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Chicago PD Review: Finding Diego

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Voight, working to clear a city of its savages, made The Windy City his number-one priority on Chicago PD Season 1 Episode 2.

Finding Antonio's Son

The ending brought back memories of Chicago PD’s backdoor pilot last season when Voight admitted he’s “putting himself out there as dirty” to catch some big criminals; The mysterious woman works for some agency, whether that’s IA, isn’t completely clear. What is clear is her distaste for Voight.

She doesn’t want Voight’s promises of soon for those big criminals as she yells at him that he works for her. I guess the successful arrest of El Pulpo wasn't enough for her, nor was the catching of big fish required some time before results come in.

Voight has a history of pulling strings and angling in a way that benefits himself first, but, there’s no arguing with his results. When he says soon he means it.

This exchange near the end was nowhere near as exciting as the rest of the installment. With Antonio’s kidnapped son as leverage in exchange for El Pulpo: both the unit and Antonio’s family were at stake.

Antonio, even working under a man like Voight, still did his best to follow the letter of the law. Much like Dawson, his family comes first, and he’s not going to risk doing something that he may regret. Only after getting the go-ahead from his wife did he decide on trying things Voight’s way.

Erin was still shaken up about Willhite’s death and it’s only grew worse after she had to deliver the news to her husband. Her past is beginning to come into focus a bit as she mentions that Voight saved her life after Jay finds her file in Jin’s CI files. She’s still not very forthcoming, but she’s shaping to have some similarities to Voight.

Finally, a little more with Andy rose to the surface as well. He’s lying to Wendy about his job. He’s not a pencil pusher at all. It’s a noble thing to keep that side of his job away from her, but that’s not exactly healthy for their relationship.

Not having an outside person to talk to about his job will weigh heavily on him, and so will the lies he has to keep straight to do so. Olinksy recognized this and hopefully he’ll give him the heads up.

Three More Thoughts:

  1. It’s enjoyable to see PD not run into every situation guns blazing. They work contacts, criminals and do undercover work before ever drawing their guns. It’s a good change of pace from the usual procedural tropes.
  2. Officers Atwater and Burgess aren’t doing much for me at this point. Hopefully as the series progresses we’ll see what their roles will be, but right now they feel like just the backup for the intelligence unit.
  3. I am loving all the small crossovers between Chicago Fire and PD. It makes everything feel alive and connected. Dawson showing up to help Antonio’s family speaks to her character and the way they’ve been brought up together.

Is Voight telling the truth? Is Chicago coming first... or will Voight always come first?



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This show is, unfortunately, simply lame. The characters are two dimensional cut and paste renderings and the writing follows suit. The dialogue doesn't sound like people speaking to one another, it sounds like what it is, cliched characters spewing cliched and unbelievable lines. And the Sophia Bush character is the most unbelievable of all. If this show were a flat out satire of the genre it might work. As it stands, however, I'm sorry I wasted time with it.


I don't know why, but the way they hold their guns bothers me... I thought they had some training for that. I'm not convinced; specially with Sophia Bush; she doesn't look like a cop!


Great episode! Well played and it is nice to get to know the characters better. I love the way the crossovers feel part of the show. Like Dawson had to be there but she was still such a small brief part of the episode.
I was thinking the same about the two police officers, what are they doing on this show? Hopefully we´ll learn it along the way.


This was a stellar second episode.
I hope they catch up to the same time line as Chicago PD. I am sure they will but they need to establish the show first and that coincides with Voight being released from jail not long ago.
I am starting to like him, but when I do I remember what he did to Casey then I get mad! :)
I like the idea of the Voight storyline and him being a good guy but pretending to be bad because he is working for that lady we saw again at the end.
I do not think Andy wants to be with his wife, it may be about wanting her not to worry but there seems something off about that.
Erin had a laundry list of arrests that Voight helped her get on the right path.
I too am liking the Chicago Fire cross overs.