for more Alexis angst. 

Alexis confessed in this Castle quote

Have you ever looked back on something you've done and it's like someone else is doing it?


And it felt as though the writers were trying to back track and explain away her previous behavior. Perhaps the girl has come to her senses. It's obvious that the thrill is gone where Pi is concerned.

Should we just write it off as some sort of a bad dream or are we suppose to see her moving in with Pi as nothing more than growing pains? 

For most of the series, I'd had warm, fuzzy feelings for Alexis. Whatever the intentions of her latest story arc, the unfortunate side effect is that I'm having trouble getting those back.

When Mandy got the phone call from the bartender, Alexis tried to stop her from calling back and from going to the bar. But I couldn't understand why Alexis just didn't pick up her phone and call Beckett or her father. Instead she followed Mandy as though her mere presence could stop a killer. What happened to the smart, resourceful girl that we knew Alexis to be?

OK, enough with my Alexis Castle rant.

I expected more fun to come from the article in the paper linking Castle to ex-wife Gina…and speaking of the article. If you paused the screen to read it, you'd notice that they printed the same couple of paragraphs twice to make it look longer. I know it may seem inconsequential but in the age of HDTV and DVRs, fans are able to stop and read most anything that comes on the screen. Printing the same paragraphs twice just looked lazy.

But back to our story…

I liked that Kate didn't believe the tale for a minute but joked that she could use it to torture Rick. And one of my favorite moments was hearing that Kate's aunt posted the article on her Facebook page proving that gossip has a life of its own. 

But I was hoping for more of an emotional punch when she finally told Rick that she was willing to make their engagement public. The saving grace was Esposito and Ryan who were darn cute as they smiled ear to ear at seeing their friends so happy. 

It felt as though there should have been a kiss at the end but to be honest I'm not even sure that would have saved it. I just wasn't feeling the usual chemistry between my favorite couple. 

In the end, although the murder of the week proved entertaining, the rest of this episode felt lacking in both the humor and emotion I've come to expect from Castle.

Now it's your turn, TV Fanatics. Has Alexis been redeemed in your eyes?

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Tonya b

Hi Captain Cook. Thanks for inquiring if I am still alive. Well, I'm not 6 feet under yet. I still read all of the comments on this site. Unfortunately, I have still had no desire to watch season 6 and I must admit that I have not watched a single episode and I quit looking at previews. I just still feel ripped off by Marlowe. All of the reviews complain about the lack of physical contact and complete lack of kissing between Castle and Beckett. I understand that many people feel that the looks they share, etc., are enough, but I'm, not one of them. Marlowe misrepresented the season, probably to get people to watch it, by calling it "romantic." I'm sorry, but in a show like this, you have no right to call the season "romantic" when your two leads don't even kiss. I mean Castle has had more kisses (not necessarily with Beckett) in Season 3 and Season 4, when he was not with Beckett, than in a season where he is engaged to the woman!!! Come on now, this is a rip off. I may get over my disappointment some day but I haven't yet, so I will continue to refrain from watching until reviews convince me that they have started to SHOW romance between Castle and Beckett.

@ Tonya B.

Tonya B. Good to hear from you. Regarding your final sentence, all I can say is, watch dressed to kill, you will not be disappointed.

@ ukno1stanafan

I thought it was an average episode BUT I think this series thus far has shown Caskett growing as a couple.
I didn't see anything in the last 4 minutes that would make me teary.
you should pop over to my blog as well.

@ Tonya B.

I think you are wrong Our
Tonya A class. poop over to my castle blog. just put my name and tumblr together. you get there. who knows you might enjoy yourself!!


Nottrampis, Vince, Pete & Tonya B (I hope you are still with us). ITunes somehow downloaded Dressed to Kill to my laptop today, and it is awesome! No spoilers, just watch the last 4 minutes, I am not easily reduced to tears, but this did it, utterly, utterly brilliant. It even makes me forgive AWM for the evil episode, and that is saying something. Just enjoy.

@ ukno1stanafan

The 6x14 spoilers are out in full force on twitter today because of the release in the UK, but I have only watched the ABC sneak peeks. If you go on tumblr right now, you will be spoiled for sure! If you are willing to forgive AWM, then it must be good. I am looking forward to Monday to watch the episode LIVE. I guess using a French director to tell the story was a smart move by the show runner after all.

@ Vince

I am trusting you Captain Cook

@ nottrampis

sorry Captain Cook I couldn't get excited about this episode at all. what was so special about the last 4 minutes.
I was expecting something like I had a crush on you after reading your first book or something similar. I rated it only average!


Can somebody tell me what happened with the re-run last night ? My digital tuner said the episode was to be "To kill for" where Beckett tries on a wedding dress and meets her own version of the devil wears prada. Now the epsidode is kicked back to next week. I'm very disappointed!!!

@ busman66

ABC liked the episode so much they decided they wanted it to air during February sweeps so they pushed it to next week. Unfortunately not all tuners/schedulers got the updated information in time. Be careful because some tuners will see it as a duplicate next week so make sure it is actually set to record once the information is updated.

@ Christine Orlando

Christine what is the February sweeps for a man down under

@ nottrampis

1/27 - Number One Fan (6x4) (Repeat); Castle hostage case; Kate wears engagement ring; Kate not seen wearing the ring on finger or around neck since this episode
2/3 - Dressed to Kill (6x14) (New); Kate finds a special wedding dress
2/10 - Valkyrie (6x1) (Repeat); Wedding proposal at the swings; Kate starts DC job
2/17 - Smells Like Teen Spirit (6x15) (New); female teenager killed at one of Castle's old high schools
2/24 - Room 147 (6x16) (New); TBA
3/3 - In the Belly of the Beast (6x17) (New); possible Sen. Bracken return; Marlowe is writer; dark episode? 6x16 and 6x17 TBC (To be Confirmed)
February is sweeps month. A lot of shows running repeats during Olympics 2/6 thru 2/23. In 2010, Castle ran repeats during the entire Olympics

@ nottrampis

Thanks a heap Christine. We got rid of diaries in OZ a long time ago.
I am amazed you still have them in the USA. I completely understand why they would wait and tease out the story as well.

@ nottrampis

I'll try and explain... The Nielsen ratings system here in the U.S. has "sweeps" months. They are February, May, July, and November. From the way I understand it, those were the months that Nielsen sent out written diaries to households to hand write what they had watched during that time period before electronic metering began. Even though the vast majority of ratings are now tabulated through electronic methods, Nielsen supposedly still sends out about 2 million paper diaries to households for sweeps months. In response, networks usually try to put on their "best" programming during those months. Although the year round electronic meter ratings system is used to come up with national ad rates, the sweeps months are used to tabulate local ad rates every three months. It's my understanding that about 25% of TV ads are local/regional ads and 75% are national. I don't know how much sense it all makes but I hope that helps answer your question.

@ busman66

I am in OZ but I believe it has something to do with Gridiron. I love the Devil wears prada quip. Lots of very good raps on this episode. I hope i am not let down!


More wisdom from Martha please; she keeps Rick grounded. Alexis talks too fast, she sounds highly neurotic.


This was my all time least favorite Castle episode. The acting (except for Castle, Beckett, Esposito and Ryan) was too contrived. Zach did a pretty good job. Pi, I hope, left Alexis forever when he hurriedly walked away from her after the phone call.


A small but important point. Surely the NY Ledger Editor would now realise there is a story between a ruggedly handsome multi-millionaire author and a beautiful 'smoking hot' homicide detective announcing their engagement but of course he didn't over 4 years ago!

@ nottrampis

Smokin' Hot Kate is an understatement! She could wear clothes from Good Will or the Salvation Army and still look gorgeous. Where has this beautiful and talented actress been all these years before Castle? Caskett forever- a match made in Heaven!

@ nottrampis

I expected "Limelight" to replicate 2x14 "The Third Man" with the usual banter and some comedy over the newspaper story, but not even close except for the opening scene and Kate's phone call from her father.


Well, it wasn´t among my favourites, but it wasn´t that bad either! (And after 4 great episodes like the last ones were, I´ll give them the "right" to have some not that great):)
I loved the opening and ending scenes, and there were a few bits I also enjoyed (like the scenes with Esposito and Ryan messing with Kate and the phone call with her dad) - so I´d give it a 4.3/5. About Alexis - I´ve not been enjoying her much lately, but al least she´s ackowleading her mistakes and trying to learn from them (like she said a few episodes back, it were her mistakes to make and growing from them).
Oh, and I loved when Beckett called Castle "babe" again!


Great episode. I loved the case of the week. They thought Mandy was dead but it was actually Clair her double and so they thought that Mandy was the original target but then it turns out that Clair was the actual target. Alexis talking about Mandy when she was sitting right there was funny. I'm glad Alexis has finally realized that she made a mistake with Pi and she was telling all of this to Mandy which I thought was a little funny but really helped her. At the end when they were telling Mandy and her mom about the burner phone and that the killer made a mistake in not ditching it I knew that her mom was the killer and when she went on about why she did my only thought was wow your crazy. The end where Alexis brought Zack to the precinct for Mandy was nice and them getting another chance was nice and something they both deserved. Can't wait till the next episode.


I agree with Our Roy Montgomery a lot bit a few points and the review.
1) Have the writers forgotten about season 2 already or are the journos at the NY Ledger that incompetent?
2) We stlll do no know whether Beckett realises all of which she based her 'biasedness' against Castle early on were completely untrue stories in the NY Ledger. Surely we can have her saying she has now leanrt her lesson.
3) PI is obviously up for the high jump. His behaviour when Alexis gets the phonecall is very suspicious. He is very insistent on getting that letter from Castle. Knocking on the door that early in the morning. I doubt it! something is going on and now Alexis is feeling something strange is going in!!! I cannot believe an Aunt would put something like that on Facebook without checking with her niece unless she is an aunt you want to have nothing to do with!

@ nottrampis

Agree about Pi. I have posted here previously that I always thought that the Pi connection to Alexis had something to do with Castle’s wealth. The early visit to the loft might have been the writers just making him still appear as annoying, but it does look suspicious. To include him in that many episodes and then just have him disappear like Sully without any scenes with Alexis in their apartment is surprising. The fact that nobody at the precinct especially Ryan never thought to check on his background is really strange.

@ Vince

I agree you were the first to sus that.
given he looked sus in every scene he was in I think we can say something is on


The case reminded me of a modified Lindsey Lohan.
I wish the writers would write Pi out of the series. As some of are, I"m getting annoyed with Alexis. She seems less than grateful and gracious toward Castle. I hope there are no plans to have our favorite couple brea up.

Castle Season 6 Episode 13 Quotes

He's a nut job but he's probably not our killer.


Beckett: So you weren't gazing loving into her eyes?
Castle: She had spinach in her teeth.