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Cougar Town Review: The Trip to Pirate's Cove

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Buccaneer week was in full swing on Cougar Town Season 5 Episode 4, reminding us that Andy is still mayor.

Seriously, did anyone remember Andy was in charge?

Aside from giant killer jellyfish debacles and erotic cakes, the biggest story arising from this installment was Charming Ellie. It’s such a great change that Jules ended up getting a shipper name going: Chellie.

Just think about it for a moment: Jules, the only person aside from Andy to love Ellie, wants to see Charming Ellie get together permanently. Jules later explained it away as something new and shiny that was she interested in, but there was still some truth there. A nicer Ellie would sometimes be a welcome change.

Yet, as Charming Ellie spent more time out and about, it became clear that Ellie was sorely missed. There was no stealing of wine bottles off of tables, free stamps or drinking in public. Those core qualities of Ellie are essential to Cougar Town.

Andy and Bobby’s short falling out was one of the few times they actually had a fight. Andy is right about Bobby, he’s not usually grounded in reality, but that’s why their friendship/relationship works so well.

Bobby is able to bring about pure happiness in Andy, and part of that happiness is paid by Bobby’s small grasp on reality. Bobby takes Andy for what he is, treating him with dignity and respect.

Andy was in a difficult situation, but he talked behind Bobby’s back and got burned for it. Bobby had every right confront him in a public forum; not only that, he was actually right.

Laurie’s situation at Krazy Kakes was another character point that still exists. We haven’t found Laurie in her shop for a while and neither have her customers apparently. She was so willing to drum up new business that she was willing to sell erotic cakes, with premiums for extra boobs, and it was not a wildly out of character trait for Laurie; yet it’s not really where she is at in this point in her life, either.

She used her past experiences to make the cakes, but Laurie has really settled down from that point in her life. This was emphasized when she was willing to kick all of her paying erotic cake customers out, later selling a butterfly cake to a little girl.

The shop was a mirror for Laurie herself. She;s ready to move on to a stable and consistent life rather than being a “cake slut.”

If your spouse was mayor, would you openly drink in public?



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This was a funny episode, one of the funnier recently. Chellie it's funny I didn't like it, part of why I started watching and LOVED the show was Ellie and her attitude and one liners. It would be nice every now and then to have Chellie, but the good ol Ellie will do for me. I liked the character transformation with Jelly Bean, I mean Laurie, it was good to see her smile when she sold the butterfly cake to the little girl. I loved then end with the erotic frankin cake with the left over body parts and Jules going full after it without a fork.


This episode really had me cracking up! I think one of the funnier moments was hearing Grayson singing "Ole" as loud as possible. I thought Charming Ellie was funny, but no way would we be able to continue the show without catty Ellie! Her comebacks are a must. I was glad to see Andy back in his role as mayor and Laurie in her role at Krazy Cakes. They can't always be drinking wine at Jules's house!