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Christopher Heyerdahl to Guest Star on Beauty and the Beast

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Christopher Heyerdahl is headed back to the world of the supernatural.

According to TV Line, the veteran actor (True Blood, Hell on Wheels, Supernatural) will stop by an upcoming episode of Beauty and the Beast Season 2.

Look for Heyerdahl to portray Dr. Nicholas Markus on The CW drama, Vincent's mentor and a respected doctor at Vincent's former place of work.

Christopher Heyerdahl on True Blood

Vincent and Markus will meet again at St. Benjamin’s when the former attempts to save an individual and places the physician in a top spot.

Heyerdahl is booked for Episode 14.

To catch up on the series, watch Beauty and the Beast online now.

And for a look at what's to come tonight, check out the following photo gallery:

Beauty and the Beast Photos from "Held Hostage"
Whenever Cat's in trouble Vincent'a claws..and teeth come out. "Held Hostage" is the 11th episode of the show's second season.
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The Claws Come Out

1. The Claws Come Out

Whenever Cat's in trouble Vincent'a claws..and teeth come out. "Held Hostage" is the 11th episode of the show's second season.

Saving the Day

2. Saving the Day

Has Gabe arrived to save the day? He certainly wouldn't mind if it earned him another kiss from Cat.

A Dead Man's Wallet

3. A Dead Man's Wallet

So why is Vincent going through this dead man's wallet on the latest Beauty and the Beast?

Gabe's Got a Body

4. Gabe's Got a Body

Is the body with the knife in it Gabe's latest case and will Cat be there to help?

What Wouldn't Vincent Do?

5. What Wouldn't Vincent Do?

Is there anything Vincent wouldn't do to save Cat when her life is in danger? I don't think this guy wants to find out.

Coming Up With a Plan

6. Coming Up With a Plan

Will Vincent come up with a plan to save Cat from a hostage situation at the precinct on Beauty and the Beast?

Tess, Gabe, and Cat

7. Tess, Gabe, and Cat

Will Tess, Gabe, and Cat be able to hold off the criminals at the precinct on the latest episode of Beauty and the Beast?

A Hostage Situation

8. A Hostage Situation

When criminals try and take hostages at the precinct, can Cat hold them off on Beauty and the Beast.

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    This weeks episode has renewed my hope in Cat and Vincent's relationship. I have really missed them together as a couple.


    Love beauty and the beast! Especially this season like what the writers are doing with the show. Glad the old Vincent is emerging and willing to work with Cat and Gabe. I like Vincent but still would rather see Cat with Gabe. I like the maturity Gabe and Vincent are showing considering they are in love with the same women. I think that the last couple episodes were especially good and hope it continues to leaving me excited to see what will happen next! Except I'm a little disappointed that things have come to a haul with Gabe and Cat. I really wanted to see more happen between them. I also hope that inspite of them being aware of there shared feelings for Cat that Gabe and Vincent will come to respect, and trust each other and become friends as well. It would be great if they had a pact that if something happened to one of them they would want the other to step in and take care of Cat!


    Heyerdahl is brilliant. I saw him on Sanctuary, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, and Castle. He is an amazing actor.

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